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app LifeSaver 2 logo

LifeSaver 2


Your phone call log and SMS messages are your life’s history! You shouldn’t lose them just because you get a new phone. LifeSaver2 (which replaces the old “LifeSaver”) is here to help.The ...

app Social Lifesaver logo

Social Lifesaver


Up to date news and information to keep you up to date on entertainment and everything else in life....


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – December 4, 2012

We’re back with this week’s edition of Top 10 Android Apps of the Week, and this week we’ve switched things up a bit. From here on out we’ll be running a Top 10 Games on Sundays, and the Top 10 Apps will run on Monday or Tuesday depending on how vast the selection is from week to week. Anywho, here are our picks for the best of the bunch ...

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app Silence my Phone logo

Silence my Phone


Activate the application to silence (or vibrate) your phone just by shaking the device. A lifesaver for anywhere your phone need to stay silent.The app has been tested on several devices including nex...

app Baby Rattle Free logo

Baby Rattle Free


Baby Rattle Free is the ultimate baby app! It's great for playtime and a lifesaver when you've got a fussy baby in a car, store or restaurant.It's simple to use and has great features:* The background...

app Baby Colors Plus logo

Baby Colors Plus


Baby Colors Plus is the ultimate baby app --- it's great for playtime and a lifesaver when you've got a fussy baby in a car, store or restaurant!It's simple to use and has great features:* With "...

app Catch The Droid! Free logo

Catch The Droid! Free


A simply addictive game where you must catch the droid by tapping it as it moves around your screen. Get the best time you can, then go ahead and beat that score. Post your scores to your Facebook o...

app First Aid. logo

First Aid.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Basic First Aid ** FREE **+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Do YOU remember what you were taught back in the day about first aid? Any ideal what to do in a medical ...

app 1-Click WiFi Tether No Root logo

1-Click WiFi Tether No Root


This application easily and quickly enables WiFi Tethering hotspot AP in 1-Click. It supports most Android phones, including the lastest Jelly Bean devices!Use it to get Internet connection on Windows...

app EZ Search 1000s of Stores logo

EZ Search 1000s of Stores


Customer reviews (US)"Fast, easy, and practical.""... exactly what is described""I'm not a big shopper, but this app will be a lifesaver in a crunch"Shopping application ...

app Thai<->English Keyboard logo

Thai<->English Keyboa...


This is a special keyboard that convert Thai keycode to English keycode seamlessly to help you type Thai word to produce English word using on-screen keyboard.It is a lifesaver to type Thai-English pa...

app Auto App Organizer free logo

Auto App Organizer free


This is probably the most useful APP ORGANIZER on the market! Try it! (and read SPECIAL OFFER below) features:- MULTIple (Mass) app SELECTION and operations- BACKUP automatisms!- App2SD handling on ev...


Changes in Google Maps Android App

Changes in Google Maps Android App Google Maps Android app is a lifesaver for people who get lost on a regular basis, like me. Recently, Android released a 2.1 update for Android phones that included changes to the Google Maps app. These changes are intended to make the app easier to use and save time. I was curious just what these changes are, so I checked it out. One handy featur...

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