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Love in Limbo


The brand new official Love in Limbo Mobile App is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Love...


Facebook Introduces Advanced HTTPS as an Anti Surveillance/NSA Measure

Advanced HTTPS As the NSA interceptions scandal continues to grow and new stories about illegal wire tapping emerge day by day, the tech companies are beginning to react to the pressure from the public opinion, for example Facebook just announced that it will introduce Advanced HTTPS in order to minimize, or at least to make it more difficult for the National S...

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Qualcomm’s ‘Battery Guru’ app is out of beta, and really interesting

Battery Guru app from QualcommBattery life is a concern for all mobile device holders. We’re constantly in a tug-of-war with utility and power consumption, which tends to aggravate us. News of forward-thinking battery technology is promising, but we’ll be lucky to see it soon, if ever.Left in limbo, we turn to apps to mitigate the damage. Apps like DS Battery Saver or Juice...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 4, 2013’re pulling the old switcheroo on you again as we’ve moved our Best New Android Games of the Week piece to Saturdays. We have a great list of games to choose from this week, and we hope you enjoy our picks. 1. Punch Quest Numero Uno on our list of the Best New Android Games goes to an Arcade brawler known as Punch Quest. Punching things is al...

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Quick Review – Shadow Cave: The Escape

Quick Review – Shadow Cave: The Escape We’ve covered game maker Artbit in the past for their efforts on the wickedly fun Shane Reaction, and now we’re looking at an older title of theirs called Shadow Cave: The Escape. There aren’t any zombies in this one, but it does a moody unique setting just like Shane Reaction… Shadow Cave: The Escape takes you on a journey through da...

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Boeing 737 Checklist


Have you got a serious problem with the checklist papers? You always lost them?From now... It's FINISH, We've Got The Solution!Up to 14 checklist categories and more than 150 checklist items in one pl...


Machineworks releases Painkiller Purgatory HD for Android

Overview Machineworks is best known for its port of Duke Nukem 3D, and they’ve just added another Android game to their catalog with Painkiller: Purgatory HD. Painkiller drops you into the limbo known as Purgatory and has you taking out ghouls, demons, and all sorts of horrible creatures as you await purification in the underworld. Painki...

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Grab Stuffy


***Ad-Free Version*** All the bells and whistles of the free version, but no advertisements! Reminiscent of the old claw game at the arcade, but so much better! Grab stuffies to score. 5 different ...


Appscribe debuts Android subscription service

It’s seems like every week there’s something new on the Android platform, and this week brings us something called Appscribe. What’s Appscribe you ask? Well, it’s a subscription-based service that gives people unlimited access to their catalog of more than 40 “Full Version” Android Games & Apps for a set monthly price of $3.95. Th...

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Shadow Cave: The Escape


CAN you escape the 9 caves?IN SHADOW CAVE, you must guide your character through dark caves, trying to escape the level without smashing into the darkness. What starts as an easy premise, quickly beco...

app Hutos Eng VOD 5 (S2, Ep.01~12) logo

Hutos Eng VOD 5 (S2, Ep.01~...


Introducing Hutos: Edu-tainment fun for toddlers and pre-school children available on the iPad or iPhone. Designed by the award-winning team at Cotton Interactive, this colorful 3D animation is intend...

app 후토스 VOD 5탄 (시즌 2, 01~12화) logo

후토스 VOD 5탄 (시즌 ...


★★후토스 애니메이션 5탄★★후토스 친구들이 우리 주변의 모험에 대해 재미있는 이야기를 들려준대요~ 마법모자, 두더지 놀이, 개미집 찾기 등의 ...

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Starting a Retail Business


How To Start Your Own Retail Business And Finally Be Your Own Boss Once And For All!Warning: Too many retail start-ups fail because they didn't do their homework first. Your first assignment: read thi...

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Dante's! Portland's Home for Live Music, Cabaret, Circus, Burlesque, DJs and Rock-n-Roll... Seven Nights a Week...This app gives the user direct access to Dante's Live webcast (requires flash) and Yo...

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Inception Theme


The best Inception theme for Android.Get this amazing Inception theme for your phone before the kick! If you don't, you'll be forever stuck in Limbo......