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Lookout Security for Android issues a fix for the Galaxy S3 Security Flaw

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone, and the Note series isn’t too shabby either. The recent Galaxy S3 security flaw has definitely irked some Samsung owners, but now it looks like there’s a bit of a fix thanks to Lookout Security's Android App. In case you’ve been living under a rock the Samsung Galaxy S3 security flaw has been a prett...

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app Lookout Ad Network Detector logo

Lookout Ad Network Detector


Ad Network Detector scans your phone or tablet for the presence of the most common ad networks used in mobile apps, giving you insight into what types of ads can be displayed, and what information is ...

app Lookout Security & Antivirus logo

Lookout Security & Ant...


Lookout offers essential protection against all the bad stuff that can happen to your phone or tablet, like malware & viruses, loss, and theft. Lookout...

app Lookout Security & Antivirus logo

Lookout Security & Anti...


Lookout offers essential protection against all the bad stuff that can happen to your phone or tablet, like malware & viruses, loss, and theft. Lookout...


Android Malware Can Infect Users Through Ad Networks

android.malware-1Android Malware is back in the news today, and this time it comes courtesy of the folks from the security firm Palo Alto Networks who have found a new flaw via mobile ad networks. Everyone knows what Malware is, and it can be delivered to your Android device in a number of sneaky ways. The latest is through mobile ad networks – you know all th...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – June 24, 2013 We’re a little late with our Best New Android Games of the Week list, but as they say, better late than never. We saw a lot of great Indie’s this week, along with several high profile releases from major publishers. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks for the Best New Android Games of the Week… 1. ...

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Take down the Eye in the Sky in Creative Heroes Gluddle

gluddle for androidWe’re always on the lookout for interesting Android games, and Creative Heroes Gluddle certainly fits the bill. It’s a game about bouncy little eyeballs and their fight for privacy against The Supervision which also happens to be a giant eyeball of sorts. It's eyeball creatures vs. robotic eyeball creatures, and it’s just as odd as it sounds....

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 25, 2013 1. Combo Crew The Combo Crew is a new touch-based brawler from the fine folks known as The Gamebakers. You’ll have to beat down hundreds of bad guys as you attempt to climb to the top of the tower, and you can even get a little help from your friends in using the games asynchronous multiplayer mode. You can read a little more about Combo Cre...

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Hope: Other Side of Adventure brings a different kind of Adventure Game to Android

hope.adventure-androidI'm always on the lookout for interesting Android Games, and this morning I stumbled across one called Hope: Other Side of Adventure. It’s a game set in medieval times, and there’s a princess involved, but it’s unlike any “Adventure” game you’ve ever played. Hope: Other Side of Adventure follows the tale of a princess whose been kidnap...

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app Jelly Bean StatusBar Pro logo

Jelly Bean StatusBar Pro


This key unlocks all pro features in the free version. You must have both apps installed in order to access these new features!Get the new Jelly Bean StatusBar on any Android device without waiting fo...

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Antivirus & Mobile Secu...


TrustGo is a 100% FREE mobile security app that was ranked #1 by AV-TEST for providing the BEST Android Security ANYWHERE! Read the report at"TrustGo is one of the most robu...

app مكتبتي logo



تطبيق مكتبتي أكثر من مجرد تطبيق جامع للمحتوى العربي، فهو مكتبة شاملة لمستخدمي الاندرويد والآيفون والآيباد، ح...

app Ashley Peaches Wallpapers logo

Ashley Peaches Wallpapers


Ashley Peaches describes herself as a multi-talented hustler - there's nothing this 5'2" Latina can't do! She's a model, dancer, hair stylist, make-up artist, and fashion designer. She's famousl...


Find New Flicks to Watch with Movie Twist for Android

As a movie buff I’m always on the lookout for new movie apps. Movie Twist as a cool one I stumbled across a few days ago and it claims to be the first Artificial Intelligence powered movie search & exploration app. It’s pretty safe to say that Skynet isn’t behind Movie Twist, but it does as advertised and is a handy app to have on hand if...

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Claybox releases Fin Friends for Android

Fin Friends for Android Fin Friends is a new Android game from Claybox about fish, friendship, and the perils of the ocean. Ruby is a Fish. A Clayfish actually, and unfortunately his friends have been kidnapped by the nefarious Blowfish Gang.   Your job is to help Ruby rescue his Fin Friends and get them safely back to the caves, but as you’d imagine it won’t be e...

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18 million Android Devices to be Infected in 2013

Recently we came across a report in which an antivirus company stated that there is a chance that 18 million devices will be infected with malware in the upcoming year. The report originated from Lookout Mobile which is a fairly popular antivirus in the Android market. Today we came across another report from the more famous Eset. The company sta...

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app VPLock Pro logo

VPLock Pro


VPLock is a lock and safety screen saver program in the platform of Android. Start the program, It is on protection after the startup the mobile phone, off-screen and protected program. By passwords, ...

app Australian Road Trips logo

Australian Road Trips


*** Winner, Best Travel App, Australian Society of Travel Writers Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence 2012 *** Discover the best of Australia with these classic Aussie road trips, from fun-filled ...

app Tattoo Yourself 2 logo

Tattoo Yourself 2


The New version of the highly successful "Tattoo Yourself"more tattoos, picked from user requests!Ever wanted a tattoo but didn't know which to choose? Now is your chance to take a picture o...

app Hip Hop Dance w/ Harlem Shake! logo

Hip Hop Dance w/ Harlem Sha...


Learn from the largest video library of popular dance moves in the app store, including the original Harlem Shake, all shot in stunning HD! If you have ever wanted to freestyle in the club like an exp...

app GetAWAY Games logo

GetAWAY Games


Ready for the road? Put down the to-do list, fill the tank and hit the highway with four road-trip-themed mini-games that let you play on the go, wherever your trip takes you. Don't let the miles drag...

app 七三職人 logo




app Jelly Bean Launcher logo

Jelly Bean Launcher


Get 4.1 on any Android device with Jelly Bean Launcher!Jelly Bean Launcher is a home replacement app designed to give you the look and feel of the newest Android update by Google, Android 4.1 Features...

app Vodafone Find&Go logo

Vodafone Find&Go


Vodafone Find&GoVodafone Find&Go – Ihr kostenloses Navi mit Stadtführer. Machen Sie Ihr Smartphone mit professionellem Kartenmaterial zu Ihrem persönlichen Navigationsgerät. Behalten Sie ...

app BPMN Quick Ref. Guide LE OLD logo

BPMN Quick Ref. Guide LE OL...


OLD VERSION! NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE!See Lite Version of Android's FIRST BPMN 2.0 Reference Guide for business & process p...

app Stock-O-Meter logo



Remain informed to the market price changes with stock price alerts and notifications.Individual notification rules for stock in your portfolio get alerted directly on your Smartphone when stock price...

app Gears of War 3 logo

Gears of War 3


******************************************** Gears of War 3 Application ****************************************************** by *****************************************************...


Awesome Indie Game Treemaker Out Now for Android

Ever since I first played the Android Game They Need to Be Fed, I’ve been on the lookout for Indie games with a unique style. Treemaker from Mikrotie definitely falls into the unique category and it’s an Android game you won’t want to miss. Treemaker is a physics-based game that puts you to work swinging from platforms and planting tr...

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