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Google Reveals Android Device Manager, a Tool For Tracking Lost Android Devices

android device manager For a long time now, Android users were lacking an "official" tool for locating their lost smartphones, but have no fear, because Google just announced their  Android Device Manager. Unlike Apple or Microsoft, Google failed to provide its users with complementary software for tracking their lost phones, at least until now. Google bragged...

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(Don't) Get Lost!: Best Free Offline Map Apps for Android

3yandex4trafik2There are a number of reasons why offline maps are a good addition to your smartphone arsenal. For starters, you can't always rely on network access or Wi-Fi. Usually when you want maps, you've found yourself in an area you're not so familiar with which may also have poor reception or none at all. Don't get lost! Get offlin...

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Android Lost helps you find and control your lost phone

lost android Credit: Daum Android Lost is an easy to use app which allows you to find your phone or to remove sensitive data from it in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.The app is easy to use, and the web interface provides a lot of useful features, without much of a learning process necessary. Of course, there are a number of other ways t...

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Get ready for Grindhouse Gore in House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels

House.of.the.dead-overkillWe’ve seen a lot of great releases this week, and House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels is another game to add to the list. It’s the second release from Sega this week, and it’s a mobile take on a popular shooter full of zombies and F-bombs. House of the Dead Overkill was a Wii game released way back in 2009, and although it was on a “...

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app Light for the Lost Reporter logo

Light for the Lost Reporter


Provides up to date statistics from Network211's Project10million....

app I am lost logo

I am lost


Small widget for show note on lock screen.For example, if you lost you phone or tab, Some one could read on locked phone note from you, "Please call me by my phone number ......"May then you...

app MobiFind Lost and Found logo

MobiFind Lost and Found


MobiFind(MF) is an easy to use mobile application that provides features to track phone that is misplaced or stolen. MF also allows user to protect the data in their phone in the situation when phone ...

app PI Lost Accounts Fix logo

PI Lost Accounts Fix


This is a fix for Pocket Informant sync accounts disappearing on device restart. Just install this app on your device and it should prevent system from removing Pocket Informant sync accounts.You can ...

app Forever Lost: Episode 1 SD logo

Forever Lost: Episode 1 SD


? ? ? ? ? Silver Medal in the Best of 2012 Adventure Games - App of the Week - Tap Magazine! ...


Solve the Mystery behind G5 Entertainment’s Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

If you’re into hidden object games chances are you’ve heard of G5 Entertainment. Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is the latest hidden object game from the group and it puts you to work traveling through paintings to solve the mystery of a lost little boy. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about G5’s hidden object games are the intere...

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app Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting logo

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paint...


BRONZE AWARD FROM POCKETGAMERWhen a mysterious painting of a spooky old castle appears on the doorstep of Bella...

app Lost-N-Found SMS logo

Lost-N-Found SMS


Lost and found your phone through short messages.* Track or find Find your lost phone Track your sweetheart and children* Easy to use Use another phone to send a location request and get a message bac...

app The Lost Temple of Jewels logo

The Lost Temple of Jewels


The Lost Temple of Jewels is a fast paced match-3 puzzle game with 4 different game modes, great fun and hard challenges.Listen to beaultiful musics while you immerse in a world of treasure hunting.Ga...




Lovely animals lived in the forest that had strayed off.It is the live wallpaper which the scenery of the forest filled with light soothes you.FreeTrialVersion!!by★Lovely animals such as...

app Lost Island 3d logo

Lost Island 3d


Imagine that you were on the island of the lost somewhere in the ocean!Warm waves, sandy beach and palm trees are waiting for you. Relax in a hammock, sunbathe or take a ride on a boat. And at night y...

app Monster Shooter: Lost Levels logo

Monster Shooter: Lost Level...


Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels is the totally ad-free premium edition of possibly the best mobile dual-stick shooter game ever, with brand new exclusive features and content! Survive massive waves o...

app Lost Phone logo

Lost Phone


After losing Mobile phone, as long as somebody replace the mobile phone card, the application will automatically send message to your mobile phone anti-theft set ( a good friend's number) when start t...

app Pyxxis Lost in Space logo

Pyxxis Lost in Space


Pyxxis is a lovable creature that got lost in space. Your job is to help home to get back home.The game is basically your own physics lab - use special power nodes to move your Pyxxi through space… ...

app Lost In Space: The Return Home logo

Lost In Space: The Return H...


Lost in Space is our third and final project for Android. This game features simple and relaxed (but increasingly challenging!) puzzle-gameplay, with true HD graphics (designed for tablets!) and cool ...

app AndroidLost Jumpstart logo

AndroidLost Jumpstart


This is NOT androidlost. Do NOT install this unless you have a lost tablet without SMS connection and cannot start the registration process.This app will wake up the registration process on the androi...

app Lost Mummy logo

Lost Mummy


The Lost Mummy Android App is not played at the same pace as say the Temple Run Android App. That is because it was never meant to be designed as a chase sequence app game. In the Temple Run Android A...

app Lost Cities CCSKC logo

Lost Cities CCSKC


for players of card game “Lost Cities”Card Counter Score Calculator1.Keep track of cards left in the draw pile2.Calculate points/expedition/player. Type in score in text box, then press expedition...

app Lost In Jungle logo

Lost In Jungle


Do you like to play hidden object kind game. This is the perfect game for you. Seek for the hidden object in the Jungle and help the friends group to get rid of Jungle.STORY***************************...

app Lost in Films Free logo

Lost in Films Free


? Deepen your knowledge of the greatest movies.? Keep the game challenging by adjusting the level of difficulty.? Display the film titles in english, german or swedish.? Compete with other movie lover...

app Sloth is Lost THE GAME logo

Sloth is Lost THE GAME


A poor sloth has fallen down from his tree and try to find a new home, help him survive the dangers of the ground including hunters and hungry animals wanting him on a plate.PS 1. The game is tested a...

app *Lost Car* logo

*Lost Car*


Never lose your car again at a mall, concert, shopping center, etc... Simple and easy to use (GPS must be enabled)...

app The Lost Smileys logo

The Lost Smileys


Really nice. Amusing platformer game with puzzles. For adults and also to kids.Because of the Haxor, all smileys are lost from internet. You must rescue them and then the world is saved. Move your smi...

app How I Lost the Game Android! logo

How I Lost the Game Android...


The fast growing website is now on android!!View any post. Submit your own or go straight to the website....

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