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Rumor: HTC M7 is now HTC One

In a confusing turn of event, there is a rumor circulating that the HTC M7 will simply be called HTC One upon release. This comes from a notorious yet very reliable source, @Evleaks. The source is claiming that the latest upcoming smartphone from HTC which was codenamed HTC M7 is now going to be called the HTC One. That is right folks; there won’...

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HTC M7 Price says it will be expensive

The HTC M7 price has been revealed in France, confirming that the super phone will cost you super money. This much was already decided though, so it won’t come much of a surprise to many. Those who were wishing that he HTC M7 would have a very attractive price, well they were wishing for the wrong thing from the start. A French side appropriately...

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HTC M7… Chants the HTC crowd

HTC M7 The HTC M7 is shaping up to be one of the most powerful smartphones released in recent memory. Looks like the parent company is also much pumped about the device they have made. The Taiwanese company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Chou, seems to think along the same lines. The CEO took the stage at the end of year party being held in Taipe...

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HTC M7 partially seen in a Video

The HTC M7 is accumulating some serious attention these days; people are excited to see what the next flagship will do after the amazing HTC Droid DNA/ Butterfly. And the more the product is hyped, the more the leaks, same is with the HTC M7. We have seen renders, photos and specs leak, and they are not going to stop anytime soon. Now we have to ta...

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HTC M7 Photos leak onto the Web

The HTC M7 as some people are calling it the next big thing from HTC was kind of a hush hush project, until now. There is excitement in the air as fans have gotten the first look at how the device will physically look. The high end Android phone going by the codename (or is it the actual name?) “HTC M7” was thought to be announced at CES 2013...

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app Sculpted – CM7 Theme logo

Sculpted – CM7 Theme


Sculpted is a theme for the T-Mobile Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod 7. It is an updated iteration of Phinnaeus's original Sculpted theme for CyanogenMod 6. We're on XDA as well! Just click here: ht...

app JAMT Black – CM7 Theme – Free logo

JAMT Black – CM7 Them...


Just Another Minimal ThemeFlat BlackThis is a very minimal black mod of the statusbar and notification drawer. It is based on my initial JAMT theme with icons updated for a more unified look. This fre...

app GingerBlurB(Donate) – CM7 logo

GingerBlurB(Donate) –...


This is a Gingerblur theme for CM7 based on the new droid 3 framework. This is the donate version of the theme, it is exactly the same as the free version. Thanks for supporting me and rate my themes ...

app GingerBlurB –  CM7 logo

GingerBlurB – CM7


This is a Gingerblur theme for CM7 based on the new droid 3 framework.The T-Mobile theme engine does not theme the lockscreen and reboot menu, for this to work flash the morphs in my xda thread: http:...

app MinimalArrows CM7 Theme(Black) logo

MinimalArrows CM7 Theme(Bla...


Free Version of MinimalArrows, does not include transparent statusbar only the donate version does!*HDPI/MDPI**Please BackUP before you do any of this*****The theme will mainly change icons in the not...

app Shady Arctic Blue CM7 Donate logo

Shady Arctic Blue CM7 Donat...


Shady Arctic Blue is a theme for CyanogenMod 7. *IMPORTANT*Only for HDPI devicesRequire Theme Chooser appThis theme have some references from Steel Blue by Team Carbon with lots of modifications done ...

app Synered Cm7+ logo

Synered Cm7+


******YOU MUST REBOOT AFTER APPLYING FOR CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT!!!!************Requires TMobile's Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod's Roms**********Requires Root**********HDPI only**********PLEASE FOL...

app Miui cm7 theme (mdpi) logo

Miui cm7 theme (mdpi)


This is a miui styled theme I compiled for cm7 themechooser. it only works for mdpi devices currently. Questions comments complaints email me and I will reply asap...

app cm7 SenseMDPI theme logo

cm7 SenseMDPI theme


This is currently the most detailed sense styled cm7 sense theme. You gotta have cm7 on your phone for this to work. HDPI this is gonna be on your devices soon too. Any questions complaints or anyth...

app MaryJane Theme for CM7 logo

MaryJane Theme for CM7


Got that brand new MaryJane Theme! HDPI/MDPI**Please BackUP before you do any of this****The theme will only change icons in the notification bar**Theme Installation:1)Just install like any other them...

app TouchWizzed – CM7 logo

TouchWizzed – CM7


This is a touchwiz theme for the t-mobile theme engine and roms running CM7. This is without the battery %.For morphs to theme the lockscreen and reboot menu visit my xda thread here: http://forum.xda...

app CM7 Sense espresso theme logo

CM7 Sense espresso theme


This is for the cm7 theme engine and only works on mdpi devices for now. Added experimental hdpi let me know how it looks please email screen shots if you can....

app XperiaArc – CM7 logo

XperiaArc – CM7


This is an xperia arc theme for the t-mobile theme engine and roms running cm7. It is HDPI/MDPI and LDPI compatible.PLEASE VISIT MY XDA THREAD FOR MORE INFORMATION!

app arcMedia Pro (arm7) logo

arcMedia Pro (arm7)


A media player for Android with additional format support.Extensive container / codec base, including: avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mp4, m2v, m4v, rmvb, ts, wmv, vob, xvidStream or download your media fi...

app LunarUi (cyan) – CM7 Theme logo

LunarUi (cyan) – CM7 ...



app Evoluer CM7 Theme (Trans) logo

Evoluer CM7 Theme (Trans)


Evoluer Theme for Cyanogenmod7 Transparent Version, created by dbilliter and ported by me!*THIS VERSION IS FOR THOSE WHO WILL APPLY TRANSPARENT PATCH OR FOR THOSE WHO HAVE IT ALREADY,THERE IS A BLACK ...

app Deep Purple Theme for CM7 logo

Deep Purple Theme for CM7


Deep and moody...... this one rocksDeepPurple By TeamCarbon*** This theme will work on all devices Cyanogenmod Roms with ThemeChooser App ****** IMPORTANT *** NOW FOR ALL DEVICES ON CYANOGENMOD ROMS*...

app TouchWizzedB – CM7 logo

TouchWizzedB – CM7


This is a TouchWiz theme for the T-Mobile Theme Engine and Roms running CM7. It is HDPI/MDPI and LDPI compatible.Many things have been themed including:- framework-res- systemui- keyboard- contacts an...

app Sense – CM7 Theme logo

Sense – CM7 Theme


JUST README BEFORE INSTALLING******It's for MDPI/LDPI resolution! ONLY!!! Don't install this if you have HDPI! NEVER!!! ******README ENDThis theme makes your Android looks like HTC devices!Requirement...

app Aerish GTX CM7 logo

Aerish GTX CM7


.: Aerish GTX for CyanogenMOD 7 theme engine :.REBOOT AFTER UPDATE !!---------------------Screenshots are very ugly with some latest version of android market. It's better to see them with a browser.Y...

app Freeze CM7 Theme logo

Freeze CM7 Theme


"FREEZE" for CM7 Theme Engine******YOU MUST REBOOT AFTER APPLYING FOR CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT!!!!************Requires TMobile's Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod's Roms**********Requires Root...

app EpicGreen Theme CM7 (FULL) logo

EpicGreen Theme CM7 (FULL)


Find EpicBlue on the Market!♠♠♠♠♠PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!!!!!♠♠♠♠♠NOTICE...THIS IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY****DON'T MARK 1 STAR IF IT WON'T INSTALL, EMAIL ME!! If it hangs at insta...

app Linear (CM7+) Theme Engine logo

Linear (CM7+) Theme Engine


*****Requires TMobile's Theme Engine found in Cyanaogenmod's Roms**********Requires Root**********HDPI only**********PLEASE FOLLOW INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS IF THIS YOUR FIRST TIME INSTALLING A tHEME FOR T...

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