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Google To Launch Business App Market For Android? – BloggingStocks (blog)

TelecomTalkGoogle To Launch Business App Market For Android?BloggingStocks (blog)Google, Inc. (GOOG) has been on a mobile tear recently with its Android mobile operating system, and the Android Market may become a more potent competitor ...Android Market for Business to Launch Next Week? DoubtfulAndroidGuys (blog)Petition to improve the Android Mar...

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IHS: Nexus 7 II to come with 1920 x 1200 display, launch “not far”

New Nexus 7Nexus family – Nexus 7 on the rightThe launch of the new Nexus 7 is “not far”, according to a recent CNET report that quote Ricky Park, the man keeping an eye on TV, Tablet, Monitor, and Notebook displays at market researchers IHS.The IHS analyst has provided some more interesting information about the new device, regarding who wi...

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app YouDo – Shop Voting logo

YouDo – Shop Voting


Customer is king!With the YouDo App you can rate shops, restaurants and stores by using your Android phone. In a short questionnaire you can express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction, so the stores...

app Small Biz logo

Small Biz


SmallBizOpinions allows mobile users to answer questions from market researchers, profit and non-profit organizations. Users earn points for answering the questions. The earned points can be redeemed ...

app SurveySwipe logo



SurveySwipe allows mobile users to answer questions from market researchers, profit and non-profit organizations. Users earn points for answering the questions. The earned points can be redeemed for v...

app Palm Reader logo

Palm Reader


After months of training with Tibetan monks in the jungles of Brazil, we have brought back the secrets of the ages. Learn your future, find your true love, see your fate. Answer 8 questions for a palm...


18 million Android Devices to be Infected in 2013

Recently we came across a report in which an antivirus company stated that there is a chance that 18 million devices will be infected with malware in the upcoming year. The report originated from Lookout Mobile which is a fairly popular antivirus in the Android market. Today we came across another report from the more famous Eset. The company sta...

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app App Profiles logo

App Profiles


Have you ever wondered what applications are doing with all those permissions they ask for? This app seeks to help users better understand the privacy and security implications of the software they in...

app Mouse 3D for Virca logo

Mouse 3D for Virca


Mouse3D enables you to control 3D (and 2D) applications in 3D (in mid-air) using ordinary mobile devices always at hand. It is especially handy if you want to control the 3D space a few steps away fro...

app IP info Detective logo

IP info Detective


It's a wild world out there. Ever wonder where is this ip from? Want to know the status of an IP address? Let IP info Detective investigate it for you. Private I report will give you detailed informat...

app Quirk’s SourceBook logo

Quirk’s SourceBook


The Researcher SourceBook™ directory contains detailed listings of more than 7,000 companies providing marketing research products, facilities and services. This app allows you to quickly find, com...

app 食品安全黑名单 logo



食品安全黑名单是中国大陆首款,披露鲜为人知的食品数据。大胆曝光不安全食品名单的专业权威系统。 近年来,有毒食品危及我们每个人的生命安...

app Lowest Price Finder@diff.units logo

Lowest Price Finder@diff.un...


Lowest-Price-Finder@Unit-Price:1 Lowest-Price-Item Databases:{shop,item name,unit price...}2 Different unit prices comparison: A=$3/600g, B=4/1.5LB, it tells you which is lowest.3 Direct Unit-Converte...

app Revelation Mobile logo

Revelation Mobile


Revelation is a market research tool that enables researchers to immerse themselves in the lives of their research subjects....

app Prenatal Lullabies Lite logo

Prenatal Lullabies Lite


* Prenatal Lullabies (Full Version) is available for purchase on Android Market! *Prenatal Lullabies offers a variety of tender and soothing music that helps stimulate the auditory nerve functioning a...

app StreetAuthority logo



Critics and fans alike are raving about StreetAuthority's new Android app, which delivers a daily dose of actionable stock tips, research and investing ideas from one of the nation's leading financial...


Motorola, HTC dominate Android platform –

Geeky gadgetsMotorola, HTC dominate Android's Droid smartphone is currently the most popular of all Android handsets, according to a recent report. Researchers at advertising firm Admob said ...Watch Out iPhone, Android Use Is on the RisePC WorldAdMob: Android OS, Device Market FragmentingPC MagazineNo, Android Did NOT ...

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