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8 Exciting android games in 2017

8 Exciting android games in 2017 Since the word holiday was invented, humans created getting cozy and playing all possible games. After creating this sword, Android phones came into the picture to keep your holiday more exciting with its gaming apps. It has been years, and the year 2017 is a month old now, producing some promising games on Android version mobiles for us. Here a...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – June 1, 2013

best new android games The last week of May brought some great new Android Games to the table as we saw several new Indies, puzzlers, and a few more movie tie-in games. We narrowed this week’s list down to 8 Android games that are definitely worth a look if you’re in the mood for something new. Without further ado, we proudly present our picks for the Best New Andr...

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The Top New Andorid Games of the Week – February 11, 2013

This week’s picks for the top new Android games of the week include a stic kman out for vengeance, a western themed shooter, and a building game featuring a popular cartoon family. There were some great games put out last week and we tried to include a little something for everyone. Without further ado we proudly present our picks for the to...

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George Lucas sells Star Wars to Disney, New Movies & Games are on the Way

Normally we don’t report on things outside the world of Android, but this one’s a doozy and I’m a Star Wars nut. As you may have heard Disney bought out George Lucas yesterday to the tune of 4 billion dollars. That’s the same amount the paid for Marvel not long ago, and now Disney basically owns your childhood and the childhoods of your u...

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Marvel’s Avengers Initiative still has No release Date for Android

Normally I stick to covering games that are released, but as a long time Marvel fan I thought it was time I say something about The Avengers Initiative Android game or lack thereof. Last month Marvel announced that this “awesome game” would be coming to iOS and Android devices at the same time, and while iOS got the game we got the shaft as u...

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app Iron Man 3 – The Official Game logo

Iron Man 3 – The Offi...


Become billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man in this free, fast-paced, endless runner, the official game of the upcoming movie!After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threa...


Types of Free Reading Apps from Nook

ereader-369011_1920For a while, the only way you could enjoy e-books from Barnes and Noble, one of the largest book chains in America, was to purchase and use a NOOK e-reading tablet. That has recently changed, however. The company now offers a variety of free reading apps including the native Nook that can be used with a variety of mobile devices. The new applicatio...

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Intel Introduces Silvermont Architecture for Tablets and Smart Phones

Silvermont Intel upgraded its Atom line of mobile processors with the new Silvermont architecture. Silvermont is a Bay Trail-T System on Chip (SoC) and it's a totally new design and includes a new LTE modem. This Silvermont line of SoC is built on a 22 nanometer process, in order to be fully compatible with Intel's new generation of Haswell chips. The coo...

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Beeline Interactive drops Snoopy’s Street Fair for Android

Snoopy Street Fair Several weeks ago we talked about Snoopy’s Street Fair coming to Android, and a few days ago Beeline Interactive gave the game a wide release. It’s a building game set in the world of the Peanuts, and it’s a marvelous game if you’re a fan of Snoopy and the gang. Snoopy and Charlie Brown need your help as the gang has a baseball tournamen...

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app QuizToons logo



Gracias a las historietas, el cine y la televisión, desde pequeños nos hemos relacionado con diversos personajes animados, y aunque muchos han pasado frente a nuestros ojos, son pocos lo...

app Romantic Date Dress Up Game logo

Romantic Date Dress Up Game


My favorite season has arrived, summer is the best time to invent and reinvent fashion. All the girls bring out their colorful dresses, short skirts and their marvelous high heels. In this Romantic Da...

app Unicorn Pet logo

Unicorn Pet


Unicorn Pet - a new, magic pet game in tamagotchi style is here!In the magical Land of the Unicorns, life was peaceful and pleasant. That was until the evil Pony Warlock imprisoned nearly all of the U...


The MiiPC brings a kid friendly Android PC to the table for $99

MiiPC-Android There are a lot of Kid Friendly PC’s out there, but the MiiPC is looking to change the game with its tiny footprint and choice of operating system. It’s going to run Android 4.2, and it’s got some great features that will make sure your kid stays on track and doesn’t end up in the darker parts of the internet. The MiiPC gives kids easy a...

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app Dragon’s Lore: Match 3 logo

Dragon’s Lore: Match ...


The Japanese dragons are graceful, wise and not blood-thirsty at all. Unlike European ones they don't suffer from irresistible longing for gold and the odd princess. They are not hunted by hordes of m...


Help Tony Stark in The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII for Android

In honor of the Avengers movie dropping soon we decided to scan the market for some cool Avengers apps. While we didn’t find many, we did find a cool one called The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII from Loud Crow Interactive.  This one's been out for a minute, but you can bet we're going to see more Avengers games and apps very soon... The ...

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app JTV Widget logo

JTV Widget


<div id="doc-original-text" >Keep track of all your favourite Twitch TV Streams in a beautiful widget.<p>The widget is a mobile solution for being able to watch all of your favou...

app Cut and Slice logo

Cut and Slice


The amazing Cut & Slice Free Game, a puzzle brain game! By Best Addictive Brain Games.Cut & Slice is a really good addictive puzzle game. Exercise your brain skills with a lot of funny challenging ori...

app 엘리오스의전설2 logo



★다시 시작된 RPG의 혁명! 엘리오스의 전설 그 두번째 이야기!★+ 재미있다면 웃어라! 귀여운 캐릭터와 코믹한 시나리오!! + 누르지말고 문질러라! 횡스...

app The Sims™ FreePlay logo

The Sims™ FreePlay


★Our friendly little green alien is back with more technological marvels from his home planet; this time it’s a Weather Machine! ★LIVE FREE! PLAY FREE! From the creators of The Sims ™ 3 series...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – Oct 14th, 2011

1. Enigmo Enigmo was a hit on the iPhone, and now Chaotic Motion Studios has brought it over to Android. In case you're not familiar with the game, Enigmo is a puzzle game that deals with flowing liquid. You'll need to direct the liquid along its path using a series of bumpers, sliders, sponges, and accelerators. It's got a quite a bit of depth wit...

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app Trivial Wiki : quiz & enigma logo

Trivial Wiki : quiz & e...


Bugdroïd is a clumsy droïd, help him to re-read his Wikipedia book stained with ink !A Wikipedia page is displayed with some hidden content. You have to guess which subject it is (characters...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 29, 2011

1. Roboto Roboto is a super-slick new platformer from Fenix Fire Entertainment. It’s one of the best looking games we’ve  seen so far this year, but it’s not all about looks; the gameplay is top-notch as well. It has power ups, upgrades, shooting, stomping, and about anything else you can think of. Roboto is a very polished game, and well wo...

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app Topple Towers Lite logo

Topple Towers Lite


Have you always wanted to fire medieval canons at constructed towers in your garden but now have several restraining orders saying you mustn't ? No, OK just me then, but if you like 3D physics puzzle ...

app Get Well Soon Cards logo

Get Well Soon Cards


Both app - Cool Movie Quiz and Cool Game Quiz has hundreds of Stunning ICONS. Can You Guess All the Movies / Games / Beauty / Fashion ICONS?! Let's Bring SMILE; Each Day, Every Day ! Only huge concern...

app Anniversary Cards logo

Anniversary Cards


Both app has hundreds of Stunning ICONS. Can You Guess All the Movies / Games / Beauty / Fashion ICONS?Enchant someone who is celebrating her anniversary with this app. Then you don’t have to rememb...

app Topple Towers logo

Topple Towers


Have you always wanted to fire medieval canons at constructed towers in your garden but now have several restraining orders saying you mustn't ? No, OK just me then, but if you like 3D physics puzzle ...