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Mass Creation releases Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition for Android

The quickest way to get yourself out of danger in real life or in a game is usually to run, and sometimes you’ve got to Run Like Hell! This is the premise behind Mass Creations latest game Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition which is the follow-up to the original Run like Hell. Run Like Hell! is a game that requires quick reflexes and a trained e...

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Evernote Android App Gets a Massive Update in Versio 2.0

The folks at Evernote has just announced the availability of their Evernote 2.0 Android app from the Android Market. And guess what, don't even think that this is a minor update, because it is definitely not. In fact, the new features brought in by Evernote 2.0 will make you think that a fresh new app has just been launched. But it is not. It's sti...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – January 15th, 2012

As we are now halfway through the first month of 2012, it's been a pretty slow start to the year for "good" new Android Apps and Games. There are still some great ones out there, ya' just have to look a little harder to find them. After dredging through the abyss known as the Android market, we managed to come up with 10 New Android Apps and G...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – January 1st, 2012

1. Mega Mall Story Kairosoft dropped two games into the market this month, and their latest titled Mega Mall Story is sucking away my free time in a major way. Mega Mall Story lets you build your own mega mall and your going to have a blast doing it. You get to add floors, build shops, hire managers, and even invest in the land surrounding your mal...

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app 1863 Jan Am Civil War Gazette logo

1863 Jan Am Civil War Gazet...


The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition.Highlights of the January 1863 Edition:- The Emancip...

app Camping Tips logo

Camping Tips


Are you wary about spending a ton of money on another massively expensive family holiday? Are you longing for something different which is not only cheaper but also just as much fun as any holiday vac...


Spinpod: take panoramic pictures and record motion time-lapse videos like a pro [Kickstarter]

SpinpodA new Kickstarter project aims to help amateur photographers take better panoramic pictures and record great motion time-lapse videos with the use of a simple and highly portable accessory that fits a variety of smartphones and cameras.Spinpod is the name of this particular creation that needs to raise $75,000 by July 1 to enter mass-production. As...

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Qualcomm Brags With its New Mirasol 2560 x 1440 577ppi 5.1-inch Display for Smartphones

mirasol We all know about Qualcomm, one of the world's top dogs when it comes to mobile processors, now they are entering  in a completely different  field of battle showing off their latest creation, Mirasol, a 2560 x 1440 577ppi 5.1-inch display . Massive cool, man, forward Qualcomm! What's up with that, you may ask, what seems to be wrong? Actuall...

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app 액션플래닛 사천성 logo

액션플래닛 사천성


◆ 개발사 살리기 1차 이벤트- 댓글이 1,000개 작성시에 10분을 선정하여 피자를 드리오니 주변 친구분께 소개 부탁드립니다- 카톡으로 친구에게 게임추...


Top New Android Apps of the Week – November 25, 2012

This week’s list of Android Apps truly has something for everyone as there are apps that will let you trick our your phone, check up on sports scores, and create magical things from scratch. Yup, it’s that time again so sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the Top New Android Apps of the Week… 1. Creatorverse There are a lot of Andr...

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app logo


ZAGMAG.NET wants to promote Marathi speaking artists and their creations and assist them to reach masses world over.ZAGMAG promotes events, films, theaters, concerts of artists from Maharashtra.ZAGMAG...

app Droid Zone -Zone Diet Compiler logo

Droid Zone -Zone Diet Compi...


Compiler for the Zone Diet developed by Dr. Barry SearsZone Diet and Android are two things that in the last two years have brought great benefits in my life. The only negative aspect of Zone Diet is ...

app My BMI by DRP (english) logo

My BMI by DRP (english)


With My BMI you can easily check your weight and body mass index. You can use up to 6 profiles (persons). Store your data on your sdcard, our server or both for maximum security. If you save your data...

app Zappix logo



Zappix supports many major companies, government agencies and nonprofits, and It’s completely free.Skip those frustrating automated voice menus and connect to customer service by phone or web. Simp...

app PhotoshopSkillz logo



PhotoshopSkillz is a helpful app for those interested in Adobe Photoshop and what you can create. With a couple of simple clicks anyone can make their graphic design ideas come to life! These lessons ...

app Science of Getting Rich(Audio) logo

Science of Getting Rich(Aud...


Everyone has the right to be rich! Now, you can discover how to become rich by listening to this audio book!Who wants to learn the exact formula to achieve MASSIVE financial success beyond your wildes...

app NFC TagInfo by NXP logo

NFC TagInfo by NXP


Did you ever wonder what value remains on your contactless public transport card? Are you interested to see which technology is driving the contactless cards in your hand?Do you want to look behind th...

app 3D Nebula (Pro) logo

3D Nebula (Pro)


A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen gas, helium gas and other ionized gases. Nebulae often form star-forming regions, such as in the Eagle Nebula. This nebula is depicted in one of NAS...

app Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper logo

Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper


A mass of blocks flips and fades across your home screen! Swipe the screen and watch as the mass changes direction and more blocks fade in!Features:+ Many options to determine how blocks flip, fade in...

app Exodus Live Wallpaper logo

Exodus Live Wallpaper


A mass of blocks flips and fades across your home screen! Swipe the screen and watch as the mass changes direction and more blocks fade in!Features:+ Many options to determine how blocks flip, fade in...

app Vibrate Sensations logo

Vibrate Sensations


This fun app lets you toy with multiple modes for turning your phone into a vibrating massager!Custom massage modes can be created that can be used to suit your specific vibrate needs.It can be used a...

app 17k阅读 logo




app iTailgate – BBQ Party logo

iTailgate – BBQ Party


Now there is a new and easy way to tailgate with your favorite sporting events!The new app iTailgate lets you grill, cook, and eat all kinds of real delicious food on your phone! Just fire up the app,...

app Scholarley (Beta) logo

Scholarley (Beta)


Scholarley is an unofficial Android client for Mendeley; which is a free and convenient application for managing your library of academic papers (see: Scholarley has been de...

app The Infinite Black (MMO Beta) logo

The Infinite Black (MMO Bet...


The Infinite Black is a free, extremely popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space combat and exploration game created entirely by players!• 100% FREE -- NO ADS -- NO PAY-TO-PLAY• 20 unique sh...

app Muscle Trigger Points PRO logo

Muscle Trigger Points PRO


Muscle Trigger Points Doctor PRO (MTP Doctor PRO) is your ONE STOP GUIDE App that gives detailed visual insights into 60+ Pains and their associated Muscle Trigger Points along with the details on Mus...

app Muscle Trigger Points LITE logo

Muscle Trigger Points LITE


Muscle Trigger Points Doctor LITE (MTP Doctor LITE) is your ONE STOP GUIDE App that gives detailed visual insights into 20+ Pains [Buy PRO & Get insights into 60+ Pains] and their associated Muscl...

app Fit4Life logo



Welcome to Fit4Life. You'll find every possible form of exercise to either build muscle or burn fat inside the App. You'll find the following subjects to get you to your maximum! - Beginner Body Build...

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