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Unique Ways Brands are Integrating Social Media into their Live Events

soPrior to the development of the internet, if a brand or company wanted to host a successful live event they had to find methods to “get the word out.” This would usually be done via radio, print ads, televisions and good old fashioned word of mouth. While for the times this method was effective, today it would definitely fall short when trying...

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Picking a Multimedia Tablet that Works for You

It’s that time of year, and if you’re looking for a multimedia tablet, you have a lot to choose from. More Americans are switching to tablets for computing on the go and eMarketer expects that tablet users will surpass one billion worldwide by the end of 2015. Getting on the bandwagon is easy, there are a lot of tablets out there, but unless yo...

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World’s First True Octa Core Processor Revealed by Mediatek

True Octa Core Processor Mediatek just made public its latest high end CPU, world's first True Octa Core Processor / SoC, that's an eight core  system on chip folks. I know, you may say that's nothing new, just remember Samsung's Exynos Octa, does it ring a bell Chris? Well, the system on chip marketed by Samsung Electronics as being an eight core CPU is actually...

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app Hillbilly comedian logo

Hillbilly comedian


"Mr. Bumpkin is now interactive and programmed with over 40,000 topics in his memory bank! Hear what Mr. Bumpkin has to say. He will answer your questions. Just type in what you want to say, c...

app Funny Indian comedian logo

Funny Indian comedian


A funny FREE video app featuring the funny Indian comic who spoofs on himself, family and life in general... Funny and good for all ages!...


MediaTek looks to be working on an octo-core processor

mediatek logo aa - 600px MediaTek seems to be really cranking up its pressure on the high-end processor manufactures, and the news that the company is working on its own eight core processor confirms that MediaTek is just interested in peak performance as much as it is budget technologies. First news of the octo-core chip came from UDN yesterday, which stated that MediaTe...

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Quick Review: Treasure Tower Sprint from Sava Transmedia

Quick Review: Treasure Tower Sprint from Sava Transmedia We’ve seen Runner games galore, and we even got an Endless Driving game of sorts earlier in the week. Ready for an adventure-based running game? Treasure Tower Sprint touts itself as the first adventure-runner, and you’ll take control of the coin collecting Prince who searches towers for piles of gold. The game has an Arabian Nights kind of vib...

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Canada adopts $50/month data overage cap, is immediately dubbed ‘genius’.

Canada adopts $50/month data overage capIf you’ve ever looked at your monthly cellphone bill and wondered where those extra charges came from, you’re not alone. Maybe it was going over your SMS limit, or call minutes. Increasingly, the culprit is data. As our mobile devices get more data hungry, and mobile providers offer less of that precious cell sustenance, we’ve got to throttle...

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Cheap quad-core tablets heading our way, as MediaTek launches its new chip

MediaTek chipMediaTek has released a new quad-core processor, named the MT8125, which will be targeted for use in tablets. Compared with other big chip manufactures such as Samsung, Nvidia, or Qualcomm, MediaTek processors tend to be cheaper, meaning that we might soon see a few more reasonably priced quad-core tablets and smartphones.The new processor is buil...

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app Investor Relations and Media logo

Investor Relations and Medi...


The App allows investors, analysts, the media and other interested parties to remain up to date with relevant online and offline fiancial and corporate information on Credit Suisse AG.The tablet optim...

app Media Anywhere logo

Media Anywhere


Meida Anywhere will turn your android device to a full featured DLNA device.Features:* DLNA Server/Digital Media Server(DMS) - Share your media(Image, Photo, Video) through local network - Share your ...

app Aikido Beginners Intermediates logo

Aikido Beginners Intermedia...


This app is a collection of over 200 easy to follow video lessons on the Martial Art of Aikido. The lessons are aimed at Beginners and Intermediate levels. Lessons are too numerous the list but includ...

app UKIP MEDIA by Bobby Anwar logo

UKIP MEDIA by Bobby Anwar


At Last, an App on your Android screen that takes you straight to UKIP's latest videos, directly from their YouTube Channel. Get instant access to the latest UKIP Media feeds as soon as it's uploaded....

app Video & Music Media Player logo

Video & Music Media Pla...


Have a Video & Music Player Free on your Android mobile phone right now!Here the Advanced app is for you for free!When you open the app at the first time,it will take longer time to scan the files...

app Various Format Media player logo

Various Format Media player


Do you like watching movies or listening to music?Do you want to enjoy free popular music and movie at any time and place?This free app Various Format Media Player is here born for you.The most shinin...

app Super Media PLayer logo

Super Media PLayer


This is a super media player.We can regard it as a music and video media player.It's an all-in-one media play. You can play many types of video and music files stored in the sd card.Next is the detail...

app Mp3 RMVB Mp4 FLV Media Player logo

Mp3 RMVB Mp4 FLV Media Play...


Unsupported formats for your favorite movies?Wanna protect some private video and audio from unwanted peeping?HD videos unavailable while playing?All of these problems can be solved by this free app.=...

app Media Player For Android logo

Media Player For Android


Media Play For Android ---the best way to enjoy your movies and music.a)Dual decoding mode---hardware decoding and software decoding.Select the hardware decoding and it will be used first.However,if i...

app Favorite Private Media Player logo

Favorite Private Media Play...


Make your media player in a secret and quick access way. This free app Favorite Private Media Player supports to add videos and audios into favorite or private. With the help of this app, we can get a...

app SoftMedia Video Player logo

SoftMedia Video Player


vPlayer is a video player based on ffmpeg.a) It support variable video format(MKV, RMVB, WMV, AVI, HTTP, VOB, WEBM, TS, MPEG)/b) vPlayer supports multi-core decoding. --KW:bestplayer vplayer mplayer r...

app Media Utilities logo

Media Utilities


*** Public Open Beta *** Updates:- This release is all about Tasker, Added the ability to get metadata into tasker for use with Zooper and other tools.Check out the reviews:-

app CN Development & Media logo

CN Development & Media


YUKI MODEL ist nicht einfach nur eine Marke für RC-Modellbau-Produkte. Es ist vielmehr eine ganz eigene Lebensphilosophie, kreiert von einem Großhändler in Norddeutschland. Nutze diese...

app Song Bai iMedia logo

Song Bai iMedia


Sòng Bài iMedia - Game Bài 3 Cây Mục tiêu của Sòng Bài iMedia là phát triển tất cả các game bài: 3 cây, phỏm, tiến lên, liêng, xì tố ...Phiên bản 1.0.1, chúng tôi x...

app MediaClip – Download videos logo

MediaClip – Download ...


Four months from release,Exceeded 500 0000 downloads![News]* Fixed a bug that I can not find some models.* Fixed a bug that I can not play streaming videos on some models.(2013/3/28)We are pleased to ...

app Real English Intermediate Vol1 logo

Real English Intermediate V...


????? The very best English application! ????? You will LOVE THIS App! You thought you could speak English. But then again, when you...

app Media Scan Pro logo

Media Scan Pro


Can not read the file?please Media scanThe differenceremove adsOne-Click...

app Media Scan logo

Media Scan


Can not read the file?please Media scan...


MediaFire takes on Dropbox with its own Android app

mediafire android app Popular cloud-based sharing service MediaFire has just released its own native Android app. The simple allows you to access your files stored on MediaFire's cloud servers using your Android devices.The app suits well those of you who are not a fan of Dropbox or if you're looking for an alternative way of storing your documents, photos and videos ...

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