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Media Player For Android


Media Play For Android ---the best way to enjoy your movies and music.a)Dual decoding mode---hardware decoding and software decoding.Select the hardware decoding and it will be used first.However,if i...


BBC launches new Media Player app for Android

The BBC’s iPlayer Android application required Adobe's Flash player app to be installed before it could stream previously shown BBC programs to your Android device. However once Adobe discontinued the Flash Player, it meant anyone who didn't already have Adobe Flash installed on their smartphone or tablet, couldn't download and install it. Like...

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Advanced Android Media Play...


Advanced Android Media Player picks up where the stock Android Music player stops. Synchronize your Windows Media Player playlists with your android device, as well as rating, playcount infomation. F...

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Android Media Player


Android Media Player features:Automatic detection of media on the SD card Unified start screen to access audio or video files and playing internet radio or e-radioIntuitive playlist creation and editi...


Samsung to Unveil an Android Galaxy Media Player at CES 2011

Now that Samsung has established the Galaxy Tab as an official iPad competitor with the Android tablet fighting neck-to-neck against Apple in terms of sales, it's just about time that Samsung unleash another Android product. This time it's and Android-based Media Player that will obviously be geared up to rival the iPod devices. Samsung confirmed ...

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DoubleTwist Android Media Player Now Equipped with Wireless Sync

Well, that was a fast reaction there from the doubleTwist folks. We were just covering the release of WinAmp for Android with wireless synching capability and here comes doubleTwist with the same feature being rolled out. You remember doubleTwist right? Well, if you don't, let me remind you that it's a very nice media player Android app which com...

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DoubleTwist Android Media Player Now Equipped with Wireless Sync

DoubleTwist Android Media Player Now Equipped with Wireless Sync Well, that was a fast reaction there from the doubleTwist folks. We were just covering the release of WinAmp for Android with wireless synching capability and here comes doubleTwist with the same feature being rolled out. You remember doubleTwist right? Well, if you don't, let me remind you that it's a very nice media player Android app which com...

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WinAmp Media Player App Goes to the Android

Still remember WinAmp, the most popular media player a long time ago? When was the last time you used WinAmp? Honestly, I don't remember anymore. So, I was kind of delighted to learn that WinAmp Android app has just been outed and is now available from the Android Marketplace. Unless you have a not so good thing about beta releases, you might want...

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Sling Media Brings Out SlingPlayer for Android

Sling Media Brings Out SlingPlayer for Android The company Sling Media has just given Android phone owners a treat with the release of the SlingPlayer Mobile App for Android.  This Android app provides you with easy access to your home TV experience right on your Android smartphone. This means that you can stream your favorite TV show from your home TV setup on your Android phone, wherever y...

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DoubleTwist Android App – A media player with a twist

DoubleTwist Android app, a new twist (I couldn't help myself :P) on the traditional media player for your Android powered phone. First thing I had to ask myself is, "Why the hell does Android need another media player app? There's like 100 of them!" Well there aren't 100 media players on the system (I think there's 99, lol), but there is still way ...

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Best Casino Android Apps for the Arab Player

Best Casino Android Apps for the Arab Player   Today's article is intended as a primer for Arab players looking for the best Casino Android Apps on the market. To begin with, we're living in a day and age when regular casinos are basically dinosaurs, and I am saying that because the old business model seems to be pretty much extinct. And I am not talking only about casinos. Online...

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Android Apps and Sites: Different Strokes for Different Folks

android apps"This is how I feel right now..." (CC BY 2.0) by jnyemb In the mobile arena, the battle between apps and sites is one that seems as if it will never end. On one side of the divide, some developers believe the best way to exploit the features mobile devices is to have a native app. While on the other side of the argument, some contend that the f...

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Play Indian Rummy on the go: top 5 Android apps for Rummy games

cards-766106_640 Indian Rummy has always been one of the most exciting and popular card games. The game has come to the forefront in the world of online casino games, ever since the Honourable Supreme Court of India declared it to be a skilled game. Today the game is considered to be totally legal and can be played online through various websites. But why take ...

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Betcade to Launch Android Gambling App Store in the UK

androidWe live in an age where apps seem to make the world go round. If you’re an Android mobile user then you know the frustration of coming second when it comes Apple and new apps. One market that not only caters to iOS but also the Android format is online gambling. Most operators have mobile friendly websites allowing players to access the games wit...

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Picking a Multimedia Tablet that Works for You

It’s that time of year, and if you’re looking for a multimedia tablet, you have a lot to choose from. More Americans are switching to tablets for computing on the go and eMarketer expects that tablet users will surpass one billion worldwide by the end of 2015. Getting on the bandwagon is easy, there are a lot of tablets out there, but unless yo...

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Android Authority On Air – Episode 65 – The HTC One Stock Android ‘Senseless’ Rumor Is True

Android Authority on AirThis week on Android Authority On Air we covered the latest and great Android ecosystem rumors to hit the web since Google IO last week. Will we see Android 4.3 announced and a few new devices come June 10th? We’re not sure but, a white Nexus 4 has been spotted again and a new, Google branded media player pass through the FCC.During IO13, a f...

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Media Anywhere


Meida Anywhere will turn your android device to a full featured DLNA device.Features:* DLNA Server/Digital Media Server(DMS) - Share your media(Image, Photo, Video) through local network - Share your ...

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Video & Music Media Pla...


Have a Video & Music Player Free on your Android mobile phone right now!Here the Advanced app is for you for free!When you open the app at the first time,it will take longer time to scan the files...

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Various Format Media player


Do you like watching movies or listening to music?Do you want to enjoy free popular music and movie at any time and place?This free app Various Format Media Player is here born for you.The most shinin...

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OGG SWF RMVB Player For You


This application is a free, easy and high performance video & music player. You can play high definition videos & music in Android phone directly.Best media player until now!Main Features:1.It...

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Favorite Private Media Play...


Make your media player in a secret and quick access way. This free app Favorite Private Media Player supports to add videos and audios into favorite or private. With the help of this app, we can get a...

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Media Utilities


*** Public Open Beta *** Updates:- This release is all about Tasker, Added the ability to get metadata into tasker for use with Zooper and other tools.Check out the reviews:-

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RC Player


The RC Player is a media player supports DLNA[Digital Living Network Alliance] features.With RC Player, you will have a excellent user experience to play/share videos, photos and music on your tablet....


Facebook Home is Official and coming to Android on April 12

facebook.home.announcementIt’s official. Today Facebook unveiled Facebook Home to the world and if you’re into social media prepare to be pleased. Rumors have been flying around the web for weeks, and we’re happy to say Facebook didn’t announce a Facebook phone today, but a home screen launcher that looks to socialize your favorite Android device. Facebook Home loo...

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The Top New Android Apps of the Week – February 17, 2013

Ready for some new Android apps? This week's list of the Top New Android Apps of the Week has a little something for everyone from swipe based multi-tasking to virtual pets and Pokemon episodes. Without further ado, we proudly present our picks for the Top New Android Apps of the Week... 1. Archos Video Player Free There are a lot of video...

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Archos Video Player Free


There is also an ad-free version of this application: makes Video Player app available for all Android tablets and phone...


Redbox Instant Video coming soon for Android

redbox instant video Watch out Netflix. Yesterday it was announced that we’ll soon see a Verizon-powered Redbox Instant video service. If you’re a media streaming fool like myself this is pretty big news, especially considering Redbox is going to do things a bit differently. Redbox Instant Video will be a service similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime where you’ll...

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NewsAce Pro : Multimedia Ne...


NewsAce is a Multimedia News Reader that allows you to subscribe to and check up on all kinds of news formats including video, podcast, and radio all in one place.** Benefits over NewsAce Free version...

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