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Record and analyze your baby's everyday life events. This application empowers you to collect information that most doctors request at well visits. Set alarms and be alerted to recurring events. Grap...

app Simple Daily Plyometrics logo

Simple Daily Plyometrics


Simple daily workout generator featuring Plyometrics workouts. All you need is an open space, open mind, and your body. No weights required!Start your day off right with a simple Plyometric workout. J...

app Avante Volumetrics logo

Avante Volumetrics


Aplicación enfocada a proporcionar información sobre una medida seleccionada de alguna llanta, ademas de hacer el calculo aproximado de equivalencias de medida (concepto plus) para los neumáticos d...

app Display Metrics Info logo

Display Metrics Info


The App Display Metrics Info shows important information for Android developer about target system. It will be normally used for testing of developed app on target system and output info about this ta...

app freshmetrics Client logo

freshmetrics Client


free Android client to connect to the freshMetrics 'Produce Tracker' system. Will require connection details for freshMetrics server, available from your freshMetrics representative....

app Geometrics Free logo

Geometrics Free


FREE VERSION - 1 level to evaluate the game!Save the world capturing the geometric shapes that want to leave our planet!10 levels of patience and precision!Be a hero!PS: the video is from the Flash we...

app Geometrics logo



Save the world capturing the geometric shapes that want to leave our planet!10 levels of patience and precision!Be a hero!PS: the video is from the Flash web-version of the game....

app HVAC Psychrometrics Lite logo

HVAC Psychrometrics Lite


HVAC Psychrometrics Lite is the perfect field tool for HVAC Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Students, Test and Balance technicians, commissioning technicians, or other HVAC professionals.HVAC Psychro...

app Flurry Metrics logo

Flurry Metrics


For users of Flurry AnalyticsShows the information avaiable from the flurry api.Full Version.** PLEASE, if you have any problems or queries, e-mail the developer, the address is in the about box.This ...

app Flurry Metrics Trial logo

Flurry Metrics Trial


For users of Flurry AnalyticsShows the information avaiable from the flurry api.THIS IS A TRIAL VERSION!Limited to. * Full view of first application in list.* View of summary for all other application...

app Plyometrics Complete Guide logo

Plyometrics Complete Guide


Don't miss out on the hottest new trend in exercise in decades!If you want to live longer, be happier and healthier without pills, supplements or dangerous drugs, you owe it to yourself to learn about...

app Metrics Conversion Pro logo

Metrics Conversion Pro


Don't fret about converting measurements from US standard to metrics, or vice versa. With Metrics Conversion, you get a quick conversion right from your Android device. Metric Conversion keeps it simp...

app Econometrics logo



Learn about econometrics!Econometrics is a fully-featured flash card app that includes: + Main Deck+ Faves Deck+ Ignore Feature+ Shuffle Ability+ Choice of Primary Side+ Search Feature+ Index+ Beautif...


Understanding the Basics of Application Performance Management

Maintaining and improving the performance of applications is crucial for any developer, but it is a complex and time-consuming process. Because of this, an entire industry of application performance management has developed over the last few years, and this plays a vital role in nearly every modern advancement. While the overall goal and function o...

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Unique Ways Brands are Integrating Social Media into their Live Events

soPrior to the development of the internet, if a brand or company wanted to host a successful live event they had to find methods to “get the word out.” This would usually be done via radio, print ads, televisions and good old fashioned word of mouth. While for the times this method was effective, today it would definitely fall short when trying...

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Former FCC Chair warns US not to get lazy about LTE

Network-tower-lte-advanced-article In the US, we’re a bit spoiled when it comes to LTE. We have a huge LTE network, thanks to Verizon, and all other carriers are hot on their heels. AT&T has very respectable LTE coverage in a very short amount of time, and T-Mobile is also building out their LTE capability. The acquisition of Metro PCS will also help T-Mobile in the LTE real...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – April 28, 2013 From Android Apps that let you create to one’s that help you stay in shape, there are some great picks on this week’s list of the Best New Android Apps of the Week. 1. Swype Number One on our list of the Best New Android Apps of the week is an Android app you may have heard of or already use… Swype. Yup, the folks at Nuance Communicatio...

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app CalSPEED logo



CalSPEED, released by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), empowers end-users with a professional-level, industry-standard testing tool to measure the quality and speed of their mobile d...

app Athletic Strength Program logo

Athletic Strength Program


This is a progressive strength program, which will reduce the risk of plateaus. It is very similar to the Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) or Jim Wendlers 5-3-1 Strength program! That is to say the progra...

app GlucoBot logo



GlucoBot is an app designed by a University student for people with type 1 diabetes, informed by extensive research with a group of over 100 type 1 diabetics. It tracks health data and intends to aid ...


Hit the Ground Running with the Nike+ Running App for Android

Overview Running is a great way to stay in shape, and if you’ve seen Zombieland you know how important Cardio is as a rule. If you like to run (and wear Nikes) the Nike+ Running Android app is really the only app for you as it can handle all your needs and help you meet your goals. Nike+ Running uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to ...

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app Nike+ Running logo

Nike+ Running


Nike+ Running just got even more motivating. Now you can add friends and see how you stack up. Keep tabs on who's logging the most runs and miles, then get out there and beat them. - From the trail ...


Google Analytics finally gets it own Android app

Honestly, I haven't been to pro-active when it comes to monitoring some of the blogs that I own on Google Analytics. I did set them up on Analytics so that I can take a look at how these blogs of mine perform when it comes to getting unique visits and all those important site stats. Even Google itself is not too active when it comes to giving its...

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app HandMap Map Draw & Track GPS logo

HandMap Map Draw & Trac...


New Version 1.2.1 SPK 18. Feb 25, 2013.***************************************************************HandMap Drawing Tool:Any time have you needed some way to draw a map for directions, or route to f...

app Virtual Dugout logo

Virtual Dugout


Virtual Dugout provides University of Illinois Baseball fans with an interactive and immersive virtual space to dynamically augment and enhance the experience of following Illini baseball. With Virtua...

app Biometric Finger Scanner logo

Biometric Finger Scanner


Fingerprint Scan is the future of biometric fingerprint identification in you hands today.-Multi-Scan Technology-Fingerprint appears under your finger touch-Multiple Fingerprints-Enhanced Animation an...

app EIU Football & Basketball logo

EIU Football & Basketba...


If you are a fan of Eastern Illinois football and basketball, this is the one app you must have. Eastern Illinois Football and Basketball gives you previews, recaps, unique statistical nuggets, scorin...

app Agile Development Practices an logo

Agile Development Practices...


The Better Software Conference covers the latest tools, trends, and issues regarding project management, people & teams, software testing & QA, software requirements, process improvement, metr...

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