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Looking to take your Android photography skills to the next level? A new free e-book can help show you how

Google-play-book-giveawayToday’s 8MP and 13MP smartphone cameras might not hold a candle to a DSLR or high-end P&S camera, but we’ve certainly come a long way in just a few short years.There was a time when you’d be insane to consider using your phone as your primary camera. Today the gap is certainly narrowing between mobile devices and dedicated cameras, en...

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app GhostCam SpiritPhotography Pro logo

GhostCam SpiritPhotography ...


The best spirit photography app on Android market. Make your own ghost photograph in one touch! Customize your ghost and scare your friend or even yourself. Modify pictures in your gallery to add ghos...

app Family Photography Poses logo

Family Photography Poses


Mobile posing reference guide for photographers that gives ideas for poses & angles. App contains tons of great pro photos. Save & edit your faves and look thru them so you know what images yo...

app AR Photography Showcase logo

AR Photography Showcase


You can share your projects and inspirational photos with the readers of Architectural Record. Submit and share photos from your Android to the Mobile Photo Gallery.You can also view the Architectural...

app GhostCam: Spirit Photography logo

GhostCam: Spirit Photograph...


The best spirit photography app on Android market. Make your own ghost photograph in one touch! Customize your ghost and scare your friend or even yourself. Modify pictures in your gallery to add ghos...

app Marcel Yanez Photography logo

Marcel Yanez Photography


Marcel Yanez Photography is an app to showcase the talents of Marcel Yanez Studios. Marcel Yanez Studios has been in the business of professional photography for 20 years and their work has been publ...

app Mobile Observatory – Astronomy logo

Mobile Observatory – ...


Mobile Observatory is one of the most complete astronomy apps on the Android market and the perfect tool for anybody interested in the sky's wonders, from the occasional sky gazer to the passionate am...

app Wedding photography logo

Wedding photography


<div id="doc-original-text">Wedding photography wallpaper, very beautiful bride, if you like, please use it to beautify your mobile phone<br>You also can download 10000 more hig...

app Time Mobile logo

Time Mobile


TIME Mobile is the Android-based news app from the publishers of and TIME Magazine. Stay connected to top stories and what's most popular on Get the latest news, read opinion and a...


HTC One mini? Mysterious 4.3-inch HD phone with UltraPixel camera surfaces

HTC One mini 1 Heard enough about the rumored HTC One mini? Well, guess what? Now you won’t merely have to read about it, but you will also get a chance to actually look at it, too. Thanks to information and a bunch of live photos posted on a site named, we can now get a grasp of what exactly the HTC One mini — or whatever it is really suppo...

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app Snapr logo



Snapr brings together photos from a range of different apps.How it works: Check out to find some of the first apps to be built for Snapr. You can discover new photo filter & sti...

app YSA forum logo

YSA forum


With Yellow Sky Actions Mobile photography forum app, you can access YSA forums directly from your Android device.- Send and receive PM's- Access and post to the most recent discussions- Read and post...

app Pro HDR Camera logo

Pro HDR Camera


Introducing Pro HDR Camera, the world's first real HDR app for Android! From the team that created Pro HDR for iOS, now you can automatically create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a sin...

app mytubo logo



Mytubo - the most popular social camera app in the Android Market. Mytubo is a toy camera. It has 14 great toy camera effects which have already won a lot applause from our users.Mytubo is a personal ...

app Camera360 Ultimate logo

Camera360 Ultimate


With over 100,000,000 users globally, Camera360 has become the most popular mobile camera app in the world. Together with HelloCamera, Movie360, and Pink360, Camera360 provides a comprehensive suite ...


The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 26, 2013 week’s list of the Best New Android Apps of the week offers up apps that let you video chat, browse the web, and search for solid WiFi signals. There’s a little something for everyone and we hope you enjoy our picks for the best of the bunch from the past week… 1. Zoner Photo Studio If you’re looking for a new photo app, Zoner Pho...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 19, 2013 1. AppGratis AppGratis takes the top spot in our Best New Android Apps of the week list, and with good reason – it gives people a free Android App every day. AppGratis offers up one free app per day along with deep discounts of up to 90% off. You can read a bit more about AppGratis here or pick it up for free on Google Play. 2. Solo Launcher...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 12, 2013 It was a slow week for new Android Apps, but we still managed to scrounge a few up. Here we go with another edition of The Best New Android Apps of the Week... 1. Google I/O 2013 The Google I/O app isn’t new, but it has just been updated for Google I/O 2013. The big conference is next week, and if you can’t be there the Google I/O app will kee...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 5, 2013

best new android apps 1. Fixya Our top pick on this week’s list of the Best New Android Apps is an app called Fixya from the fine folks behind the website of the same name. Fixya is a site than can show you how to fix anything, and the official app lets you take videos of your problems and post them online for solutions. It’s a social way to get something fixed, an...

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app Underwater Cameras logo

Underwater Cameras


The ultimate Underwater Cameras fanatics App! This is the only app you need when it comes to Underwater Cameras. Do you want to get the latest updates, news, information, videos, photos, events and am...

app Photofun: Digital Image Editor logo

Photofun: Digital Image Edi...


Take the joy of digital photography and combine it with the thrill of darkroom editing! Photofun has some latest ultimate photo effects like dissolve, marble, diffuse and many more that you’ll hardl...


The Best New Android Apps of the Week – April 7, 2013

best new android apps 2013 1. Tiny Apps Lite Floating apps are apps that stay on top of other apps, and Carsten Drösser’s Tiny Apps gives you 5 floating apps in one tidy package. You’ll get a recorder, music player, calculator, paint app, and a note taking app. Each has their own set of features, and you can move or resize any of your floating app windows. There’...

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Path Android app update brings private messaging and other cool features

Among the social networking apps that I've installed and tried using on my smartphone, Path is one of those who managed to stay on while others simply fade away into oblivion. Thanks to Facebook and Google+, other social networking sites have died down immediately after they've been launched. Thankfully for Path, it's inherent exclusiveness to sel...

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Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android phones now available on Google Play

adobe photoshop touch for phone Adobe has just released a new version of its Photoshop Touch, a mobile app that brings some of the most useful features of Adobe Photoshop, the desktop image processing software that we've all grown to love and like. For those who remember, Adobe Photoshop Touch was previously released for Android tablets. Now, listening to the clamor of Android ...

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and 600-the cavalry is here

After NVIDIA announced its latest and mightiest Tegra 4 chip, we were worried that Qualcomm might lag behind this year. But Qualcomm was also hiding a microscopic ace up its sleeve and made us excited about its new line of mobile processing chips. The company announced the Snapdragon 800, 600, 400 and 200 mobile processing chips yesterday afternoon...

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NVIDIA announces Tegra 4 a powerful demon

NVIDIA is looking to sweep the show this year around with its exciting and intriguing announcements at CES 2013. NVIDIA took the stage and quite frankly it droned on a little until we saw the company reveal its latest mobile chip, the Tegra 4. The latest chip issued the dawn of a new generation of mobile processing and quite frankly is a giant le...

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The Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – November 18, 2012

Last week we hit a bit of a lull on the Android App side of things, but this week we're back in full force with 10 New Android Apps you'll want to pay attention to. Some of our picks include apps that let you manipulate photos, visualize music, find WiFi hotspots, and store your music in the cloud. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the T...

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The Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – October 21, 2012

This week's picks for our Top Android Apps of the Week cover a wide range of genres. We've got apps to increase your productivity, historical apps, and apps to keep the kids busy. There's a little something for everyone so here we go with our list of the Top 10 Android Apps of the Week... 1. Google Calendar This one’s pretty self-explana...

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