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Glu Mobile adding (real money) gambling to its games, starting with Deer Hunter Reloaded

Glu MobileGlu Mobile isn’t exactly raking in the dough, as the company hasn’t reported a profit since it went public in 2007. So what’s a mobile game developer to do? Add gambling into its games as a way to attract more users.Glu Mobile has announced it is partnering up with San Francisco start-up Skillz to provide a technology that will al...

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app Live Poker Bankroll logo

Live Poker Bankroll


Live Poker Bankroll helps you keep track your bankroll of live poker.Register all your played poker games, logging the date of the game, where the game was played, the game type (cash, sit&go, MTT...

app Troll Physics Collection logo

Troll Physics Collection


Don't have infinite energy, money, or bacon? No problem! Troll physics comics are humorous and poorly drawn guides for "hacking" physics to do impossible tasks. For example, wear a metal ...

app Motivating Beyond Money logo

Motivating Beyond Money


Based on real research with real people this guide helps you to find ways to keep your good people motivated without just paying them more money. Practical ideas to help managers and small business o...

app Bed Of Money – Poker Ledger logo

Bed Of Money – Poker ...


Bed Of Money (TM) ("BOM") is a poker journal/ poker tracker tool for people who play live cash games and tournaments.BOM is a tool to help poker players track their sessions during live cash...

app Money Owl logo

Money Owl


Features include: - Manage multiple recurring budgets and automatic rollover of your remaining budget or overspend to the next scheduled anniversary date.NOTE: Once a budget reaches it's anniversary d...

app Money Tracker Free logo

Money Tracker Free


Money Tracker is application to control your daily expenses and save money that you might miss at the end of month. Specify desired monthly budget, and then easily control everyday expenses in our app...

app PocketMoney logo



Take control of your finances today with PocketMoney. A powerful yet easy to use personal finance manager, PocketMoney lets you track your cash flow, understand your net worth, and improve the overall...

app gbaMoney Money Tracking logo

gbaMoney Money Tracking


Expenses or income are quickly entered and assigned to classes, categories and subcategories. Monthly or yearly totals and subtotals can be viewed and graphically compared, with budgets on class or ca...

app gbaMoney Trial Money Tracking logo

gbaMoney Trial Money Tracki...


Expenses or income are quickly entered and assigned to classes, categories and subcategories. Monthly or yearly totals and subtotals can be viewed and graphically compared, with budgets on class or ca...


Motorola Rolls Out Android 2.1 Update to Milestone [European Milestone to … – TFTS (blog)

RediffMotorola Rolls Out Android 2.1 Update to Milestone [European Milestone to ...TFTS (blog)Motorola announced on its Facebook page today that it is beginning to roll out the Android 2.1 update for the Milestone, the European variant of the Verizon ...Motorola launches Android Milestone; begins second innings in IndiaDaily News & AnalysisAndroid ...

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LG Launches GW620 Android Phone in India –

Gadget Venue (blog)LG Launches GW620 Android Phone in IndiaMoneycontrol.comLG Mobiles has announced the launch of its first Android phone LG GW620 for the Indian market. LG GW260 is an Android Smartphone, featuring full 3.0 inch ...Motorola Milestone is first Android 2.1 handset to be launched in IndiaFone Arena (blog)LG and Motorola rolls out andr...

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Samsung rumored to be getting ready for 12.2-inch tablet launch ahead of Apple in 2014

Samsung Galaxy smartpad Samsung has done a terrific job of covering pretty much all consumer market segments so far when it comes to both tablets and smartphones. It has products available in every level of the market, such as the entry-level segment, the mid-range segment, and of course, the high-end segment where phones like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active comfortab...

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app Millionaire City Holiday logo

Millionaire City Holiday


Welcome to Millionaire City, where your holiday dreams can come true as you become a powerful CEO and watch the money roll in from the convenience of your Android phoneOfficially supported handsets:Sa...

app Candy Valley logo

Candy Valley


Welcome to Candy Valley, where everything is edible! Design and grow YOUR OWN candy valley filled with sugary shrubs, edible animals, and delectable decorations! FEATURES:- Plant and harvest an ever...

app My Car Salon logo

My Car Salon


In My Car Salon, you own a brand new auto repair shop, and there's a lot of cars in the neighborhood just itching for a good tune-up. Keep your customers happy by giving their cars the services that t...

app Millionaire City – Xperia PLAY logo

Millionaire City – Xp...


Welcome to Millionaire City! Become a powerhouse CEO and watch the money roll in all from the convenience of your phone. Build your monopoly from the ground up by creating luxurious houses, crowded co...

app Valuable Time logo

Valuable Time


VALUABLE TIME displays a real-time counter, not unlike a stopwatch. Yet, instead of counting time, it counts money. Enter how much you are paid (hourly or salary), press start, and watch the money rol...

app Millionaire City logo

Millionaire City


**SALE! 75% off on all expansions! Hurry up and get your expansions now at 75% discounted price for a very limited time!**Stay tuned for an upcoming update!!Welcome to Millionaire City, where you can ...


Dell Selling Free HTC Aria

I'm not sure if you can call it selling if you are effectively giving the product away for free but who cares if it is free! I love free and the way it rolls off the tongue instead of having money roll out my wallet. Now admittedly there is a catch...(deep breath) you have to have a 2 year agreement with AT&T. Gah! It burns! I'll admit that the...

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Most Popular Poker Apps for Android

Most Popular Poker Apps for Android They say blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, but we think otherwise. Poker is truly the most awesome and most popular card game in the world, which can be attested when looking at the popularity of these apps. Poker on Android has been going on for quite some time. Apps come and go, but the best ones stay forever. So, let’s see ...

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3 Markets Exploding Thanks to Ecommerce

iphone-624709_1280The internet has revolutionized the way we shop and conduct business. It has become much more possible for artisans and creators to sell handmade items to anyone who may want them. Gone are the days of having to wake up at 5 a.m. Saturday to make it to the local farmer’s market and hope someone passing by likes your wares. With a business websit...

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Why Do People Trust Bitcoin?

bitcoin-495995_1280Bitcoin usage has changed the game while doing business online. The term bitcoin is basically a payment type of system used online and the coins are a form of digital money. Bitcoin itself is similar to the internet. Nobody own or controls it as it's is strictly exchanged peer-to-peer. Bitcoin's system simply runs off or is powered by exclusive sof...

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Betcade to Launch Android Gambling App Store in the UK

androidWe live in an age where apps seem to make the world go round. If you’re an Android mobile user then you know the frustration of coming second when it comes Apple and new apps. One market that not only caters to iOS but also the Android format is online gambling. Most operators have mobile friendly websites allowing players to access the games wit...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hits the World, Launched Simultaneously in Over 58 Countries

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Great news for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 fans everywhere because today Samsung launched its long expected phablet, the Note 3, worldwide, in over 58 countries. The Note 3 is going to be shipped today, unlocked, and it is expected to be available in the mobile carriers offer in the days to come.  This latest gizmo in the Samsung's phablet li...

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Mad Catz gaming console will support Google Play out of the box

mad catzWhen the Ouya was first announced, the idea was met with quite a few mixed opinions. Some felt the idea of an Android gaming micro-console was an odd proposition, others felt it was genius. Since then, we’ve seen quite a few companies rise up with their own Android gaming system offerings, such as the Gamestick or Bluestacks Gamepop. Now well...

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Google Fiber is not just another experiment, instead it’s “a great business to be in”

Google FiberYou’re probably thinking that at $70 a month, and with an offer of Gigabit speeds, Google Fiber is another one of Google’s incredible experiments to see what would be possible if we were all connected to the internet at breakneck speeds. However, Google, in typical Google fashion, has decide that Fiber isn’t just another science experiment, i...

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Beeline Interactive drops Snoopy’s Street Fair for Android

Snoopy Street Fair Several weeks ago we talked about Snoopy’s Street Fair coming to Android, and a few days ago Beeline Interactive gave the game a wide release. It’s a building game set in the world of the Peanuts, and it’s a marvelous game if you’re a fan of Snoopy and the gang. Snoopy and Charlie Brown need your help as the gang has a baseball tournamen...

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