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Crush the Monsters Review

Crush the Monsters Review Crush the Monsters is another Android game made for those of you who love medieval times, monsters and dragons, sorcerers and kings. As you can imagine, this is a fun game to play when boredom strikes, being very well designed and with awesome graphics. This funny looking arcade game monetizes on the eternal struggle between good and evil an...

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app Ducati Monster 696 Theme logo

Ducati Monster 696 Theme


Ducati Monster 696 Wallpapers and Backgrounds application with beautiful high quality images.The Monster 696 was announced in November 2007, and officially launched early April 2008 in Barcelona. Its ...


Monster Galaxy Note 2 has 288GB of storage, 9300mAh battery, dual SIM support

Custom Galaxy Note 2 288GBCustom Galaxy Note 2: 288GB storage, 9300mAh battery case | Image credit: xda-developers A custom dual SIM Galaxy Note 2 model packs a lot more memory and battery life than your average supersized smartphone, although such features come with a high-cost and can affect the looks of the device. While smartphone makers are constantly trying to make de...

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Watch Samsung’s new Monsters University themed Galaxy S4 ad – try to forget the Pixar / Steve Jobs irony

samsung-galaxy-s4-monsters-uniSamsung has released a new Galaxy S4 advert, this time with a Monsters University theme. The ad, which has long sequences from Disney’s latest blockbuster made by Pixar, underlines some of the S4′s features while using video clips and pictures from the 3D animated film. For example, Air Gesture is shown-off while swiping through a serie...

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Slice and Dice Pixely Monsters in Attack of the Spooklings

attack spooklingsWe’ve seen Android Games that have you slice fruit and other various objects, but I bet you’ve never sliced a Spookling. No worries, you’ll get to slice up thousands of them in Picaro Games Attack of the Spooklings. Attack of the Spooklings is a slice ‘em up game that puts your fingers to work defending a pixelated fort from hordes of litt...

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Disney releases Monsters U: Catch Archie

monsters uSummer is a great time for blockbuster movies and hot new video games. Monsters U: Catch Archie may not be considered “hot”, but it is tied into an upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster from Disney by the name of Monsters U. Monsters U: Catch Archie is an endless runner that follows Mike as he tries to catch a pig over at the University. It’s no ord...

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app Monsters U: Catch Archie logo

Monsters U: Catch Archie


WELCOME TO MONSTERS UNIVERSITY! Get ready for the launch of Disney...


Punch Quest Review: Pummel Monsters until you’re Punch Drunk

Punch Quest Review: Pummel Monsters until you’re Punch Drunk Last week we told you about a new Android game by the name of Punch Quest, and as promised we’re back this week with a full review of the game. It’s one of the vaguer reviews you’ll see me do as there are some surprises I don’t want to spoil, but I will say you’re in for one strange trip when you enter the wonderful world of Punch Quest.T...

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Crush Monsters to save Munchers in Monster Smasher from Playscape

monster smasherMonster Smasher is a new Android game from Playscape that’s about the eternal struggle between creatures called the Munchers & Gombies. It’s not a game about battling for land or gold though, instead you’re squabbling over food as the Munchers & Gombies both love to eat. Munchers are cute little creatures that love to gorge themselve...

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app Monster Smasher logo

Monster Smasher


The story of Monster Smasher...The creators of Ninja Chicken and Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga, bring you Monster Smasher!This is a story about a small village, where monsters-like creatures live. These cr...

app Monster Truck Destroyer logo

Monster Truck Destroyer


Your goal in this monster truck game is to destroy cars, various kinds of appliance and finish all 12 levels. The game contains 3 monster trucks and a bonus monster bus....

app ApocaMonster: Zombies & Demons logo

ApocaMonster: Zombies &...


The world is in danger and only you can save it! You must eliminate all kind of creatures with many different weapons. Use grenades, machine guns, shotguns and napalm among many other weapons to compl...

app Monster Love logo

Monster Love


Monster Love is a exciting action packed game.Help the monsters catch the hearts of their love.The blue monster must catch only blue hearts ,the same as the red monster.Feature:- 50 levels so you will...

app cute monsters live wallpaper logo

cute monsters live wallpape...


Enjoy with cute monsters live wallpaper . With 3D effect and Tablet optimized .Installation:- Press the screen for 3 seconds- Select wallpapers- Select live wallpapers- Select cute monstersIcons by: F...

app Of Monsters And Men Music Vide logo

Of Monsters And Men Music V...


Of Monsters And Men Music Videos Photo...

app Gentle Monsters – Bigfoot logo

Gentle Monsters – Big...


Interactive book.This book is not only about reading and observing: in addition, a child can interract with images and listen text....


Stomp, Crush, and Kill in Monsterthon for Android

Casual games are fun, but sometimes you just want to wreak a little havoc. Monsterthon is a new Android game from 6waves and trutruka that shows you just how fun it can be to when you become a little monstrous. Monsterthon is a city smashing game that follows 3 monsters who are out for a bit of destruction. The monsters have a pretty good reason...

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Zeptolab follow-up to Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters hits Google Play

Zeptolab, creators of the hit game Cut the Rope has just released its second mobile game, dubbed Pudding Monsters. Zeptolab describes Pudding Monsters as a "deliciously addicting puzzle adventure, with wacky characters and innovative stick-'em'together gameplay." As such you'll take control of the Pudding Monsters to save their friends from the co...

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BonusXP unleashes Monster Crew for Android

Halloween may be over, but Monsters can be fun all year long if you’ve got an Android game like Monster Crew from BonusXP. Monster Crew isn’t about a street gang full of Monsters (that would be cool) or a monstrous pit crew. Instead it’s the tale of a boy, his piggy bank, cards… and Monsters of course! Monster Crew is the story of a boy ...

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app Monsters Coloring logo

Monsters Coloring


Now with Christmas sketchesWelcome to the magnificent world of MonstersQuartet - those cute creatures that enjoy to play, draw and have fun with their friends. Meet Choky, Charly, Hrelyo and Jovani wh...


Crescent Moon Games releases Paper Monsters for Android

Every once in a while a game comes along that makes you say ‘Wow’ and that’s the case with Crescent Moon Games Paper Monsters for Android. This gorgeous platformer has been out for a while on iOS, and now we’re finally getting to see what all the fuss is about. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely… Paper Monsters is a Mario-esque platform...

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app Paper Monsters logo

Paper Monsters


STUFF MagazineIf you’re looking for a gorgeous-looking platformer with that pick up and playability, you’ll find everything you need and more with Paper"The controls are mas...

app Boo! Monster Coloring Book logo

Boo! Monster Coloring Book


★Have a spooky Halloween with Monster Coloring Book!★ Monster Coloring Book is a fun holiday coloring activity for kids. Meet all the spooky-cute monsters in 10 pages and color them with 12 magica...


4 Great Monster Catching Games for Android

As much as we all love Pokémon, I don’t know if we’ll ever see an official Android version. With that in mind we thought it was time for a list and we decided to do one based on Monster Catching games for Android. There are quite a few card-based battling games out there, but we narrowed it down to 4 of the best. Without further ado, we proudl...

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app Godzilla & Other Monsters logo

Godzilla & Other Monste...


This movie has a collection of train chomping, skyscraper swatting, human terrorizing classic scenes featuring monster favorites such as Godzilla, Gammera, Hedora, Ghidrah, the Smog Monster, Gorgo, Re...

app Save Monster logo

Save Monster


? A new game play you never tried before! Fantastic real 3D and physics engine bring you incredible experience.?Player comments:?...

app Angry Monster (Attack) LITE logo

Angry Monster (Attack) LITE


;;Retrieve the stone of light and bring harmony back to the Monsterland!In Monster Attack you must attack the buildings where the thieve monsters lurk. ////// Use different types of play that each mo...

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