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Stomp, Crush, and Kill in Monsterthon for Android

Casual games are fun, but sometimes you just want to wreak a little havoc. Monsterthon is a new Android game from 6waves and trutruka that shows you just how fun it can be to when you become a little monstrous. Monsterthon is a city smashing game that follows 3 monsters who are out for a bit of destruction. The monsters have a pretty good reason...

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app Monster Shooter logo

Monster Shooter


? Ad-free premium version: ?ABOUT MONSTER SHOOTER Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... it did! We took the dual-stick shooter formula and optimized it to deliver th...


Gamelion Studios drops Monster Shooter into the Android Market

Overview If you like your Android games full of action with a dash of some good old ultra-violence you’re in luck as Gamelion Studios just dropped a violent little game called Monster Shooter. You’re an Alien named DumDum who just wants his cat back and you’re going to get that little kitty back from the evil Aliens by any means necessar...

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app 9monsters logo



9monsters is a very unique gay social app originating in Japan with a central focus on the Asia-Pacific.Mainly, This app has 3 key features which are all exclusive functionality!【FEATURES】-Feature...


Android online Casinos

Now that you have decided to try your luck at some cool online casino games on your Android devices, it is obvious that your mind will be flooded with questions. You will be curious to know about the gaming process, the different features of online casino games, the financial transactions involved, the authenticity of the online casino sites and so...

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8 Exciting android games in 2017

8 Exciting android games in 2017 Since the word holiday was invented, humans created getting cozy and playing all possible games. After creating this sword, Android phones came into the picture to keep your holiday more exciting with its gaming apps. It has been years, and the year 2017 is a month old now, producing some promising games on Android version mobiles for us. Here a...

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Top 5 Apps For Halloween

Top 5 Apps For Halloween With the news that Pokémon Go is hosting its own Halloween event (featuring increased spawns of Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter), you might have already satiated your appetite for all things spooky. If not, then here are a few more apps to get you in the mood for Monday’s annual haunting. Organ Trail: Director’s Cut (£1.85) The original Orego...

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Nikon Going for Android Smartphones?

Nikon I'm not sure about you, but all my friends, myself included, are using their smart/dumb phones when it comes to taking pictures or videos on the go, not a DSLR from Nikon or the like. This is going on for some time now, I can't even remember the last time I wished for a dedicated camera. In my humble opinion, dedicated cameras are becoming more a...

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In the market for a new Android tablet? Here are some devices worth waiting for

android smartphone shopping Has your Nexus 7 fallen in love with the concrete? Are you looking to replace that old Galaxy Tab? Looking to get in on the wonderful world of Android tablets? Making as big a decision as this can become confusing and if you want to make an educated decision on what tablet to buy, you’ll need to know what’s coming up in the next few months and...

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The Best OUYA Games

ouya games Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the OUYA Android console has finally hit retailers nationwide. Some of the reviews have been less than kind, but we’re not here to talk about the hardware or interface… we’re going to take a look at their games. If you’ve just gotten your system and aren’t sure what to play we’ve...

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app REČ NA REČ logo



★★Nagrada "Urednikov izbor"-★★★★#1 besplatna aplikacija u preko 20 zemalja★★★★6.000.000 registrovanih igrača iz celog sveta★★★★Takmiči se online sa ...


Hotsauce releases Catcha Catcha Aliens for Android

There was more than one great endless runner released this week as Hotsauce’s Catcha Catcha Aliens crept onto Google Play. It’s an interesting take on the whole running thing as you play the role of an alien catcher catcha whose job is cleaning up planets that have been overrun by pesky aliens. When you first fire up Catcha Catcha Aliens you...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – January 21, 2012

This week’s picks for Top New Android Games of the Week include games filled with magic, a funny creature with removable eyeballs, and the one of the most frustrating games you’ll play in your entire life. Seriously. We’ve only got 8 games this week, but they’re all good ones so sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the best new Androi...

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app つながる本屋ブックシェア コミック/書籍 logo




app Nissan news, video, wallpapers logo

Nissan news, video, wallpap...


Nissan Motor Company Ltd is a multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. It was a core member of the Nissan Group, but has become more independent after its restructuring under Carlos Ghosn (CEO)...

app Pocket RPG logo

Pocket RPG


Optimized for Xperia Play Nominated for GameSpot's "Best mobile game of 2011 and finaly ranked in the top five!Enter a world overrun by hordes of monsters. Explore trap-filled dungeons and face m...

app ★2차마을★라그나로크 발키리의 반란 logo



★☆ 새로운 인던~ 칼림성 오픈 ★☆ * 새로운 보스 몬스터의 대거 출현 * 레벨 제한 오픈! (Lv.85 / jobLv. 58) * 다양한 아이템이 가득~ 칼림성 랜덤 상자 추...

app HangGirl logo



HangGirl is really easy to use version of the popular Hangman game played all over the world but with a more feminine edge. This version has several cartoon, game and film based categories. More categ...

app iRigs – Carp Fishing logo

iRigs – Carp Fishing


iRigs is a revolutionary new smartphone app designed for the dedicated carp angler and developed by iAngler. It is the first of its kind, bringing carp angling to you on your smartphone, whether that ...

app – die Top Angebote logo – die Top Ang...


Angebote, Prospekte, Flugblätter und Öffnungszeiten der Händler in Österreich gibt es jetzt auch mobil als kostenlose App! Du möchtest aktuelle Aktionen und Gutscheine in Deiner Nähe finden, Öf...

app Moto Mobile 2012 GP GAME logo

Moto Mobile 2012 GP GAME


Race with your motorbike in real scaled circuits, all the teams. All of the circuits of the real Moto GP championship.Multiplayer available!!Share your best lap with your friends, challenge them and ...

app Maze Trap logo

Maze Trap


In Maze Trap you are a blue ball (the hero) inside a maze and your goal is to trap the enemies,the black balls (aka monsters), so they have nowhere to move, i.e. no empty spaces to move to.To achieve ...

app Nushi Fishing (ja) logo

Nushi Fishing (ja)


Nushi is the greatest river monster. You can do fishing in the fishing spot in actual Japan, and can fish the fish which can actually be fished. Even if you are dark night and you cold in winter, you ...

app MoeMelo Bake-mono-gatari songs logo

MoeMelo Bake-mono-gatari so...


?Moemelo Otoha Bake-mono-gatari's songsShu Story theme song over Mello Moe OP & ED theme words "monster" - pack 6 songsFrom the word "monster" popular anime,"And you ...

app Cardboard Castle logo

Cardboard Castle


Do you lilke knights and card games?Cardboard Castle is a puzzle game in a world made entirely of cardboard!A fearless and valiant knight rides along roads of paper seeking to rescue frightened orphan...

app TICKET APP logo



TICKET APP is a powerful app for your Android which allows you to research, find, and buy tickets to your favorite live event from the palm of your hand. You can search from anywhere at anytime. You...

app 김구라맞고 시즌2 logo

김구라맞고 시즌2


김구라맞고시즌2 최고에요!!김구라맞고시즌2! 다운 받을까 말까 애매~할 때는 그냥 다운 받아서 즐기세요^^무료게임이라는게 신기할정도로 재밌어요~...

app 신봉선맞고 시즌2 logo

신봉선맞고 시즌2


* 만능 엔터테이너 신봉선양의 최강 버라이어티 맞고 게임~ 신봉선맞고시즌2!!!(구글인앱 결제)- 구글 플레이 300만건/T스토어 시리즈 누적 80만건 돌파 ...

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