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Move over Angry Birds... the highly touted Mooniacs...


Mooniacs – Android Game Review

Mooniacs – Android Game Review  Overview Mooniacs is a fun little game from Namco-Bandai where you’ll get to “fling” characters around in order to collect Jujubees. You’ll exchange these Jujubees for parts to fix your ship so you can get back home. It’s similar to Angry Birds as you’ll be flinging your characters around the screen, but it really has a style all it...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 15, 2011

1. Spirit HD We ran a full review of this little gem yesterday, and it's also at the top of this weeks list of best Android apps. Spirit HD is a great new game from developer Marco Mazzoli and publisher Jakyl that let's you become the master of space and time by opening up Worm Holes to destroy your enemies. The controls are unique as there's no bu...

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