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Dan Morrill Dispels Android 3.0 Minimum Processor Requirement Rumor

About four days ago, a rumor surfaced claiming Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb, would require tablets, or any other device for that matter, to have a dual-core processor as a minimum hardware requirement. Now, this information scared Galaxy Tab owners because their device doesn't run on a dual-core processor, making the only possible future...

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Android’s Tech Lead Debunks Android 3.0 Rumors

Well Eldar Murtazin certainly had the tech world abuzz when he reported what he believed to be the minimum spec requirements for Android 3.0. The specs were quite impressive and seemed to alienate the lower range Android devices from ever advancing past Eclair/Froyo (Android 2.1/Android 2.2). The minimum requirements include 1 GHz processor, 51...

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