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app MovieCat – Movie Trivia logo

MovieCat – Movie Triv...


MovieCat is a movie trivia game that stands apart from the rest! Test your trivia knowledge with a variety of text questions, as well as visual puzzles and scenes featuring our kitty cast of MovieCat ...

app The Movie Trivia logo

The Movie Trivia


Are you the kind of person who quotes movies all the time, or the kind who asks, "What's that from?" Either way, take this quiz to see how many movie quotes you can identify.Easy, you say? W...

app Horror Movie Trivia logo

Horror Movie Trivia


Test your Horror movie knowledge! Do you remember what kind of dog Cujo was? Do you know anything about classic horror movies? Do you know more than anybody else playing? Find out!Post to Facebook!...

app Movie Trivia logo

Movie Trivia


The best Trivia game in the market!!! Now with HD graphics!With Movie Trivia you can test your knowledge of movies & actors; the only one with multiplayer support.Challenge your friends in multipl...

app Romance Movie Trivia logo

Romance Movie Trivia


Romance Movie Trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of the biggest romance films of the past few decades. A perfect game for Valentine's Day or for anyone who loves a romantic love story.Question...

app Action Movie Trivia logo

Action Movie Trivia


Action Movie Trivia will test your knowledge of the biggest action movies and movie stars from the past few decades. Movies within the questions include the following: James Bond, Mad Max, Star Wars,...

app Godfather Movie Trivia logo

Godfather Movie Trivia


Godfather Movie Trivia is a movie trivia app for your Android compatible devices. This app is designed to quiz your knowledge of The Godfather movies, Part I & II. The game is made up of 80 questi...

app 1960s Movie Trivia logo

1960s Movie Trivia


1960s Movie Trivia will test your knowledge of the classic movies of the 1960s: Easy Rider, The Great Escape, The Birds, The Manchurian Candidate, In The Heat Of The Night, and more. Featured actors i...

app 1970s Movie Trivia logo

1970s Movie Trivia


1970s Movie Trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of the movies, actors, actresses, directors and stories that produced the classic movies of the 1970s. Some of the topics featured include Star W...

app 1990s Movie Trivia logo

1990s Movie Trivia


July 2012 update for a wide variety of devices.This movie trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of popular movies, actors, directors, and awards from the 1990s. Questions are on: Brad Pitt, Sandra...

app 2000s Movie Trivia: Actors logo

2000s Movie Trivia: Actors


Movie trivia quiz game where you will be challenged to match movie titles with two actors/actresses that appeared in each movie. This app is for movies released between 2000 and 2009. Actors include...

app 2000s Movie Trivia logo

2000s Movie Trivia


Movie trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of the movies, actors, directors, music and awards from movies released from 2000 to 2009. Actors include: Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, S...

app Ace Movie Trivia logo

Ace Movie Trivia


Test your movie knowledge with the Ace Movie Trivia App. With 100 questions to some of the most popular movies.-No Ads-100 Trivia Questions...

app 1980s Movie Trivia: Actors logo

1980s Movie Trivia: Actors


This movie trivia game will challenge you to match the lead actors and actresses to more than 300 movies from the 1980s. Actors include Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Robert De...

app Ace Movie Trivia – Demo logo

Ace Movie Trivia – De...


Test your movie knowledge with the Ace Movie Trivia Demo App. With 10 questions to some of the most popular movies.Get the Full Version and get-No Ads-100 Trivia Questions...

app 1990s Movie Trivia: Actors logo

1990s Movie Trivia: Actors


This movie trivia game will challenge you to match actors and actresses with the popular (and not-so-popular) movies from the 1990s. 400 movie titles with the major actors of the 90s: Kevin Coster, M...

app 1980s Movie Trivia logo

1980s Movie Trivia


This 1980s Movie Trivia quiz game will challenge your knowledge of the decade that brought you a variety of 80s greats, including: Caddyshack, The Empire Strikes Back, Back To The Future, The Breakfas...

app 2013 Movie Trivia logo

2013 Movie Trivia


Movie trivia game that will challenge your knowledge of all the major movie releases from 2010 to 2013, including Harry Potter, the Twilight series, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Gam...

app Are You A Movie Maniac? Trivia logo

Are You A Movie Maniac? Tri...


Play “Are You A Movie Maniac” trivia and expand your knowledge about movies, TV and celebrities.Hundreds of fun and challenging questions about movies, TV and celebrities covering decades of enter...

app Disney Movies – Tidbit Trivia logo

Disney Movies – Tidbi...


*** ON SALE NOW, 50% OFF!!! *** Disney Animated Movies - Tidbit Trivia will put your Disney knowledge to the test with more than 400 questions covering all of their full-length animated movies! As a...

app Movie History and Trivia logo

Movie History and Trivia


Test your knowledge of Movie history and trivia. The user can select 10, 25, or 100 questions to answer, and select an easy or standard level of difficulty. Questions are chosen at random from a datab...

app Ultimate Movie Quote Trivia logo

Ultimate Movie Quote Trivia


A movie quote trivia game that includes over 14,000 quotes. There are two single players modes: multiple choice and show/hide. Also included is a hotseat multiplayer mode for up to ten people. High sc...

app 90s Movie Quote Trivia logo

90s Movie Quote Trivia


AD SUPPORTED If there are any bugs or issues, PLEASE contact the developer at before commenting.Version 1.0.3 - 50 questions in the databaseEach game randomly picks 5 questionsIf ...

app Movie Quotes Trivia logo

Movie Quotes Trivia


Movie Quotes Trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of famous quotes and the most memorable lines that were heard in some of the greatest movies of all time. Some of the movies include:The Wizard ...

app The Movie Game Demo – Trivia logo

The Movie Game Demo –...


Quiz Show Style Movie Trivia Game DEMO.Challenge yourself to see if your movie trivia knowledge truly reigns supreme, with real media content from your favourite movies and actors.Enjoy all the movie ...

app Music in Movies Trivia logo

Music in Movies Trivia


This trivia game will quiz your knowledge of music associated with movies. You will be asked about popular songs heard in movies. You will need to know about the rock, pop, and r&b artists and g...

app Guess The Movie – Bollywood logo

Guess The Movie – Bol...


Guess The Movie Bollywood is a free quiz application based on the Hindi Movies. If you are getting bored, this awesome application will create new hungama for you. Play the quiz when you are alone or...

app Movie Character Quiz logo

Movie Character Quiz


The Movie Character QuizSo, you recognise all those characters but can you remember their names? Can you recall Rocky's surname? What about the first name of Mr McFly? This quiz is full of fun, and...

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