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app LabMSF Antivirus beta logo

LabMSF Antivirus beta


LabMSF Antivirus is a Mobile antivirus software with built-in scanner, viruses database with updating mechanisms and comfortable easy to use user interface. LabMSF AntiVirus protects mobile devices fr...

app LabMSF Security Platform logo

LabMSF Security Platform


Test application with huge development possibilities, merged with CRM system and application platform....

app SMSforward – Full version logo

SMSforward – Full ver...


Forward SMS messages to another phone.Forward all messages or just from a single number. You can also set a trigger text so that only messages containing the text will be forwarded. Incoming texts are...

app SMSFestival logo



Here we are: Back to Saalburg Beach! ...

app Text App logo Text App


Send text messages quickly and easily with the App it is no problem and extremely cheap. All you need is a free account on And for the bargain hunters: Each month ...

app SMSFilter logo



Lightweight applicaiton intended to block unwanted sms. Developed mostly to filter spam messages from different stores like METRO, COMFY, etc which have fixed 'from' fieldNo ads, free. Application dev...

app MmsFilter logo



MmsFilter can filter mms which you do not want to receive.Block a person's mms simply by hit "menu"-->add number to deny list.Feel free to email me if any questions.tag: mms filter, mmsbl...

app SmsForFree Lite logo

SmsForFree Lite


Send SMS text messages worldwide using online SMS gateways, with free o very low cost.Instead of sending SMS with your cellular operator, use one of the online gateway, that generally apply lower pric...

app Andro SMSFilter logo

Andro SMSFilter


With Andro SMSFilter, you can sort out incoming messages as Junk or otherwise, based on filters you have setup. Easily manage different notifications for junk and normal messages....

app SmsFu SMS spam filter logo

SmsFu SMS spam filter


SmsFu stops junk or spam SMS's from irritating you, without you blacklisting them first. How? It silences notifications when the SMS is from a long number (or optionally, not in your phonebook).Featur...

app SmsFixTimes logo



Fixes the timestamps on incoming SMS messages, for phones that have the Rogers SMS timestamp bug. For example, if all of your received SMS messages are two hours in the future, then this will set the...


Google Asks Microsoft to Remove YouTube App from Windows Phone

youtube app Today Microsoft was served a letter from YouTube, a "cease and desist" request, demanding for the immediate removal of the YouTube app from Microsoft's Windows Store and also from all Windows Phone running devices already sold to consumers everywhere. It is not very clear how Microsoft could pull this thing off, maybe with an update of WP, anyway...

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app Electric Drums Free logo

Electric Drums Free


Electric Drums is a fully configurable drum machine programmed with professional quality electric drum sounds.Allows you to build and store your own custom drum machine setups by giving options to sel...

app Akademikerne logo



Akademikerne er Norges største arbeidstakerorganisasjon forlangtidsutdannede. Vi består av 13 medlemsforeninger, som til sammenorganiserer om lag 163 000 medlemmer.Med denne appen kan du beregne lø...

app Dragon Attacks logo

Dragon Attacks


Dragon AttacksThis game is rearistic 3D fantasy action game.Feature*Item level up systemEach item has its own Level. can increase in defeating the item increases the damage Level.*QuestKill t...

app Ragnaroth RPG Premium logo

Ragnaroth RPG Premium


Ragnaroth Free RPG: Addicting action RPG with gambling elements.Otes the right-hand man of King Baromes was send to an unsought land. Some of the best fighters attended him. But only a few survived th...

app Ragnaroth RPG Free logo

Ragnaroth RPG Free


Ragnaroth Free RPG: Addicting action RPG with gambling elements.Otes the right-hand man of King Baromes was send to an unsought land. Some of the best fighters attended him. But only a few survived th...

app SMS FunBook (SMS Collection) logo

SMS FunBook (SMS Collection...


***LARGEST SMS COLLECTION******LARGEST JOKES COLLECTION***Our Jokes collection has categories such as:Adult Jokes, Animal Jokes, Bar Jokes, Blonde Jokes, Computer Jokes, Desi Dirty Jokes, Dirty...

app Be Quick Or Be Dead logo

Be Quick Or Be Dead


Beautiful 2D breathtaking arcade game.Destroy hordes of enemies typing floating words as quickly as possible. Type fast and win! SMSFeatures: - ONLINE WORLD RANKING of fastest players!- Virtual Keyboa...

app Romanian Italian Dictionary logo

Romanian Italian Dictionary


Comprehensive Italian Romanian dictionary- Easy to find synonyms for contextual interpretation- Fully OFFLINE, Simple and quickThesaurus game- match words- view synonymsFlashcard game- High school or ...

app Engineering Calculators logo

Engineering Calculators


This is a collection of useful calculators from Mechanical and Civil Engineering, including a few random GeoPhysics calculators.Special features include the ability to save calculated results, and the...

app E-Plus JobConnect logo

E-Plus JobConnect


Klar, dass Sie beim Telefonieren und Surfen mobil sind! Aber wie sieht’s bei der Jobsuche aus? – Ab sofort ist der E-Plus JobConnect Ihr ganz persönlicher Provider rund um die Arbeitswelt der E-P...

app Traffic Reports logo

Traffic Reports


Traffic Reports allows you quick access to traffic reports on Motorways, major 'A' roads and towns across England.Please check list of currently supported roads and motorways below BEFORE purchasing t...

app Horror Soundscapes logo

Horror Soundscapes


An app designed with independent filmmakers in mind, HORROR SOUNDSCAPES is a unique compilation of 10 brilliantly composed horror soundtracks. Not limited to use by filmmakers, any audiophile that app...

app MyCityWay – New Delhi logo

MyCityWay – New Delhi


*** From the makers of NYC Way -- Rated Top 5 iPhone Travel App by FOX News ***Find the best local places, events, things to do, and so much more!Your favourite city in India had waited long enough to...

app Survival Kit logo

Survival Kit


SURVIVAL MANUALShould you be able to survive in emergency situations?Lost who knows where? Without food and water?DO you know the ground rules to survive: what to do and what not to do/ avoid?Can yo...

app SMS From PC logo



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please install the SMS From PC server on your computer before installing this application. Download it from allows you to man...

app SMS From PC – Lite logo

SMS From PC – Lite


This is the lite free version of SMS From PC.IMPORTANT NOTE: Please install the SMS From PC server on your computer before installing this application. Download it from

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