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Intel BayTrail benchmark dominates ARM

Intel processor Intel has been boasting about its mobile processor performance to handset manufactures recently, but it looks like the company wasn’t just blowing smoke when its CEO stated that its technology was superior to Qualcomm’s processors. The first benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming BayTrail processor have appeared online, and the results are quite ast...

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Android Dominates the Global Smart Device Market for Q1 of 2013

android dominates The latest data released by the market researching company  Canalys reveals that Android dominates the world, as it holds a big chunk of the global OS market share for smart devices for the first quarter of 2013. Android is way ahead Apple on the global market, when it comes to smartphones, notebooks and tablets . The sales figures for Android ...

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app Dominate Fears and Fobias logo

Dominate Fears and Fobias


Have you ever encountered a similar experience such as the one below? You and your family went out for an excursion. Everybody was excited to plunge into the cool water except you. You peeked into the...

app Find Phone GPS Coordinates logo

Find Phone GPS Coordinates


Find Phone GPS Coordinates with this cool app. This is a once of a kind app. All you need to do to Find the Phones GPS Coordinates is simply type in the phone number. You can view and track the locati...

app HFR4droid (Donate) logo

HFR4droid (Donate)


A client to browse in an easy and effective way the HFR forum, one of the largest French-speaking forums.This is the donate version, with as many features as the free version. However, some easter egg...

app GeoCoordinate logo



Solution de géolocalisation à destination des professionnels.GeoCoordinate vous permet désormais de recevoir des missions envoyées depuis votre portail de gestion de flotte ! Ce service comprend u...

app CyanogenMod Calculator Donate logo

CyanogenMod Calculator Dona...


This is exactly the same as the free version. Buy this version only as a way of saying thanks.A calculator that tries to include graphing and matrix math without losing its simplicity. Slide left and ...

app Bitcoin Address Tool (Donate) logo

Bitcoin Address Tool (Donat...


The Bitcoin Address Tool is a brain-wallet/SHACode utility for Android. The functionality is equivalent to Casascius' Bitcoin Address Utility and can create WIF and Hex format private keys as well as ...

app Nate Dye logo

Nate Dye


Learn How To Get More Customers And Make More Money In Your Business Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising.This app is THE NUMBER ONE location for business owners who want any of the following:- L...

app How To Eliminate Stress logo

How To Eliminate Stress


How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety In Your Life explains in simple terms how to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life. Learn how to determine whether you suffer from stress or anxiety. Discover...

app Donatello Art Wallpapers logo

Donatello Art Wallpapers


This application contains many of the works of Donatello, Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi carefully cataloged.The main screen provides a quick view of the categories accompanied by an explana...

app Instamap Donate logo

Instamap Donate


This is the Donate and ad-free version of Instamap.Instamap is a fun way to see what is happening around you. It shows you geotagged Instagram photos that were taken around your location or any other ...

app Imaginate logo



Want change? Need a new direction? Or maybe just bored?Imaginate gives you suggestions for things to do and lets you give suggestions to others. Your suggestions are instantly visible to all other use...

app Donate Water logo

Donate Water


All proceeds gathered through the purchase of this app will be donated to charities working to help provide clean & efficient water systems to less accessible areas of the world. Please download a...

app Runner Range Donated logo

Runner Range Donated


This is the same app as the current Rage Runner on the market. This version is Ad free and help support the developer.Enjoy the beautiful scenery is a small island in the sea at sunset, during the exe...

app Vault Gallery Alternate Icon logo

Vault Gallery Alternate Ico...


This release uses an alternate icon graphic. Some customers have asked to use this alternate icon. This release is identical in all other ways to Vault Gallery Pro and is fully supported....

app Neon Firework LWP Donate logo

Neon Firework LWP Donate


Watch colorful firework rise and explode!Perfect for new years eve!Feaures:- Super smooth OpenGL rendered particle based fireworks- Tons of settings: - Backgrounds - Explosion patterns - Firewor...

app GoldShopList Donate logo

GoldShopList Donate


** Donate Version - Try Free Version FirstGoldShopList is a shopping lists application. Never forget what you have to buy while you do your shopping!New : Shake your Phone to remove bought items !!!...

app Orayta Jewish Books – Donate logo

Orayta Jewish Books –...


This is the same as Orayta Jewish Books V7. Pay for this app to donate to the developers, and support this wonderful project. You may also donate other amounts at our website: the basi...

app emChat (Donate) logo

emChat (Donate)


This is the donate version! There is absolutely no difference between this and the free version, except you help support me by donating!Please note: I am not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or...

app NateModz Yellow CM10 Theme logo

NateModz Yellow CM10 Theme


FOR XHDPI DEVICES & Tablets! ie: Galaxy NexusREQUIRES CM9/CM10 THEME CHOOSERNateModz is a full yellow theme with gloss accents. Tons of themed images are included and new ones being added in futu...

app Adonai Bible Plus Donate! logo

Adonai Bible Plus Donate!


The ultimate resource for all things Christian and Bible related!Countless videos from bible teachers like David Pawson, Dr. Chuck Missler, Billy Graham, Derek Prince, and more!Hundreds of common ques...

app My Netflix Q Donate logo

My Netflix Q Donate


A simple app to manage your Netflix queues (donation version).Features:-Ability to manage disc and instant queues-Search for titles-View Netflix recommendations-Browse titles by category-Rate titles-N...

app Falcon for Twitter (Donate) logo

Falcon for Twitter (Donate)


* New : Quick Tweet Notification - Tweet right from your notification bar ! * Falcon Wallpapers Inside ! Enjoy !This is not another version of Falcon, it's simply a way to show your support while gett...

app LLW Donate logo

LLW Donate


This package lets you support Lightning Launcher, a free application launcher for Android. If you like this app and want to help, please consider purchasing this item.This package additionally provide...

app NateModz Green CM10 Theme logo

NateModz Green CM10 Theme


FOR XHDPI DEVICES & TABLETS! ie: Galaxy NexusREQUIRES CM9/CM10 THEME CHOOSERNateModz is a full green theme with gloss accents. Tons of themed images are included and new ones being added in futur...

app Update me donate logo

Update me donate


If you like the app, with this you can make a donation.With this you can remove ads from settings page, and more thinks available in the future :D...

app NateModz Red CM10 Theme logo

NateModz Red CM10 Theme


FOR XHDPI DEVICES & Tablets! ie: Galaxy NexusREQUIRES CM9/CM10 THEME CHOOSERNateModz is a full red theme with gloss accents. Tons of themed images are included and new ones being added in future ...

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