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app Geohazard – Natural Hazards logo

Geohazard – Natural H...


Geohazard provides information on natural hazards recently occurred or expected. Latest information is harvested from data sources of various organisations around the world. So far information is prov...

app Natural Medicines Database logo

Natural Medicines Database


Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database gives trusted unbiased, clinical data on approximately 90,000 herbal products, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic products, Ayurvedic medicin...

app SuperFood – Natural Nutrition logo

SuperFood – Natural N...


SuperFood is a food with high phytonutrient content that may award health benefits as a result. It is a food considered especially nutritious and beneficial to health and well-being. Phytochemicals ar...

app Lose 10 Pounds Naturally logo

Lose 10 Pounds Naturally


If you want to start losing weight, just slightly tweak the habits you already have. Eat, but eat different. Don't sit when you can stand. It's the little things that make up the extra inches around y...

app Natural Colon Cleanse logo

Natural Colon Cleanse


Before delving into what colon cleanse is, is it not wiser to get an idea of what your colon does? That way, you will better understand why getting your colon cleansed is immensely important. In thi...

app Body Building Naturally logo

Body Building Naturally


To a degree, everything you do in your efforts to increase muscle mass is a lifestyle decision. However, in this App, I am not going to refer to the hours that you have to find to be able to train in ...

app Sleep Well – Natural Remedy logo

Sleep Well – Natural ...


Discover How to Get Rid of Your Sleep Problems Naturally … So You Can Start Getting the Deep, Restful Sleep You Need!You’re About to Discover Natural Techniques You Can Use to Fall Asleep Faster, ...

app Natural Herbal Cures logo

Natural Herbal Cures


"Discover the Natural Herbal Cures and Remedies Used to Treat Illness and Disease for Hundreds of Years...STOP Using Unnecessary Drugs and Pills, and Learn the Natural Cures Doctors Never Informe...

app Natural Medicines logo

Natural Medicines


Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies is based upon medical research and draws upon protocols used by many health care professionals. The app provides everything you need to know to treat a range of ail...

app Become a Fitness Trainer logo

Become a Fitness Trainer


Discover The Secrets To Creating Your Own Profitable Business As A Fitness Trainer!Are you a fit and healthy person who would like to earn some extra income or even replace your current job? If so, y...

app KeepFit logo



KeepFit is a rich collection of Facts and Tips that will familiarize you with the Benefits and Use of Nature Cure with Natural Food. The application not only contains facts about the Nutritional value...


Help find Waldo in Gameloft’s Where’s Waldo Now?

Overview Everyone knows Gameloft dropped Gangstar Rio: City of Saints last week, but they also popped out another Android game called Where’s Waldo Now? Almost everyone in the world knows who the red-striped Waldo is, and a hidden object game is a natural fit for the spectacle wearing traveler. Where’s Waldo Now? is a big hidden object game t...

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Coming Soon: Nexus One on Sprint – PC World

ReutersComing Soon: Nexus One on SprintPC World"Sprint customers already have the option of two amazing Android devices with Samsung Moment(TM) and HTC Hero(TM). It is a natural fit for us to add Nexus ...Google Nexus One For Sprint Coming Soon, Carrier SaysChannelWebGoogle Nexus One Coming to SprintPC MagazineSprint Joins Google's Android...

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Quick Review: Inferno's dotdot for Android

Quick Review: Inferno's dotdot for Android Connect the dots is a game we’ve all played, and it’s also a natural fit for touchscreen devices. Inferno’s dotdot puts a dot-popping twist on the old classic, and it’s one of the coolest games we’ve come across this week. Puzzle games come in many forms and dotdot is a game all about dots. Blue dots, black, green dots… you get the pic...

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Bass Professor’s Fishing Paradise 3D hits Google Play

fishing.paradise-androidFishing games are a natural fit for touchscreen devices, and we got a new one a few days ago with Fishing Paradise 3D from Bass Professor. Does the “Bass Professor” truly know his stuff or is Fishing Paradise just another boring fishing game? Fishing Paradise 3D lets you gear up and hit the water to fish in 14 beautiful locations from around t...

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Defeat the Hive Queen in Strikefleet Omega for Android

Overview Space shooters are a natural fit for Android devices and we got a great new one this week with Strikefleet Omega from 6waves. Can you help save the world with your gunships and death blossoms? Well that depends on how good of a commander, and there’s only one way to find that out… Earth has been annihilated by the Hive Queen and ...

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Take out a T-Rex with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD for Android

If you grew up watching Jurassic Park or ever wanted to hunt a Dinosaur, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD from Tatem Games can help you out. This new Android game lets you play the role of a Big Game Hunter, and when we say "Big Game" we mean at as you track down and hunt some of the biggest animals of the prehistoric era... Sometime around the...

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Help find Waldo in Gameloft's Where's Waldo Now?

Overview Everyone knows Gameloft dropped Gangstar Rio: City of Saints last week, but they also popped out another Android game called Where’s Waldo Now? Almost everyone in the world knows who the red-striped Waldo is, and a hidden object game is a natural fit for the spectacle wearing traveler. Where’s Waldo Now? is a big hidden object game t...

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Mobage releases Card Battling game Rage of Bahamut for Android

Overview Card battling games are a natural fit for touchscreen devices, and there are quite a few out there for the Android platform. Well, you can now add another title to that list as Mobage has just released a new Card Battling game called Rage of Bahamut. If you’ve never played a card battling game before you basically collect cards and...

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Android Apps and Sites: Different Strokes for Different Folks

android apps"This is how I feel right now..." (CC BY 2.0) by jnyemb In the mobile arena, the battle between apps and sites is one that seems as if it will never end. On one side of the divide, some developers believe the best way to exploit the features mobile devices is to have a native app. While on the other side of the argument, some contend that the f...

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Motorola Moto X Finally Here, Made In The USA

motorola moto x   Born in the USA I was, screams Motorola Moto X. Finally, the love child of Google and Motorola was officially launched. This is the first smartphone built by Motorola under close supervision by Google, since the two companies merged. Actually, Google bought Motorola but "merged" sounds more like a love story. Anyway, the Motorola M...

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app Piranha In Your Phone LWP logo

Piranha In Your Phone LWP


Are you ready to install the best quality high resolution Piranha live wallpaper application on Google Play?Dont take our word for it, watch the cool video on the PiranhaA Piranha wallpaper that is fi...

app Coconut Oil miracle logo

Coconut Oil miracle


Coconut oil is natures miracle. The coconut tree is one of the most versatile plants in existence. Whilst we are all familiar with the coconut as a food source not many of us know the myriad of other ...


Google Glass FAQ page leaves the most important question unanswered

Google-Glass-logo.jpg&q=90&w=640&zc=1 Admit it: whether you want them or not, you’re curious about Google Glass. What do they do, really? Are they heavy? Is Google concerned about privacy? It’s such a radical shift in technology, we’re naturally curious. Google is cautious to implement Glass, so those who have actually worn a pair are a rare breed. Even though I had them for a n...

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app Андрей Платонов — Чевенгур logo

Андрей Платоно...


Андрей ПлатоновЧевенгурЕсть ветхие опушки у старых провинциальных городов. Туда люди приходят жить прямо из...


The Best New Android Apps of the Week – April 21, 2013

Best new Android Apps April 2013 Whether you’re looking for Android apps to make you laugh, take notes or keep your phone safe, this week’s edition of the Best New Android Apps of the Week has a little something for everyone. 1. One Today There are plenty of nonprofit’s out there to choose from if you want to make a donation towards a project, and a few days ago Goo...

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app Golf – Guide To The Golf Swing logo

Golf – Guide To The G...


GUIDE TO THE GOLF SWING This is a collection of 144 easy to follow video lessons on the golf swing. Learn all you need to know about how to build a good golf swing, starting right at the beginning wit...

app Beauty Tips Makeup n Hair Care logo

Beauty Tips Makeup n Hair C...


This app has over 100 videos about beauty care, body care, hair care and weight loss. The videos have been carefully hand-picked by us. The videos include:3D Silver Glitter Lips Tips Trick & Tutor...

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