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Modest quarter for HTC: profits increased, but failed to meet analysts’ forecast

HTC CEO Peter Chou (4) Credit: HTC Today HTC announced its revenue and profit for the second quarter of 2013, pouring cold water over some market watchers’ hopes for a turnaround. Despite very good performance in May, the overall results in the quarter were dragged down by poor results in April, the month when the One was originally scheduled to launch, and June, whe...

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app HyperVocal – Internet Sherpas logo

HyperVocal – Internet...


WHAT WE ARELaunched in October 2010, HyperVocal provides engaged Millennials of the so-called Facebook Generation with a comprehensive look at the complete, hyper-frenetic news cycle. We’re purveyor...

app CompTIA Network+ Exam Prep logo

CompTIA Network+ Exam Prep


Upward Mobility’s CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Practice Exam for Android is the app to help you achieve this valuable IT certification. With 291 detailed questions and answers, it’s perfect for the on...

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Internet Marketing Magazine


Internet Marketing Magazine provides the latest Internet Marketing articles, trends and advice for fast tracking your Internet Marketing Success. The leading edge content comes from a panel of fullti...

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Membership Site Profits


The Internet is a wonderful medium that can provide you global reach in the most efficient and economic manner. It has been used to promote communication and interaction between people, companies, and...

app CompTIA Network+ Flashcards logo

CompTIA Network+ Flashcards


This app is the ideal on-the-go study aid for the busy networking professional!Designed for Android, our flash cards will give you the vocabulary you need to succeed at the CompTIA Network+ certificat...


Apple earnings: iPhone growth magnifies global smartphone potential – ZDNet (blog)

Hurriyet Daily NewsApple earnings: iPhone growth magnifies global smartphone potentialZDNet (blog)But Apple isn't far behind, jumping more than 7 percent in the same period, and Google is also making some strong gains with Android, up about 3.5 percent ...Apple blow-out: Profits up 89.5%Fortune10 Threats to Apple's Core BusinesseseWeekiPhon...

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Google's Android Operating System Makes Profits – TopNews United States

Sydney Morning HeraldGoogle's Android Operating System Makes ProfitsTopNews United StatesVerizon supported the Android 2.0 gadget with a $1 million marketing promotion, which helped the company make hundreds and thousands of sales of Droids at ...Verizon Droid Gets Android 2. ...PC MagazineGoogle Android Leads Leap in Smartphone Use, comScore S...

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Android phone app developer racks up huge profits – Top 10 Mobile Phones

IntoMobile (blog)Android phone app developer racks up huge profitsTop 10 Mobile PhonesIt looks as though there is money to be made from the Android Market after all, with the news that an independent app designer is claiming that his ...Could an Android app make you rich?Christian Science MonitorThere's Hope Out there for Android App Developers...

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SmartPhones Outsell Feature Phones for the First Time in History, Thanks to Android

android According to the latest data released by Gartner in Q2 of 2013, we are living historical times : for the first time ever, smartphones outsold "dumb phones", courtesy of Android Mobile. What can I say, achievement unlocked for Android, what's next? World Peace, obviously. Let's get serious and take a look at the graph: The worldwide sales ...

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app Red Cross Clock Widget logo

Red Cross Clock Widget


The only Red Cross/Crescent Clock Widget!We are DONATING 90% of our net profits to the Red Cross/Crescent!Get this slim looking clock widget and make a statement that you support the Red Cross/Crescen...

app Project JOMO Payperweight logo

Project JOMO Payperweight


100% of net profits from the sale of this app go to Project JOMO's FREE Installation Program. Visit for more info.Have you ever been so frustrated with your smartphone that you ref...


Clashot for Android, Take Pics and Get Paid!

Clashot for Android, Take Pics and Get Paid! If you're an Android user and your smartphone has a pretty good camera, just take a look at Clashot for Android, the app that gives you a chance to make money while taking pictures with your droid. You must be aware of the fact that tens of millions of  people are using Facebook, Instagram and Google+ everyday, to share their favorite snaps...

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Watch out Samsung, Motorola can spend half a billion to market the Moto X

dennis woodside motorola ceo Ricardo Bilton/VentureBeat To be successful in the smartphone business, it’s not enough to make the best hardware or the prettiest looking device. Marketing is just as important, and, some say, the biggest factor that decides the ultimate fate of a product. The living proofs are Samsung and Apple, the two behemoths of the smartphone industry and...

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AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, July 7, 2013

aa weekly July 7 This week, we’ve learned more details about the upcoming LG G2, Motorola teased the Moto X, the Galaxy S4 reached a sales milestone, HTC broke the hearts of One S users, and we got some interesting news about the Android 4.3. LG G2: tantalizing rumors LG is expected to stage a soft launch of its new flagship in mid-July, followed three weeks lat...

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Best unlocked Android phones, June 2013

android launchers smartphones In America, you mostly buy phones from a carrier at a discounted price in exchange for a monthly bill, which usually comes out at about $70 a month or even more if you want extra features or added data on the plan. What many Americans don’t realize however, is that most of the world elsewhere buys phones at a full outright cost and then pays...

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Viber wants to hijack incoming IDD calls as “terminator” to reduce call costs

String Telephone Viber is a cross-platform messaging and VoIP app, and its latest iteration extends calls, IM and even video conferencing to desktop users. At approximately 200 million, its user base is particularly impressive, even compared to the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE. But how does Viber earn profits from this popularity? Is it ...

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HTC overtakes Samsung in smartphone sales in Japan

HTC One X Logo aa 3 1600HTC surpassed Samsung for fifth place in the Japanese smartphone market during the first quarter of this year, according to market research firm IDC Japan on Wednesday.IDC’s report found that HTC managed to secure a 6.6 percent share of the Japanese smartphone market in Q1 2013. But rather than the popular HTC One, it appears that the J Butterfly...

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AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, June 9, 2013

aa-weeklyIn the AA Weekly, we recap the most significant events that happened over the past seven days in the world of Android. We look at new devices, major news, leaks, and everything else you should know to stay on top of your favorite operating system.Asus goes tablet crazy at ComputexThe Computex trade show took place in Taiwan last week, the perfect o...

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Will Motorola’s new low pricing strategy worry companies like Samsung?

woodsideDennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola Mobility since its acquisition by Google last year, has declared war on high priced smartphones during the All Things D conference. While speaking on stage with Walt Mossberg, Woodside said that because Motorola is a more nimble company (than say giants like Samsung) it doesn’t need to worry about makin...

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app Business4Better 2013 logo

Business4Better 2013


This is the official app for Business4Better 2013. A whole new way of doing business is emerging and now is the time to for businesses to rethink social responsibility programs and take action through...

app Akon widgets logo

Akon widgets


Customize you home screen with Akon Widget.About AkonAkon increased his exposure further by collaborating with overseas artists, including New Zealand's rapper Savage ("Moonshine" from album...

app Make money Blogging logo

Make money Blogging


From the moment you begin researching ways to make money online, you hear WRITING, WRITING, and MORE WRITING, over and over again. There’s a reason for that and we’re going to discuss how the writ...

app One Direction widgets logo

One Direction widgets


Customize you home screen with One Direction Widget.About One DirectionOne Direction attended the 2012 Brit Awards at which "What Makes You Beautiful" won the BRIT Award for Best British Sin...

app Carscope logo



OB-LINK extracts vehicle data from the On Board Diagnostics port (OBD) and sends it via Bluetooth to an Android device (Tablet/Smartphone, etc.). Carscope is an application only for those customers wh...

app Lotto – Bin ich schon reich? logo

Lotto – Bin ich schon...



app Family Control Lite logo

Family Control Lite


Hacker Fathers and 007 Mothers , there are those who say it in a low voice, some proudly proclames it himself, some a little ashamed of it, but almost everyone interviewed responds: "We do it for...

app myHelp for SAP Professionals logo

myHelp for SAP Professional...


An app tailored to search wanted to quickly search whilst in a meeting, or in transit? Don't have a laptop or PC nearby? This app provides an easy way to lookup

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