Photos of the White Nexus 4 leaked

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There was a leak about the possibility of a White Nexus 4 yesterday, but it seemed too good to be true. The image was of high quality and we reckoned it to be the real deal, but as it was [...]

Nexus 7 Plus LWP (Jellybean)


Nexus 7 Plus LWP is ON SALE (50%) right now! Customizable Live wallpaper based on the latest JellyBean (4.1)theme.* Elegant subtle animations (Just spend 5 seconds look at the background! Trust [...]

Google Is Almost Done Selling The Nexus One

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It would be an overstatement to say the Nexus One is one of the best selling Android devices on the market today. However, it served a purpose for Google and did, in a sense, ignite Android [...]

Sprint on Nexus One: No thanks – TG Daily

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QuickPWN (blog)Sprint on Nexus One: No thanksTG DailyThe Nexus One is supposed to be the ultimate phone that uses Google's Android platform to its fullest extent. That's because it's [...]

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