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Race through the Quirky worlds of Nom Nom in Appleland for Android

The title of a game can tell you a lot; sometimes its dead on while other times its way off the mark. When I noticed a new little Android game called Nom Nom in Appleland, I immediately thought “kids game”, but was totally off as Nom Nom is an interesting little game that anyone can enjoy. Nom Nom is Appleland is a runner game that has yo...

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app Nom Nom Cheeseburger BETA logo

Nom Nom Cheeseburger BETA


Fly the cat, make it fat, don't go splat!Feed the kitty in this new game by Jimmy Ray Studios, try to get as big as you can without blowing yourself up. Fly the cat around the screen using the phone's...


New Forex Trading App Puts Macroeconomics First

New Forex Trading App Puts Macroeconomics First The foreign exchange (forex) markets have been of great importance ever since the 19th century, when currencies were pegged to the price of gold. However, given recent events in the US, Europe and China, the forex markets are under intense scrutiny, something that many traders have been able to use to their benefit, not least through apps.  ...

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Mobile Casinos- The Latest Phenomena for Casino Fanatics

Mobile Casinos- The Latest Phenomena for Casino Fanatics Mobile casino or gaming is very similar to normal gambling, with the only exception of you participating in a game virtually and with the help of your smart phone. All you need to do to participate in mobile gambling games is a wireless internet connection and a device to access it with. This specific stream of gambling has especially come to be re...

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app Noções de Astronomia logo

Noções de Ast...


Este é um jogo referente ao material de 6º ano, volume 1 de Ciências do J. Piaget - Sistema de Ensino Multimídia.A Terra está na mira de uma chuva de meteoros e somente...

app Progressive Metronome logo

Progressive Metronome


Progressive Metronome is an audio-visive metronome which plays pattern/bar sequences with different time signature and BPM; it is also ideal to use when exercising with guitar or other instruments.Fea...

app Autonomous Mode Switcher (AMS) logo

Autonomous Mode Switcher (A...


??????Autonomous Mode Switcher (AMS) ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????PC?????????????????????????????????????????????????1??????????????????????????????????????...

app Polynomial Equation Solver logo

Polynomial Equation Solver


Easy to use tool/solver to find the roots of polynomial equation upto 100th degree. The app gives allthe roots (complex and real) of a given polynomial with high degree of accuracy in a very quick tim...

app logo


De leukste site door en voor vrouwen. Geniet van inspirerende verhalen, lekkere recepten, handige tips en ontdek nieuwe producten...

app Oscar’s Nominee Preparation logo

Oscar’s Nominee Prepa...


Of all the glamorous events every movie star has to attend during the year, the most important is, without a doubt, the night of the Academy Awards ceremony. Ever wondered what it...

app Excel HSC Economics QS logo

Excel HSC Economics QS


Excel HSC Economics Quick Study is the perfect tool for studying and revising on the go! This app is designed specifically for the HSC Economics course. There are two parts to the app: 1. HSC study ca...

app Holo Metronome Pro logo

Holo Metronome Pro


You don't like ads, but still want to support me ? Then use this adfree version of Holo Metronome!Holo Metronome for Android has everything a musician needs when it comes to a metronome. No matter if ...

app Drummer’s Metronome logo

Drummer’s Metronome


Drummer's Metronome is the perfect click track for practicing sessions or live gigs. Easy to set up and plainly audible in your headphones. There are a number of good click sounds, but you can load cu...


Keep a Gnome in your Pocket with Gnomochi for Android

I’ve seen some strange Android Apps in my time covering the world of Android, and Gnomochi has to be somewhere near the top of my list. If you love the little forest folk you’ll be in Gnome heaven and if you find them a bit unsettling like I do you can still have some fun with the app. Gnomochi is a virtual pet app that lets you take care of...

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app Gnomochi logo



Gnomochi is the guardian of the forest and a virtual pet. Make him to work in the mine to get gold and bring the life to the forest. You will have to feed him, clean him, have fun with him and a lot o...


11 Bit Studios releases Anomaly Korea for Android

If want a quality Android game, 11 bit Studios is a name to pay attention to. Their latest game Anomaly Korea has just arrived on Google Play and after only spending a few minutes with the game it’s pretty safe to say it’s one of their best releases yet. Aliens… they’re such a pain, and they’re back again with their sights set on Korea t...

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app Trinomial Factoring Free logo

Trinomial Factoring Free


Factors any trinomial equation and will display error if not factorable. Displays solutions of x regardless of being factorable, unless they contain imaginary(non-real) numbers.Example:input = 4x^2-4x...

app Time Economy logo

Time Economy


Time Economy is the first in a new series of Economy games based on buying and selling buildings and resources by doing this well you could easily become the first Time Economy millionaires and create...

app Mananom HD logo

Mananom HD


Grab a buddy, choose your Drakip and gobble as much mana as possible before night falls.Don't have a buddy nearby? Play against your cat! Your dog? Play against yourself in real-time! Just grab all th...

app The Astronomy Of The Bible – I logo

The Astronomy Of The Bible ...


The Astronomy Of The Bible - Book I - The Heavenly Bodies:Why should an astronomer write a commentary on the Bible? Because commentators as a rule are not astronomers, and therefore either pass over t...

app Astronomy Glossary logo

Astronomy Glossary


This glossary contains most of the terms that deal with the study of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the at...

app RenoMobil logo



RenoMobil er en applikation til vognmanden, der gør det nemt at dokumentere problemer i forhold til renovation. Applikationen kan udelukkende bruges af renovatører, og kan kun bruges i d...

app Gjennomsnittsfart logo



En enkel liten applikasjon som viser deg gjennomsnittsfarten din målt fra A til B.Eneste du trenger å huske er hvor langt og hvor lenge du har kjørt.Har du en viss anelse om hvor la...

app GeoID: SmartPhone Inclinometer logo

GeoID: SmartPhone Inclinome...


GeoID is smart phone inclinometer(clinometer),generally used for geological surveys, which can measure dip and dip direction of the slope with accelerometer and magnetometer. You can measure these wit...

app Ekonomalia 2012 ConferenceApp logo

Ekonomalia 2012 ConferenceA...


DescriptionTwój kieszonkowy rozk?ad imprez w ramach Ekonomaliów 2012!B?d? ca?y czas na bie??co z tym co dzieje si? na kampusie Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wroc?awiu podczas najwi?kszej...

app Lavoro, impresa ed economia logo

Lavoro, impresa ed economia


Impresa Lavoro è un'applicazione dedicata all'approfondimento e consulenza per imprese e lavoratori. Al suo interno troverete notizie importanti per il vostro lavoro e per la vostra impresa. Co...

app Oh! My Metronome logo

Oh! My Metronome


A simple metronome made for fast and easy metronoming.Features:* Setting tempo by tapping the screen - No longer need to guess your tempo!* Enabling or disabling sound - No one else needs to know you ...

app Metronome Beats Pro logo

Metronome Beats Pro


A valuable tool for keeping time with a new Tablet layout. Useful for music practice as well as exercise, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities. On smaller devices set the number o...

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