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app Sailing Flashcards logo

Sailing Flashcards



app Steampunk Battery Meter logo

Steampunk Battery Meter


Nothing fancy - I just don't like small pictures of batteries. It's a widget, so it must be placed on your desktop after installation. The widget's "level" increases or decreases along wit...

app Silly Mouth for Fun logo

Silly Mouth for Fun


Friendly Warning: NOT WORKING for all the devices!!!This is a very simple app, nothing fancy, might be considered useless by many, and not surprisingly, we agree with that statement! On the other side...

app Study Cards logo

Study Cards


Study Cards is an application that enables you to create and study flashcards right on your phone, freeingyou from mountains of disorganized paper. Study Cards is simple and straight forward, nothing ...

app My Tablet Keyboard logo

My Tablet Keyboard


This keyboard is designed to have as similar layout to a PC keyboard as possible. See the screenshots. For those people who know where the keys are on a PC keyboard and don't like the layouts that com...

app SimpleDeck logo



A simple card deck app that opens cards randomly. Nothing fancy.Developed for "Card push-up"....

app Palm Guitar logo

Palm Guitar


Palm Guitar is a simple and easy to use Guitar application. nothing fancy, no overdrive effects or anything like that, but if I have time I will update frequently and make this app much much better. P...

app Live Time Fishing Reports -GPS logo

Live Time Fishing Reports -...


Not a game. A simple fishing report app. 5,200 free version downloaded in promo. Visit to learn more before you buy. Focus is on simplicity, nothing fancy here!(but it is innovat...

app Toronto Path Map logo

Toronto Path Map


Tired of getting lost in Toronto's underground shopping network? Use this handy map to get from point A to point B. Note that this is just a map, nothing fancy!...

app Choose Browser logo

Choose Browser


--------------------------MY NEW APP Unlock with WiFi unlocks your device when you're connected to your home WiFi! ---------------...

app Android Music Player logo

Android Music Player


This is a build of the 2.3 (Gingerbread) music app that supports Android 1.6 and higher.Nothing fancy here, just providing everyone the option to use the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) developed m...

app ExitCarMode logo



Nothing fancy - just exits the car mode so that the screen will turn of while the phone is in the car dock.This app has no UI - it's meant to be automatically called by Tasker....

app Blaine’s Tough Guy logo

Blaine’s Tough Guy


This is my first published app. It's not really meant for anyone other than myself. I'm uploading it to try out the Android Market process.It's a picture of my cat on all the faces of a three-dimensio...

app Rubikon English logo

Rubikon English


Nothing fancy :)Just an old style "Rubic cube" solving game.You can solve it by moving cube's part (rows, cols, sides)Game is 2D (3D like)...

app SprayCan logo



Just a little app to " Break the ice ". Shake it and Spray it :) (Touch the screen). Nothing fancy just a stab at publishing an app.* Using it to check the advertisement capabilities now. [V...


The NSA & Comp Can Remotely Access Your PC Even When Turned Off or Offline

nsa I bet you did not know that, but the NSA and/or any other Government agency can get remote access over your computer, even when turned off. How about that? By remote access I mean that your privacy is zero, even if you're not connected to the internet or you have your hard drive encrypted. It doesn't matter. The Intel Core vPro CPU comes ...

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The Google Glass Prices Should Be Much Lower

Google Glass As you may already know, Google released a developer version of its much praised high tech gizmo, the Google Glass, at a hefty price tag of almost $1500. This sounds like a lot of money, don't you think? It IS a lot of money, but developers are not your regular consumers, for the average Joe, I expect a price tag of up to $350, tops! Let's take ...

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app Bikini Girl Dress Up game logo

Bikini Girl Dress Up game


She is a true romantic, that's for sure, and she's a super stylish teen girl, too, with an amazing, chic summer wardrobe to flaunt there, on the beach, during her summer vacation. Play the romantic be...


Leap Motion Gesture Controller set to change the Game and your PC

Ever wanted to control your PC without actually touching it? Leap Motion is set to make that a reality and it looks to be one of the more promising motion controlled setups we’ve seen. It’s basically like having a Kinect hooked up to your PC or Mac, and it can track individual finger movements to one-hundredth of a millimeter. At this time it h...

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app Black background / wallpaper logo

Black background / wallpape...


Back2Black - Black Backgrounds & Black WallpaperFinally, the perfect all black background and pure black wallpaper! When they say "Nothing is better," sometimes they really mean it! - Si...

app Real Reboot logo

Real Reboot


** Superuser privilege required (only for rooted device)Just reboot, easy and fast, nothing else.Get rid of long press of power button.No beautiful icon, no fancy widget, no ad.Simple is the best.Actu...


ShadowGun – The Android Game Review

Overview Once of the most highly anticipated Android games in recent memory came out this week in the form of ShadowGun from Madfinger games. Most true gamers knew this game was coming, and if you’ve never heard of the game until now, it’s time to for you to find out what all the hype is about. The the thing about “highly anticipated” ...

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ShadowGun – The Android Game Review

ShadowGun – The Android Game Review Overview Once of the most highly anticipated Android games in recent memory came out this week in the form of ShadowGun from Madfinger games. Most true gamers knew this game was coming, and if you’ve never heard of the game until now, it’s time to for you to find out what all the hype is about. The the thing about “highly anticipated” ...

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app Goal Setting Guide logo

Goal Setting Guide


What's your purpose in life? If you don't have a ready answer, don't be surprised. Even the greatest of the philosophers who had ever lived succeeded only in making this question more profound. Why? B...

app Zoum Tasks logo

Zoum Tasks


Do you have a million things to do and don't know how to manage your time? Are your to-do list hanging around everywhere and you end up doing nothing because you can't seem to be in control of the loa...

app Old Christmas logo

Old Christmas


There is nothing in England that exercises a more delightful spell over my imagination than the lingerings of the holiday customs and rural games of former times. They recall the pictures my fancy use...

app Virtual Cards FREE logo

Virtual Cards FREE


A simple card randomizer. No fancy graphics, no fancy animations, just a deck of cards.*** NOTE: This is not a game by itself. It can be used for games that require you drawing a card at random (drink...

app Foodcaching logo



***** Live In Seattle ******Great Deals, Better Food, More Fun! Would you like to save money, eat better food and have more fun eating out with your friends? Download our FREE social shopping app a...

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