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ZOMG, Win95 on my Android is AWESOME!

When you're a hacker, you often get nostalgic about the old days. Going back to the beginning of the Internet you've got BBS and Usenet groups. Then there are the old game systems like Atari and Amiga. Moving forward you have the introduction of many new operating systems such as Windows 3.1 and then of course the ground breaking Windows 95. These ...

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Does an Android Tablet Stack Up Better than a Handheld Console for Casual Gaming?

gaming-console-254691_1280If you are someone who likes to game on the go, then you may have considered the possibilities of owning a touch screen Android tablet versus a specifically designed handheld gaming machine like the Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita. Both are a lot of fun and can make things like your daily commute or any other boring downtime fly by in a blitz of addict...

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Facebook is Makes a Move Towards Deeper Android Integration

facebookFacebook is a brand name that we all know and in some ways has become part of our lives whether we use the service or not. The social networking entity is making a move to become an even bigger part of our lives by pressing to integrate itself directly into our Android OS. This is a huge move by Facebook because it essentially will embed itself wi...

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app Astonsoft Password Manager logo

Astonsoft Password Manager


This is obsolete version. New version is named RealPass, please find it in Android Market.Keeps all your passwords in one place, safely encrypted.Passkeeper allows:- quick copying of passwords into ot...

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myLock utilities


Use the myLock to enable quick unlock, incoming call options, and in-call touchscreen lock. *Quick unlock--- automatically bypasses the unlock slider when you turn on the screen. Customizable for phon...