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app Omnialex 4Codici FREE logo

Omnialex 4Codici FREE


Omnialex 4Codici permette di consultare i 4 Codici della Legislazione Italiana:- Codice Civile - Codice Penale - Codice di Procedura Civile- Codice di Procedura Penalecon estrema semplicità e rapidit...


Death by Doodle in Doodle Army Boot Camp from Appsomniacs

Everyone loves a good Doodle Game and last week we got a great one with Doodle Army Boot Camp from Appsomniacs. If you like your fun served up with a nice side of carnage keep reading as Doodle Army Boot Camp is the bloodiest little doodler you’re likely to play. When you first fire up Doodle Army Boot Camp you’ll get a brief tutorial from Sar...

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app Insomnia logo



As an Android developer, I need frequently examine how some application behaves through extended period of time. In such case I need a smart and rapid switch, to lock device in sleepless mode. Since I...

app The Solution for Insomnia.wind logo

The Solution for Insomnia.w...


To prevent mental fatgue, get enough sleep. it's a major problem. We're a sleep-deprived society. if you find that you wakeup tired, you're not gettinf enough sleep. Now! Try to listen to natural win...

app Insomnia – Keep Awake logo

Insomnia – Keep Awake


NOTE: We are currently working on updating the functionality to work correctly under Android 4.2 - currently the sleep activation does not function correctly on some newer devices.Insomnia keeps your ...

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The Worlds Most Absurd Comic Book Podcast!...

app Insomnia Guide logo

Insomnia Guide


In our app you will learn about the following:What is Insomnia?Why you should Never Ignore InsomniaAlcohol and InsomniaAltitude InsomniaAnxiety Causes InsomniaCaffeine and InsomniaChildren and Insomni...

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app The Natural Cures For Insomnia logo

The Natural Cures For Insom...


Sleeping Problems? Prepare in Advance for Deep SleepMany of us are unable to sleep at night because we do not prepare ourselves properly in order to get the sleep that we need. All of us live busy li...

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OmniaResor erbjuder dig reseapplikationen gratis. Fördelarna med att ladda ner applikationen är många:...

app Overcoming Insomnia logo

Overcoming Insomnia


If You’ve Been Plagued With Chronic Insomnia, It’s Time To Rest Easy. You CAN Get A Restful Night’s Sleep Again!Have you had trouble sleeping lately? Is it very difficult for you to get to sle...

app Insomnia. Kids of all ages logo

Insomnia. Kids of all ages


Majority of kids above 1 year are sleeping all night long without waking up or insomnia. Depending on age and individual needs of kid sleeping duration varies from 9 to 12 hours. Deficiency in sleepin...

app Insomnia Battle logo

Insomnia Battle


Discover How to Win the Insomnia Battle and Learn the Secrets of Falling Asleep From Lights Out 'Til Sunrise Without Staring At The Ceiling For Hours - Leaving You Feeling Fresh And Ready To Face A Ne...

app Insomnia or Sleep Disorder logo

Insomnia or Sleep Disorder


We all suffer from some loss of sleep. However, it is usually just one or two nights and only happens on occasion. When loss of sleep becomes the norm you should pay attention. This is genuine insom...

app InsomniaTracker Pro logo

InsomniaTracker Pro


Simple means to track symptoms and triggers related to insomnia and other sleep disorders. Pro version now provides export/email of data to prep for doctor visits. Please email suggestions on how to m...

app Phone Insomnia logo

Phone Insomnia


Phone Insomnia turns the screen off while preventing phone system from entering idle (suspend) mode and keeps the WIFI connection alive.Please use with caution as it will impact your battery usage.Thi...

app Deep Sleep Ringtone logo

Deep Sleep Ringtone


Relax and sleep sounds and ringtones!Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep for Android is an amazing health app, allowing you to cure insomnia and increase your quality of sleep.Want to relax for 10 minutes d...

app Cẩm Nang Y Khoa Hàng Ngày(Hay) logo

Cẩm Nang Y Khoa Hàng Ng...


Cẩm nang mẹo vặt y khoa thực dụngCẩm nang mẹo vặt y khoa thực dụng được đúc kết từ những tài liệu y khoa mới nhất, ghi lại kinh nghiệm chẩn trị của hơ...

app Spyro 3 Wallpapers logo

Spyro 3 Wallpapers


Spyro 3 Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationSpyro 3 is a platform game, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation video game console. The game was relea...

app River Sounds Nature To Sleep logo

River Sounds Nature To Slee...


Try "River Sounds" application for relaxation and meditation. You will fall asleep faster and sleep better. Get rid of insomnia. Nature sounds in your smartphone. Best relaxation and sleep m...


Game Review: Ndemic Studios Plague Inc for Android

Game Review: Ndemic Studios Plague Inc for Android We've been hit with a few Infection games lately, and Plague Inc. is the latest game to let you dominate the world with a virus of sorts. It infected me with a healthy dose of fun last week, and as promised I'm back with a full review of Ndemic Creations Plague Inc. Plague Inc is a game that's all about getting people sick, and to do that you'l...

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app SelfHeal51 logo



Whether you're suffering from a common cold, have a hard time sleeping, or even would like to learn more about how to use holistic methods to manage a significant disease like diabetes, Yogi Cameron's...

app EVP Voices Digital Deluxe logo

EVP Voices Digital Deluxe


Application for recording EVP (entries metafoniche), with the addition of scanning through EMF sensors. The application uses your phone's sensors to capture substantial differences in the environment....

app Soine Kareshi -Aries- logo

Soine Kareshi -Aries-


Big hit love game for female audience, "Starry?Sky" is now on Android!=====================================? Prescription for your insomnia ?Soine Kareshi -Sleepy Boyfriend- Starry?Sky -Arie...

app Soine Kareshi -Aquarius- logo

Soine Kareshi -Aquarius-


Big hit love game for female audience, "Starry?Sky" is now on Android!=====================================? Prescription for your insomnia ?Soine Kareshi -Sleepy Boyfriend- Starry?Sky -Aqua...

app Soine Kareshi -Capricorn- logo

Soine Kareshi -Capricorn-


Big hit love game for female audience, "Starry☆Sky" is now on Android!=====================================☆ Prescription for your insomnia ☆Soine Kareshi -Sleepy Boyfriend- Starry☆S...

app Living Acupressure (massage) logo

Living Acupressure (massage...


Living acupressure (massage)-What is Finger Pressure?Finger pressure is an ancient eastern method of healing. Finger pressure aim to stimulate the body to heal itself and potentially promote healing.F...

app Snow Bros logo

Snow Bros


Resurrection of arcade’s masterpiece game!! ★★★ Greece, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile ranked # 1 action game! ★★★ South Korea ranked # 3 overall game! * Note: The ability to jump below...

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