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Nokia Was Working on a Lumia Android Smartphone Before Selling to Microsoft

android If you're an Android fan, this may be shocking to you, but as I already suspected a long time ago, Nokia really intended to launch an Android running smartphone, before selling its mobile business to Microsoft. There were rumors and speculation since 2012 that Nokia is considering an Android device, now we know for a fact that it was a reali...

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NSA Can Tap Into Your Android Smartphone Anytime They Want

nsa A new top secret document leaked by Edward Snowden  in the huge NSA privacy scandal now reveals another astounding fact : if you're a smartphone user, running on Android, iOS or BlackBerry OS, your private data can be tapped by the NSA at any time. The German newspaper Der Spiegel published the document which proves that the National Securi...

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app Piranha In Your Phone LWP logo

Piranha In Your Phone LWP


Are you ready to install the best quality high resolution Piranha live wallpaper application on Google Play?Dont take our word for it, watch the cool video on the PiranhaA Piranha wallpaper that is fi...

app JellyFish 3D in your phone LWP logo

JellyFish 3D in your phone ...


****ALERT****We want to thank you for helping us reach a milestone this week with over 450,000 installs of our most popular Goldfish in your phone Live Wallpaper! Due to the numerous requests to upgra...


The new Motorola X Phone ad: It could mean more than we know

Motorola X Phone Ad The Verge It’s something I’ve long hoped for the Motorola X: complete customization. Even though the rumors leading up to it hinted it was made of unicorn horn and gypsy tears, we’ve since learned it’s just going to be a cell phone. In fact, we’ve been hearing the X Phone could be a pretty middle-of-the-road device. What of Android, tho...

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Solar-charging screen could augment your phone’s battery life

Android-batteryFrom quad-core processors to 1080p displays, today’s mobile devices are very powerful and seem to push innovation into just about every aspect.Unfortunately, one area that seems to be somewhat ignored is battery life. While many of today’s devices can endure a fully day’s use on a single charge, they do so because they have massive batteries...

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Odin Mobile, the first mobile network for the visually impaired

odin mobileOdin Mobile will be the first mobile network with services tailored to the needs of the visually impaired, including dedicated handsets, plans and customer service experience.An MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), Odin Mobile will use the T-Mobile network to provide its services, and the company promises to improve wireless accessibility for th...

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Smart clothes that speak to your mobile devices? No it’s not Sci-Fi, OMsignal makes it possible

omsignal-clothesLadies and gentleman, the era of wearable technology is here, ready or not! While currently in its infancy, wearable technology already exist in various forms from wristbands, to watches or even tattoos. Then of course there is Google’s own highly ambitious Glass headware.So what’s next for wearable tech? Imagine bio-sensing, smart clothes...

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Sony Mobile Munich event apparently set for June 25, is the rumored 6.44-inch Xperia Togari coming?

Sony LogoSony appears to have a media event scheduled for late June in Munich, although it’s not yet known what the company wants to unveil.According to German Android News Blog, Sony Mobile Communication Germany has issued press invites for June 25, but we can only speculate on what the company will unveil.The invitation below asks the readers if they wa...

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HTC ONE sales lead to 2 months of growth and a possible future

htclogo During the 3rd quarter of 2011 HTC was the top selling mobile phone manufacture in the U.S. and had taken 24% of the market even out selling Apple at the time. When the iPhone4 was released HTC basically was shouldered aside and began a steady decline. The reviews are now out and it has been stated by many that the HTC ONE is currently the best sm...

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MetroPCS will merge with T-Mobile

merger It has been confirmed that the shareholders of MetroPCS have agreed to the proposed merger with T-Mobile. MetroPCS’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, has made an impact in the mobile market but has struggled due to sub-par data rates and lack of mainstream smart phones. MetroPCS’s based their marketing on their low rates, contract free signu...

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Cobra Mobile releases iBomber for Android

ibomber.androidThere are a slew of bomber games out there, and a few days back one of the more popular ones made its way to Google Play. iBomber is one in a series of Cobra Mobile Bomber games, and it’s quite a bit of fun if you games that make use of your gyroscope. iBomber is an Arcade style bombing game that puts you in the cockpit of a big bomber flying ov...

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Glu Mobile releases Frontline Commando D-Day for Android Shooters are hit or miss on a Mobile device, so it’s always nice to see a solid new one come along like Glu Mobiles Frontline Commando D-Day. The original Frontline Commando pitted you against the troops of a ruthless dictator, but the follow-up takes a different approach as it drops you on the beach right smack dab in the middle of D-Day. Fro...

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Google and Android Take a Step Toward Realizing the Universal Translator

google.translate-androidImagine being anywhere on the planet and having access and the ability to communicate in any language. The concept of a universal translator was made popular by the original Star Trek television series. Google and Android have taken the first steps to bring this next generation technology into reality by introducing offline translation access to th...

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Another Budget Phone is headed your way in the ZTE Blade C

ZTE is aiming to cater to all of the customers this electronic season. The ZTE Blade C is another Android smartphone which will be economical and yet will run android 4.1 Jelly Bean, this is a really interesting combo, especially in budget phones. ZTE, much like HTC in the past is expanding its portfolio in a positive way. Adding the ZTE Blade C ...

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Glu Mobile's Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy out now on Google Play

First we had Contract Killer, then we got Contract Killer Zombies and last night Glu Mobile released the 3rd game in the series with Contact Killer 2 Shadow Conspiracy. Each of the first two games brought something new to the table, and I’m happy to report that Contact Killer 2 does the same and is easily the best of the bunch. Contract Killer...

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Glu Mobile’s Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy out now on Google Play

First we had Contract Killer, then we got Contract Killer Zombies and last night Glu Mobile released the 3rd game in the series with Contact Killer 2 Shadow Conspiracy. Each of the first two games brought something new to the table, and I’m happy to report that Contact Killer 2 does the same and is easily the best of the bunch. Contract Killer...

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app Secret Mobile Discounts logo

Secret Mobile Discounts


Discover how to SAVE up to 50% on your monthly cell phone bill, in just a few minutes...We GUARANTEE that if you follow these simple steps you will save 25% or more on your monthly cellular bill!These...

app iTerm Calculator for Mobile logo

iTerm Calculator for Mobile


We know how precious your family is to you. Here we are presenting the iTerm Plan, a revolutionary new way of getting yourself adequately insured and providing your loved ones with that comforting fee...

app i-net HelpDesk Mobile logo

i-net HelpDesk Mobile


The i-net HelpDesk is the service management solution for SMEs. Suitable for internal support, an ITIL service desk or ticketing system for the external customer support.This app is specifically desig...

app Jersey Shore Dubstep DJ logo

Jersey Shore Dubstep DJ


??? The #1 Party App of 2012 ??? Calling all party people! Are you ready to become the next big Jersey Shore dubstep DJ? You've just found the fastest and easiest way to make professional quality dubs...

app Dubstep Music Studio logo

Dubstep Music Studio


Do you want to make it wobble like a pro DJ? Do you have the rhythm but don't have the money for over-priced machines? Dubstep Music Studio is the hottest new mobile Dubstep production tool! Check out...

app Infinite Campus Mobile Portal logo

Infinite Campus Mobile Port...


Attention Infinite Campus parents and students – you can now get your Campus Portal data available anytime, anywhere from your iOS or Android devices.Simple NavigationOur mobile app is easy to use. ...


Quinton Rampage Jackson and Medl Mobile bring Rampage Punch to Android

Overview One of the first Android apps I downloaded when I got a smartphone was a punching meter, fast forward 2 years later and I’m downloading Rampage Punch from Medl Mobile. What makes this punching app better than the rest? Rampage Punch has its own star and spokesman known as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson… oh yeah! If you’re unfami...

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app Mobile Darts Pro Trial logo

Mobile Darts Pro Trial


Step up and test your darts playing skills using a fun and challenging finger-swipe throwing motion that measures speed and direction to accurately place your darts on the dartboard. You can play Arou...

app Mobile Accessibility Demo PL logo

Mobile Accessibility Demo P...


To jest w pełni funkcjonalna, 30 dniowa wersja programu Mobile Accessibility.Ta aplikacja została zaprojektowana dla osób niewidomych.Mobile Accessibility to aplikacja, która pozwala osobom niedow...

app Liga Angielska T-Mobile logo

Liga Angielska T-Mobile


Aplikacja dla klientów T-Mobile subskrybujących usługę MobileGOL.Emocje ostatnich trzech kolejek sezonu możesz obejrzeć na swoim telefonie całkowicie bezpłatnie.Pobierz darmową aplikację a n...




Have you ever misplaced your precious Android mobile ? At the restaurant, at the movie theater or even at home ? It is even more frustrating when you find it after 30 minutes of search ? RING MY TELEP...

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