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All credit/debit cards now supported in updated Google Wallet

Google have released an update to their Google Wallet app which will enable more people to be able to use it. Previously, once the free $10 credit had run out, you could only use a Citi Mastercard or prepaid debit card with the application. With the latest Google Wallet update support for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express debit a...

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app First Pay Mobile Wallet logo

First Pay Mobile Wallet


First Pay Mobile Wallet on your Android DeviceEnables consumers/users to make convenient payments wirelessly such as sending money to China, Philippines, Indonesia or the world, bill payments, mobile ...

app eWallet GO! logo

eWallet GO!


Don't take risks with your passwords, account info, card numbers, or IDs. Keep them protected, secure, and easy to access in eWallet GO!®eWallet GO! is a streamlined, simple-to-use secure information...

app Allied Wallet: Mobile Wallet logo

Allied Wallet: Mobile Walle...


Our Business is to Ensure Your Business Succeeds Online.Allied Wallet is among the world's leading providers of online merchant services and funds transfer services, serving customers around the globe...

app Wallet Watch logo

Wallet Watch


Wallet Watch is a complete personal financial management tool. Wallet Watch enables users to enter daily expense data and compare it with the inflow of money. The Balance Sheet provides a comparative ...

app RPK Luggage Online Superstore logo

RPK Luggage Online Supersto...


RPK Luggage Online, Inc. carries brands available for men, women, and kids; Adidas, American Tourister, Eddie Bauer, JanSport, Kathy Van Zeeland, Kenneth Cole, Liz Claiborne, Pierre Cardin, Rick Steve...

app Visa QIWI Wallet logo

Visa QIWI Wallet


Visa QIWI Wallet offers a simple and reliable way to pay for goods and services around the world, receive payments, and transfer money.Visa QIWI Wallet application allows you to*:∙ Pay for goods and...


Why Do People Trust Bitcoin?

bitcoin-495995_1280Bitcoin usage has changed the game while doing business online. The term bitcoin is basically a payment type of system used online and the coins are a form of digital money. Bitcoin itself is similar to the internet. Nobody own or controls it as it's is strictly exchanged peer-to-peer. Bitcoin's system simply runs off or is powered by exclusive sof...

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Take Your Favourite Pokies Mobile with Android

cards-766106_640Can you believe that Google released Android only eight years ago in 2008? Since releasing the Android OS, a ton of new smartphones and tablets have utilized the operating system and more people use the Android OS than the iOS. I’m sure you’re aware of mobile gambling by now. More people are gambling on mobile devices than on computers now a...

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 in stock at some retailers, but it doesn’t come cheap

GALAXY-Mega-6.3-Product-Image-1The Samsung Galaxy Mega family is an oddity. Its members are larger than the Galaxy Note 2, but come without the much revered S-Pen. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 shares the same design ethos as the Galaxy S4, but with a supersized 6.3-inch 720p HD screen.The Mega 6.3’s other specs don’t quite share the same high-end specs as the Note range, comi...

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Battery Issues Beware! Google and Kickstarter Are On The Way

google.batteryWe have all been there. That critical moment when your mobile device is supposed to be your best friend but decides that your earth shattering issues are not as important as its need to rest and recharge. Battery problems are the bane of any mobile device and can cripple you at the most inconvenient time. Help is on the horizon in the form of a new...

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The Sony Xperia Z may make you Poor

The official price for the Sony Xperia Z has surfaced recently today. The price appeared in the Japanese manufacturer’s online site. Heed the warning though, the Sony Xperia Z may not be your cup of tea. The flagship smartphone SIM-free will make your wallet £529 lighter. The online listing does not give anything other than the hefty price awa...

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app Personal Finance – Drebedengi logo

Personal Finance – Dr...


Simple app to track your expenses.Some features: - Track your expenses right away, without Internet connection - Sync with the web service - Family accounts - Take a photo of checks and upload them to...


The PayPal Android App gets an Update and a New Look

I’ve been using PayPal for around 8 years now, and the PayPal Android app is one of the first apps I put on any new Android device I purchase. Well, it looks like the old PayPal app just got a face lift and quite a few new features to boot… If you’re not familiar with what PayPal is, it’s basically an online payment setup that a lot o...

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app UP Mobile logo

UP Mobile


Da oggi puoi lasciare a casa il portafogli: Per effettuare acquisti e pagamenti in mobilità ti basterà avere con te il tuo dispositivo Android.Puoi registrare fino a cinque carte emesse da qualsiasi...

app Магазин сотовой связи logo

Магазин сотово...


Самый крупный интернет-магазин техники в России теперь в твоем смартфоне!Сотмаркет основан в 2005 году. Сегодн...

app 高雄好好稅~行動e稅 e-tax logo

高雄好好稅~行動e稅 ...


最在地的好厝邊,高雄市東區,西區稅捐稽徵處「高雄好好稅-行動e稅,帶領您暢遊雲端。 1.稅務資訊即時收:提供最新的稅務新聞及活動訊息。 2.感心省錢...

app 주머니(ZOOMONEY) logo



업데이트를 위해 마켓에서 다운로드를 실패하는 경우 다른 앱마켓을 선택하시면 정상적인 업데이트가 가능합니다.(예시)올레마켓에서 업데이트 실패...




The Ultimate, Free-to-Play, Online RPG App on Smartphones is finally here on Android!【Notice】■About the Basic Free-to-Play Online RPG・We recommend playing this online RPG with the most recent ...

app VirtualCards logo



VirtualCard is a web app that allows fidelity card administration via your mobile phone. Get rid of the countless cards in your wallet and use our friendly app to manage them!The app allows you to kee...

app Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff logo

Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff


Enjoy Rugby on your phone as the Rugby teams of the world compete this season! Get the free version of the #1 Paid Game in Ireland & New Zealand! #2 Paid App in the UK! Rugby 2011 is here and this...

app モバイルSuica logo




app VideofyMe logo



????? VideofyMe Create and share your videos with your friends and followers and follow your friends and favourites videos. Every day you open up VideofyMe, you'll see new videos from friends and peop...

app U S Computer Discount Shopping logo

U S Computer Discount Shopp...


Search, shop, browse 30,000+ computer products, compare prices, get product detail and spec sheets. Buy PC products, services and support. Plus free products, free services & info. No personal in...

app jVault logo



jVault is an application designed to store sensitive information on the Android smartphone and tablet devices. Passwords, bank account numbers, PINs, insurance cards, and other private data can readil...

app MiiScan logo



MiiScan is a QR-based mobile payment app that lets you quickly purchase products and services in store, online, from TV or print while using an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Scan or enter the MiiScan ...

app CrNote X logo

CrNote X


Now Free! no ads (ever)!Source code (GPLv2) available at version of CrNote (package - secure data and notes app. This version has al...

app Novagalicia Banca m logo

Novagalicia Banca m


Make your usual financial operations without visiting your branch!Download the Novagalicia Banco Mobile Banking application and operate with your accounts, cards, deposits and securities.Besides, you...

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