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app Custom Onslaught logo

Custom Onslaught


Custom Onslaught is a free and fast paced action game for the Android. The enemies keep coming, so you'd better be ready. With customizable player and enemy icons, a player and weapon leveling syste...

app GPS Onslaught FREE logo

GPS Onslaught FREE


This is a GPS-enabled, multiplayer shooter/defense game.Defend your homeland, literally! Hordes of unhappy faces want to kill you. It is your job to destroy them and their lairs. Place defensive and s...

app Attack of the Spooklings FREE logo

Attack of the Spooklings FR...


Arcade Slashing Action!Cut down hordes of Spooklings in a desperate attempt to save your village!Combining a classic arcade experience with satisfying swiping action, Attack of the Spooklings is the u...


T-Mobile teases a new phone, or case, or something that goes underwater.

T-Mobile $30/month planT-Mobile has something up their sleeve. What that is, we don’t know. Well, we sort of know. It has to do with being underwater, at least for a brief period of time. Maybe T-Mobile is taking us swimming?More than likely, they’re getting a new device that can withstand a little underwater filming. While there are plenty of devices that can take a...

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The Top New Andorid Games of the Week – February 11, 2013

This week’s picks for the top new Android games of the week include a stic kman out for vengeance, a western themed shooter, and a building game featuring a popular cartoon family. There were some great games put out last week and we tried to include a little something for everyone. Without further ado we proudly present our picks for the to...

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app Four Days: World Defense logo

Four Days: World Defense


Welcome to the containment zone, Commander! Build your towers and stop the invasion in this high tech tower defense game, featuring: - Completely free gameplay! All items are unlockable through...

app Epic Raiders logo

Epic Raiders


Epic RaidersBest Free Party Play RPG The best free party play RPG for smart phones.Battle monsters and warlords in Epic Raiders as your cast of characters work to rescue the princess! Players expand t...

app SAS: Zombie Assault 3 logo

SAS: Zombie Assault 3


5-star zombie-shooting awesomeness and co-op multiplayer!New Update is here! The Asia region maps are unlocked and 2 new zombie types have been unearthed!Elite SAS operatives handle the darkest missio...

app SpeedBoat Shooting logo

SpeedBoat Shooting


SpeedBoat ShootingSpeedBoat Shooting Is the Ultimate Gun shooting GameShoot the BAD GUYS as they are attacking your speed boat.GAME LICENSED from Play the original game here http://...

app Centipede®: Origins logo

Centipede®: Origins


What critics are saying about Centipede®: Origins:"If you love old-school shooter action with a fresh twist, check this one out."-Yahoo! Android Apps"While the game follows the “clas...

app Providence: Rising Rebellion logo

Providence: Rising Rebellio...


Fly through an onslaught of enemies and bullets in this fast action packed bullet hell space shooter! Pilot your ship through victory against the enemy! -Standard gauntlet mode on Easy, Medium and Har...




☣ Only for NVIDIA Tegra 3 Powered Devices. ☣The Tegra 3-optimized version of Shadowgun features console-quality water, enhanced rag-doll physics, particle effects, enhanced shaders and dynamic tex...

app Meteor Mash Free logo

Meteor Mash Free


This is the ad supported version of the game. "Simple fun Pictures don't do it justice. Fun game that progressively gets more challenging. Looks great on my transformer prime. Only criticsm ihave...

app Viper Strike – OSD logo

Viper Strike – OSD


You (and you alone) have been called upon to defend your nation from the onslaught of an enemy attack. Battling squadrons of air-to-air missile wielding fighters, avoiding surface-to-air missiles, y...

app Hurdle Hell logo

Hurdle Hell


The two runners' hearts beat as one! If just one of the runners trips, it's game over! Control both runners and clear an endless hell of oncoming hurdles! How to Play * Jump the endless onslaught of h...

app Battle Harvest logo

Battle Harvest


You are Squire Mac, a courageous young citizen of Orchardia, where fresh fruits and vegetables live happy, carefree lives. Now, a dark threat looms over the peaceful land: the underground-dwelling Wor...

app THE DEAD: Chapter One logo

THE DEAD: Chapter One


*** N O W F R E E ***Will you be able to survive the onslaught of the zombie horde?Grab your gun and protect your family from wave after wave of the undead.How long will YOU survive?------------------...




ONE MAN. ONE WAR. YOU ARE THE FRONTLINE COMMANDO.As the sole surviving Commando of a renegade attack against a ruthless dictator, you are stranded on the frontline and hell-bent on payback. You must u...

app Zombie Bash logo

Zombie Bash


The end of the world is here.. can you stop the onslaught of zombies?Match the zombies up into rows of 3 or more and make them self destruct! Watch out it will only encourage more zombies to appearQui...

app Warp Rush logo

Warp Rush


Speed into the future--how long can you survive? Welcome to Warp Rush, the most challenging arcade endurance racer to land in your Android device! Select your ship and race through the never-ending ga...

app Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots logo

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots


En garde! Fruit meets fairytales in the juiciest game this year - Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots! The suave fruit-slashing swashbuckler, Puss in Boots, faces a challenge that would make Sensei proud. His ...

app Battle of Bulge (Conflicts) logo

Battle of Bulge (Conflicts)


Conflicts: Battle of the Bulge is a turn based strategy game set on the Western Front during the Second World War.The historical battle took place in December 1944 in Ardennes, Belgium, where American...

app Space Station: Frontier logo

Space Station: Frontier


A deep space mining operation should be a peaceful job. No such luck with a violent alien race contesting the territory!Mine the asteroids, harvest energy and build up your defences to survive the ali...

app Xtreme Space Blast logo

Xtreme Space Blast


Xtreme fast paced 2D side scroller space action. Xtreme!!!The mightly "Lord Evil Guy" is bent on destroying the universe and you are the last human on Earth who can save humanity. Take the l...

app Mydiamarks – Media Bookmarks logo

Mydiamarks – Media Bo...


Personal DVR for your phone or tablet. Bookmark all your media including Audiobooks, Podcasts, Music and even YouTube videos. Whether you are on your phone or at home on your pc, listening to your fav...

app Dino Pop LW Free logo

Dino Pop LW Free


✬✬✬✬✬ Dinosaurs Alive and well. Bella - Samsung Droid Charge (SCH-I510)✬✬✬✬✬ 룡이 귀엽버. 영천 - Samsung Galaxy S2 (SHW-M250L)✬✬✬✬✬ Дин_— Суперские ...

app I Smell Brains logo

I Smell Brains


Defend the offspring of the Brain Replicating Alien Drifter (aka BRAD) through 12 waves of ravenous undead. Rain down on them with every weapon at your disposal before they smash, headbutt and vomit t...

app RUN! logo



Do you have the speed and focus needed to survive the onslaught that is coming? Run and Jump for your life in this fast paced platform jumper!Featuring:* Open Feint w/ 1000 achievement points!* Onlin...

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