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Google Releases Open Spot, a Cool App for Finding Parking Spot

Google Releases Open Spot, a Cool App for Finding Parking Spot Just how cool can Android apps get? I mean, what could be cooler than the new Android app called Open Spot which lets you find an open parking slot through your Android phone. Pretty cool, right? Can you imagine how useful this would be on a busy day and you need to park your car as fast as you can because you're late for  an appointment?  Open ...

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app Open WiFi Spots – Free WiFi logo

Open WiFi Spots – Fre...


OpenWiFiSpots is a comprehensive directory of free wireless (WiFi) hotspots continuously updated by a growing community of users. The easy to use interactive mapping system allows you to find hotspots...


Spotify App Review

Spotify App Review Music is what gets some of us through the day and moves us. Everyone loves music and Spotify is one of the best apps on the market to do so. Whether you’re taking the bus, taking a walk or whatever you’re doing, all you have to do is turn it on, plug your headphones in and listen to your favorite tunes. How it works? Spotify will allow you to...

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White Nexus 4 spotted, will be released in June with Android 4.3

white nexus 4 Despite rumors before the actual Google I/O event, Google did not announced anything about both the white Nexus 4 nor Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But this did not stop the rumors from popping out. In fact, the latest of which pertains to a white Nexus 4, which was spotted by Android and Me. Yes, dear folks, it looks like there's going to be a white i...

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app Portable Wi-Fi hotspot logo

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot


Turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspotImprove your mobile computing experience.Simple and fast.**Before running the application configuration is required.SETTING: Settings->More..->Tethering & porta...

app Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Free logo

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Free


Turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspotImprove your mobile computing experience.Simple and fast.**Before running the application configuration is required.SETTING: Settings->More..->Tethering & porta...

app Spotify Watcher logo

Spotify Watcher


An inofficial Spotify app with some experimental features.Watch approximately how many weekplay plays your content has on the european streaming service "Spotify" by decoding the public popu...

app Hotspotting – Free WiFi Map logo

Hotspotting – Free Wi...


Hotspotting helps you find open WiFi networks near you. Our database is continuously growing. But if there is still no data for the place you are interested in, Hotspotting allows you to scan the area...

app Namiot Spotkania logo

Namiot Spotkania


Instrukcja:1. Pomódl si? do Ducha ?wi?tego2. Zaznacz cz??ci Pisma ?wi?tego, z których ma by? wykonane losowanie3. Wybierz "Losuj adres"4. Otwórz Pismo ?wi?te na wybranym...

app OpenGL First Person Demo logo

OpenGL First Person Demo


This demo application is an example of what students will learn during their bachelor program of Mobile Computing at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. It is only a technical preview an...

app Kidspot Pregnancy Tracker logo

Kidspot Pregnancy Tracker


Get Australia’s best conception and pregnancy companion for free! Track your fertile times to predict the best moments to make your baby – learn more about optimum conception with Kidspot’s conc...

app Free WiFi Spot logo

Free WiFi Spot


This application is a free wifi manager, it allows you to automatically authenticate on the public Wi-Fi networks (hotspots).Imagine, you come to work quietly. You plug your phone, and you're connecte...

app SoBeSpots logo



This App is all you need to Party like a true VIP for Free at the best Nightclubs in South Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. SoBeSpots host 8 Events per month at different clubs, every Friday an...

app Spotvite logo



If you are bored or new in town and are interested in things to do like joining a party or social gathering, then spotvite is your ticket to instant fun with either group of friends or new people in y...

app Open Door logo

Open Door


This application will make it easier to send the same message to the same number every time with just the click of a button. For example, you can send the message "Please open the door" to ...

app CoovaAX Wi-Fi Hotspot Utility logo

CoovaAX Wi-Fi Hotspot Utili...


CoovaAX is a Wi-Fi hotspot utility. Use it to login to captive portal hotspot networks using the WISPr XML method of authentication. Also use it to log the scanned signals along with GPS location info...

app Open WiFi Finder (Scanner) logo

Open WiFi Finder (Scanner)


Have you ever been walking and searching to find a free WiFi network?Always looking at your phone to see what networks are available?The Android built in notification system for WiFi Hotspots giving y...

app Open Elm logo

Open Elm


The Open Elm Project is an Isle of Man based public crowdsourcing project to enable the public to contribute valuable data on the location an health of the Island's elm trees.The Isle of Man is one of...

app Offline Map Copenhagen logo

Offline Map Copenhagen


This map of Copenhagen is ready to go: just install and this map is always with you whether you are connected or not. High-detail map with many points of interest, such as hotels, museums, restaurants...

app OpenScape Mobile logo

OpenScape Mobile


OpenScape Mobile V7R1 extends Unified Communications from Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenScape UC Server to smart phones and tablets. OpenScape Mobile V7R1 includes feature-rich VoIP, extendin...

app openBmap logo


4.1(57) is a free and open map of wireless communicating objects (e.g. cellular antenna, Wi-Fi hot spots). It provides tools to mutualize data, create and access this map.This android client will...

app HotSpot Login logo

HotSpot Login


HotSpot Login zeigt verfügbare Telekom HotSpots. Jetzt auch mit HotSpot Finder.Lieber Telekom Kunde,HotSpot Login zeigt an, wenn ein Telekom HotSpot verfügbar ist, und hilft Ihnen, sich einfach zu v...

app OpenSignal – 3G/4G/WiFi maps logo

OpenSignal – 3G/4G/Wi...


With OpenSignal you can map cellular coverage, find Wi-Fi hostposts, test and improve your reception & get faster data.PLEASE NOTE: We never access or read your messages. We only need that permiss...

app iPass Open Mobile™ logo

iPass Open Mobile™


iPass Open Mobile™ lets you connect to the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network from your Android device.** Need help with activation? Visit ** Worried about data limits? ...

app Spoty Location Reminder logo

Spoty Location Reminder


Spoty is a location based reminder,location alert,call blocker, profile changer all based on geofencing and proximity.Make sure to watch the tutorial video first. Use our other app Fake GPS to test th...

app Spoty Lite (Location reminder) logo

Spoty Lite (Location remind...


Please read the instructions to unlock for free via GetJarGold.You can upgrade to the full version by downloading a few free apps, totally FREE using GetJar Gold! Please support us!The app is tested o...

app ChowSpots logo



The ChowSpots app is the best way to take the food maps from with you! Open the app and click on any of the maps we have available to find all the best food around you! The maps include...

app OpenFeint Game Channel logo

OpenFeint Game Channel


Feint Spotlight is no more! Game Channel is now here to help you discover tons of cool games in the Android Market!With Game Channel, you can:-Grab new FREE games every day-Access sweet handpicked gam...

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