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Oppo N1 Launched Officially in Beijing, China

Oppo N1 Yesterday, in Beijing, Oppo has made an official announcement about the release of their latest high-end smartphone, the Oppo N1, which comes as the result of the collaboration between the Chinese manufacturer and Cyanogen, a company known for designing Android-based software. The N1 flagship stands at 170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm and has a reasonable ...

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Exclusive: Oppo is working on a dedicated camera to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Camera

Oppo Camera Details are still sparse, but a source tells us that Oppo is working on a dedicated camera. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, this is said to be a standalone device for point-and-shoot enthusiasts. What we do know is that Oppo has held a briefing on the camera, a photo from which you will see below. In this briefing, attendees were told the dev...

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Rumor: Oppo Find 7 with 4000mAh battery and Snapdragon 800 processor

sony xperia z vs oppo find 5 find 5 aaRBMen has come across some more specs for the upcoming next Oppo Find handset, which we already heard is rumoured to be running the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The new device will supposedly be called the Find 7 not the Find 6, as it seems that Oppo prefers odd numbers. So without further delays here are the specs:Qualcomm Snapdrag...

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Oppo Find 5 Mini spotted in multi-color options, should arrive in July

Oppo Find 5Joining the ranks of Samsung and HTC, OPPO Electronics may be preparing the release of a “mini” variant of the well-known Oppo Find 5 handset, and one powerful enough to threaten the competition. According to various leaks, the upcoming variant may feature a quad-core CPU clocked at high frequencies and a display with approximately the ...

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Oppo Find 5 now available to buy in Europe

Oppo Find 5The Oppo Find 5 is making its way to Europe through the company’s official web store, starting today, as previously announced.If you want a phone with very good specs and a 1080p display, but don’t feel like spending your cash on the flagship smartphones from the likes of Samsung, HTC or LG, then the Oppo Find 5 should be a device you ...

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app Opposite Sheep logo

Opposite Sheep


Sheep used to be so cute, they eat grass and like to have fun. But everything changes when 2 hers meets together! The fortune of a green lawn depends on you!Main goal is to get as much as possible poi...


Tear up the Track and your Opponent in Steampunk Racing 3D for Android

Steampunk Racing THD for Android It’s been awhile since we covered anything from ARB Studios, and we’re about to break that streak as we take a look at Steampunk Racing 3D for Android. Steampunk Racing 3D is a game set in a steam-powered world full of balls to the wall deadly races. You’ll get behind the wheel of a wide variety of crazy vehicles from steam powered tractor...

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The Oppo Find 5 – A 1080p Phone

Oppo, a relatively lesser known company has decided to step up and shine, and boy it is indeed shining. The latest flagship phone from the Chinese manufacturer was previously released in Beijing; it presents the customers with everything they would want in a top end smartphone. The device Oppo Find 5 is a smartphone which houses the latest and grea...

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app The Opposite Sisters logo

The Opposite Sisters


Escape Game "The Opposite Sisters"- prologue ...

app Guest Opportunity Log logo

Guest Opportunity Log


Guest Opportunity Log is a simple app that allows business retailers to keep track of guests that are interested in buying their products.Features:-Add, Edit, and Delete Guests-Add, Edit, and Delete O...

app Kids Opposite Words Game logo

Kids Opposite Words Game


**Fun4Kids Kids Basics - Opposite Words ** (US English)Please reach us @ for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.*********************Fun4...

app Shoppo! logo



Shoppo! makes finding stuff you want to purchase actually fun! No longer will you have to drive around town chasing stuff down - Shoppo! not only shows you who has what you want nearby but also if the...

app Opposite Island logo

Opposite Island


Imagine being in a brand new rowing boat on a quest to find sharks, but instead you discover an island where everything is OPPOSITE! The people there are born old and grow young. They walk backwards, ...

app Opportunity Green 2011 logo

Opportunity Green 2011


The Opportunity Green 2011 App provides essential resources and info for our conference attendees. Send messages to fellow attendees, view current agenda content, check out speaker info and more. View...

app Business Opportunities logo

Business Opportunities


We highlight the top business opportunities in the world. Download this free application to learn what types of small businesses and biz opps are making real money for their owners. We include such vi...

app Interracial Opportunities logo

Interracial Opportunities


Interested in an interracial relationship? Whether it be private or open, an interracial partner can really spice things up. Anything from an emotional connection to a sexual one, it's an encounter or...

app Opportunity Green QR Scanner logo

Opportunity Green QR Scanne...


This application allows people to scan QR codes and information retrieved after scanning is stored and accessible from the Opportunity Green Database....

app Business Opportunity App logo

Business Opportunity App


<div id="doc-original-text">Business Opportunity<p>This app could be your answer if you are looking home based business opportunity that has the power to truly change your life f...

app Opposites Game – free logo

Opposites Game – free


This game is a fun way of learning about opposites in English. It is based on a card game where you have to match the right words.This is a free beta version. Some of the features are disabled, but wi...

app Shoppoid logo



Shoppoid is the best sales assistantIt provides tools to :-do a list of articles bought or not-calculate discounts-convert clothes sizes in different countries-know the sales date in France -have a su...

app Hide & Seek Hoppo Hippo Free logo

Hide & Seek Hoppo Hippo...


Very simple to play , your kids will be completely autonomous ( no text to read or interface to understand, just play !) and will play for beetween 5 and 30 minutes per session.Hoppo the hippo will go...

app Hoppo Hippo hide and seek logo

Hoppo Hippo hide and seek


Very simple to play , your kids will be completely autonomous ( no text to read or interface to understand, just play !) and will play for beetween 5 and 30 minutes per session.Three different sceneri...

app A Perfect Opportunity logo

A Perfect Opportunity


When Sarah needs someone to help put together the skateboard she bought for her son's birthday, she figures it's the perfect opportunity to meet her new neighbor.A Perfect Opportunity5,173 word Contem...

app Nu Skin Opportunity logo

Nu Skin Opportunity


The Nu Skin mobile app provides a quick and portable option for sharing the Nu Skin products and business opportunity. The application is designed to serve as a full service app where you can shop, s...

app Oppozzite Demo logo

Oppozzite Demo


Kostenlose Version des Spielehits Oppozzite.In der Demo-Version ist nur die Spielstufe "Leicht" spielbar.Bei Oppozzite müsst ihr innerhalb von 90 Sekunden so viele Gegenwörter (Ant...

app Oppozzite logo



ACHTUNG Suchtfaktor!Bei Oppozzite geht es darum, sich in der weltweiten Online-Highscoreliste auf den obersten Rängen zu platzieren. Finde in 90 Sekunden auf einer der 3 Schwierigkeitsstufen so v...

app Identify Business Opportunity logo

Identify Business Opportuni...


The person who can understand and act upon opportunities is the one that succeeds in life. We speak too much about being there at the right time and the right place, but what does this really mean? Wh...

app Codice Pari Opportunita logo

Codice Pari Opportunita


Libri Legge by AgafiCodice delle pari opportunità tra uomo e donna:pacchetto d'aggiornamento per l'applicativo Codici e Leggi.************************ATTENZIONE:Funziona solo comprando l'applic...

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