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Canada adopts $50/month data overage cap, is immediately dubbed ‘genius’.

Canada adopts $50/month data overage capIf you’ve ever looked at your monthly cellphone bill and wondered where those extra charges came from, you’re not alone. Maybe it was going over your SMS limit, or call minutes. Increasingly, the culprit is data. As our mobile devices get more data hungry, and mobile providers offer less of that precious cell sustenance, we’ve got to throttle...

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app 1861 Mar Am Civil War Gazette logo

1861 Mar Am Civil War Gazet...


The Extra!!! Edition of the American Civil War Gazette contains back issues as well as additional articles that did not appear in the daily edition."ABRAHAM LINCOLN, of Illinois, was yesterday in...

app Skull Fairy Flames LWP logo

Skull Fairy Flames LWP


*Skull Fairy Flames Live Wallpaper effects will BLOW YOU AWAY!!*Know as a powerful fairy that controls the creatures of the night. She is helped by all who install her by making her energy stronger.D...

app Piranha In Your Phone LWP logo

Piranha In Your Phone LWP


Are you ready to install the best quality high resolution Piranha live wallpaper application on Google Play?Dont take our word for it, watch the cool video on the PiranhaA Piranha wallpaper that is fi...

app Skull Dragon Flames LWP logo

Skull Dragon Flames LWP


*Skull Dragon Flames LWP wallpaper effects will BLOW YOUR MIND!!*Simply put, you will be insanely impressed with the motion wallpapers of the Skull Dragon coming to life right onto your phone.You can ...

app JellyFish 3D in your phone LWP logo

JellyFish 3D in your phone ...


****ALERT****We want to thank you for helping us reach a milestone this week with over 450,000 installs of our most popular Goldfish in your phone Live Wallpaper! Due to the numerous requests to upgra...

app Metal Skull On Fire LWP logo

Metal Skull On Fire LWP


It's very rare when I complete an application that I say "WOW!"**Metal Skull On Fire LWP wallpaper effects will BLOW YOU AWAY!!**Don't take our word for it, see what some of out users who ha...

app Avenged Sevenfold widgets logo

Avenged Sevenfold widgets


Customize you home screen with Avenged Sevenfold Widget.About Avenged SevenfoldAvenged Sevenfold's material spans multiple genres and has evolved over the band's entire career. Initially, the band's d...

app Fantasy Mushroom Land LWP logo

Fantasy Mushroom Land LWP


Fantasy Mushroom Land Live Wallpaper with size and speed options.Saved as a wallpaper Free!A true fantasy application that will tickle your senses.Watch the colorful waterfall live image move continuo...

app SNMP MIB Browser logo

SNMP MIB Browser


ManageEngine SNMP MIB Browser for Android enables the user to browse/view the MIB data of SNMP enabled network devices like desktops, routers, switches, etc., on the move. This tool enables the user t...

app Detective S-Backroom logo

Detective S-Backroom


CAMPAIGN! 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!◆ About the Game:Detective S is a beauty named Sarah. Sarah owning both the beauty and wisdom is the savior of the police, and also the modern Sherlock Holmes. O...


Jetpack Joyride now on the Google Play Store

A little over a month ago the popular iOS game Jetpack Joyride became available for Android devices. There was one small problem though, or a big problem depending on which country you live in. The game by Halfbrick Studios launched on the Amazon app store for Android which at the time was only available in the US. Since then, Amazon have launche...

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app Pro Zombie Soccer Demo logo

Pro Zombie Soccer Demo


Like zombies? Love soccer? Well get your soccer gear on, ‘cause it’s time for PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER from Super Awesome Hyper-Dimensional Mega Team! Try the first two levels of this amazing game for F...

app Pro Zombie Soccer logo

Pro Zombie Soccer


Like zombies? Love soccer? Well get your soccer gear on, ‘cause it’s time for PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER from Super Awesome Hyper-Dimensional Mega Team!No one ever needed an excuse to go out and kill zombi...

app Wilo assistant logo

Wilo assistant


Wilo assistant for heating circulation pumpsWilo assistant – The entire world of pumps The pump specialist WILO SE has now made the entire world of highly efficient pump technology accessible on the...

app AppUsagePro logo



Pro add-on for AppUsage. Install AppUsage first, then unlock extra features with this add-on. Currently opts you out of data collection; more Pro features coming soon!...

app Cogs Demo logo

Cogs Demo


Cogs is a ground-breaking puzzle game where players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments. The free demo version includes just the first 8 puzzles. The full...

app Talk Diary logo

Talk Diary


Diary Talk is a simple scheduling application with convenient interface. It adopts way easier input method than existing scheduling application. On the analog clock, the schedule for the day is displa...

app Talk Diary(free version) logo

Talk Diary(free version)


Diary Talk is a simple scheduling application with convenient interface. It adopts way easier input method than existing scheduling application. On the analog clock, the schedule for the day is displa...

app Kitchen Run HD Time Management logo

Kitchen Run HD Time Managem...


Play as a waiter in a diner, dashing between stalls and tables. Can you manage to clear the game for hidden rewards?Kitchen Run adopts the well-known time management genre and is inspired by the South...

app ABC Solitaire Free logo

ABC Solitaire Free


***Thank you for viewing! Thank you for downloading!This is the most difficult, unique and addictive puzzle game in the world! This game does not require any preliminary knowledge, but demands huge ob...

app Cool Face (Free) logo

Cool Face (Free)


Cool Face is an image software for Smartphone that can change the face expression. It makes you adjust and beautify the face expression in your photo. Cool Face adopts the image morphology technology ...

app The Smash Toupeeeee!!! logo

The Smash Toupeeeee!!!


This game is Japanese Most Popular Game!!" by no means -- being done and crowded -- system Simple game"-- Bone!!. A battle of God or hair starts now!!! -- From the simple and convenient play...

app Calorie Counter Pedometer logo

Calorie Counter Pedometer


Good4Fit is defined as a Calorie Counter Pedometer For Fitness and Weight Loss, which is a full-function and designed for Android smart phone users as their personal fitness assistant. With the most a...

app Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary logo

Chronic Obstructive Pulmona...


If you are one diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease(COPD), then you would be the best person to talk about its difficulties. You might go through various emotional outbursts, like ange...

app JAPANESE_KANJI Live Wallpaper logo

JAPANESE_KANJI Live Wallpap...


"SAMURAI"It is a man who skillfully manipulates the Chinese character. "KANJI" wallpaper with the number is "SAMURAI" that makes a clear distinction200 or more adopts a g...

app Shape Findings DEMO – HD logo

Shape Findings DEMO –...


A sequel will be produced for this educative game. For more information, please visit blog.sculplingstory.comShape Findings adopts the casual 'Hidden Object' genre and expands its dimension into 3D. T...

app Super Hypnotherapist logo

Super Hypnotherapist


One-third of one's life time is spent in sleep, sleep quality directly affects everyone's health and happiness. However, in modern society, with the increasing pressures of life and increasingly fierc...

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