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America Metro Maps


The biggest american metro maps database in the Android Market!Only for 1,40 $ for limited time!!!This application gives you any information related to metros, subways around the America. America Metr...


The Marbians – Android Game Review

The Marbians – Android Game Review Overview The Marbians is the story of a few poor little marble-encased aliens who’ve been trapped on earth, and just want to get back home. You can help them on their way by flinging and flicking them through the levels, and back to their space ship. The graphics are excellent, and the game has a real 50’s vibe to it with the music and loo...

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app DEMANO izračun plaća logo

DEMANO izračun plaća


DEMANO privremeno zapošljavanje d.o.o. Vam predstavlja aplikaciju pomoću koje možete brzo i točno izračunati Vašu bruto odnosno neto plaću uz unos svih relevantnih čimbenika koji utječu na vi...