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Back to Basics: Android versions explained

Android Authority Back to BasicsWelcome friends to the “Back to Basics” series, where we run a fine toothed comb over each and every aspect of Android so that you can make an educated decision on which Android device is for you. This week’s edition is all about Android versions, and we’ll be releasing a new edition to the series every week, so stay tuned.But enou...

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app David.fx Client (outdated) logo

David.fx Client (outdated)


Client für David.fx Edition 2011 Server.HINWEIS: Diese Version läuft aus. Laden Sie den neuen David®fx12™Client aus Google Play. Erfordert David®fx12™ Server. UpDate-Informationen unter

app EMS Medical Guidebook-Outdated logo

EMS Medical Guidebook-Outda...


***This app has been replaced by the EMS Guidebook App. Please download that app for future updates***This version of our EMS Medical Guidebook for First Responders, EMTs, and Paramedics contains gen...


All Android Users To Have Same Firmware In The Future – DroidedUp (blog)

IntoMobile (blog)All Android Users To Have Same Firmware In The FutureDroidedUp (blog)Are you an Android users who is currently sick and tired using an outdated version of the Android OS (1.5, 1.6, 2.0), or can't get an app to work on your ...Google planning fix for Android fragmentation?CNETAndroid Devices Crave Google's AttentionWired New...

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Google Wants Android Users To Upgrade To V2.1 – InformationWeek (blog)

TG DailyGoogle Wants Android Users To Upgrade To V2.1InformationWeek (blog)Android and Me is reporting that more than 80% of its readers are on an outdated version of Android. Claiming insider sources, the article states that every ...[Rumor] Google orders Android 2.1 for every phoneIcronticAll American Android phones to receive update to 2.1 firmw...

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Motorola Denies Android 2.2 to Charm and Flipout

Owners of the Motorola Charm and Motorola Flipout are probably anxiously waiting to see if Motorola will deliver Android 2.2 to their beloved device, running an outdated version of Android. Unfortunately, Motorola announced today that these two mid-range devices would not be upgraded to Android 2.2, and instead remain on Android 2.1. It is anyo...

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LG Optimus G Pro in the works

LG might be looking to get into the “full HD screen” business, if the recent rumors are to be trusted. An image has been handed to Engadget by an anonymous benefactor, which reveals that the LG Optimus G Pro might be cooking in LG’s kitchen. Even though that the Optimus G is only a few month old, more so in the US, the next iteration of the s...

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus – get ready for round 2

Samsung knew that it hit the sweet spot with the launch of Galaxy S2, and just like any sensible company would, is further looking to cash that success. Samsung has been chugging along the cellphone business for quite some time now. Even in the early days of Android it was over shadowed by HTC. We believe it wasn’t until it released Galaxy S2; Sa...

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app iPhone Locker logo

iPhone Locker


iPhone Locker is the ultimate iPhone lock screen app for Android! It includes the same features as you would find on an iPhone lock screen. iLocker even displays the real "Slide to unlock" a...

app Mtg: Supersearch logo

Mtg: Supersearch


OUTDATED!Search for Mtg: Search for an updated version. Please uninstall this app....

app UK Postage Calculator logo

UK Postage Calculator


UK Royal Mail Postage FREE is just one of the FREE bundled applications that is designed to work with our Android weighing scale ( app allows users to view mailing ra...

app HK TV Listing logo

HK TV Listing


Application to show the HK TV channel programme information. A direct and simple UI to select channel and date.Features :- easy simple UI.- instance access to programme information. - application sta...

app TimeZoneDB for ClockSync logo

TimeZoneDB for ClockSync


Time zone database for ClockSync.This application is only usable from ClockSync 1.1.6 and later, it has no launcher icon or any user interface. Don't install unless instructed to do so by ClockSync.Ba...

app IceCream Sandwich-ICS Keyboard logo

IceCream Sandwich-ICS Keybo...


===================================Porting android 4.0 apps to work with older devices requires quite a bit of time and effort. Please be patient regarding bugs/issues. To support my development effor...


Decade-Old Grand Theft Auto III Makes Android Debut

For video gamers, it's difficult to imagine that it was already ten years ago this month that Rockstar released the third installment of their hugely successful Grand Theft Auto series, the first to be on the Playstation 2 and the first to provide users with a sandbox three-dimensional world to engage in. It was an instant smash hit and set into ...

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app Elemental Knights BLUE JPN logo

Elemental Knights BLUE JPN



app Crazy Valet logo

Crazy Valet


******* OUTDATED ***********See Crazy Valet 2: the yellow car from the parking in the shortest tim...

app MK9 Living Guide logo

MK9 Living Guide


Mortal Kombat 9 Living Guide.By: Tom Brady: Top MK9 Tournament Player and former MK9 play tester.Published by: DragusoftMK9 Living Guide gets it's name from the fact that unlike printed guides, the li...

app FAA Commercial Pilot Test Prep logo

FAA Commercial Pilot Test P...


Spend less time studying and more time flying! This is the FAA COMMERCIAL Pilot version of GroundSchool, our FAA knowledge (written) test preparation featuring up-to-date questions, free updates, and ...


Plants vs. Zombies for Android – The Review

Plants vs. Zombies for Android – The Review Overview Popcap stayed true to their word and finally released the popular game Plants vs. Zombies in the wee hours of the morning. I actually stayed up last night as I knew it was coming, but like a kid waiting for Santa, I just didn’t make it. No worries though, I’ve been playing it for the past hour and thought I’d take a break to do ...

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app mobileGRIB light logo

mobileGRIB light


mobileGRIB light is a fully functional version with outdated GRIB files. To receive actual GRIB forecasts, please purchase the full version.Full version description:mobileGRIB is a GRIB2 viewer for An...

app WoW Facts (ad-free) logo

WoW Facts (ad-free)


This is the support/ad-free versionRead interesting facts about blizzard and World of Warcraft on your phone with this application and submit them if you know someIf you have any recommendations, spec...

app SAT® Trainer logo

SAT® Trainer


SAT® Trainer is Android Application for preparing SAT® Exams with most efficient way. Practise test from the most easiest question to the most difficult questions. Learn from mistakes. Compare your ...

app TuneSkill TOEFL® logo

TuneSkill TOEFL®


TuneSkill TOEFL® is Android Application for preparing TOEFL® Exams with most efficient way. Practise test from the most easiest question to the most difficult questions. Learn from mistakes. Compar...

app Wage Calculator Lite logo

Wage Calculator Lite


NOTICE: This app is terribly outdated and only works on older phones. This app is being reworked from the ground up and will be re-released in 2013, updated for newer devices and incorporating many of...

app Text Me Not logo

Text Me Not


This version is outdated and no longer published please look for the new app.All support related inquires need to be addressed to


Samsung Transform on Sprint Review

Samsung Transform on Sprint Review Samsung Transform The Samsung Transform was first available through Sprint on October 10, 2010. The Transform is a slider Android 2.1 smartphone manufactured by Samsung as a mid-range device. At first glance, it looks like the Samsung Epic 4G, but upon closer inspection of its features, you’ll notice soon enough that it is a mid-range device...

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Dell Streak 7 Tablet Expected to Launch on T-Mobile in 2011

There is a strong possibility that Dell will reveal a seven inch Dell Streak tablet at CES 2011 running Android 2.2 for launch on T-Mobile. You may remember the failed launch of the Dell Streak 5, mainly because it operated on an outdated OS and was a weird cross between smartphone and tablet. The Dell Streak 7 is the revamped version and will ...

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