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4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Galaxy S7 Edge Could Do

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Galaxy S7 Edge Could Do The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge tries to give you quick access to its best features. Alas, the company can only fit so many on one screen, so it’s forced to bury some options out of plain view. Unless you’ve read your owner’s manual carefully, you probably don’t know about these four things your Galaxy S7 Edge can do. Improve the Audio Qual...

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app Let Me Touch Your Soul LWP !! logo

Let Me Touch Your Soul LWP ...


Let Me Touch Your Soul Live wallpaper…….In this LWP you will enjoy different shades of Neon light on hands. Neon light or signs are made from glass tubes filled with neon gas which produces a brig...

app iManage: Your management guide logo

iManage: Your management gu...


iManageManagement is a discipline requiring special skills, like any other profession. But how do you acquire these skills without training and guidance?iManage provides you with a practical managemen...

app Palmistry. Palm Reading logo

Palmistry. Palm Reading


Would you like to read the palm, but you know nothing of palmistry? We make it easy. Your hand says a lot about you. Examine the lines of your palm and read our predictions on the secrets that your ha...

app iLead: Your leadership guide logo

iLead: Your leadership guid...


iLeadA great career-building app that helps you to acquire the attributes if leadership and build your career.Leadership is a complex concept that defies simple description. It is part behavior, part...

app Palm Reader Guide logo

Palm Reader Guide


Chiromancy: The art of interpreting your personality just by looking at the palm of your hands. With this app, you will learn to interpret your OWN hand: we'll give you some guidance at what aspects o...

app 3D Chinese Hand Acupuncture logo

3D Chinese Hand Acupuncture


3D palm of your hand acupressure, a health care applications, simulation of 3D palm of your hand to let you know the location of the palm of your hand acupuncture points clearly different from the gen...

app Your Smurf logo

Your Smurf


Watch Clumsy Smurf come alive in the palm of your hand. Play with Clumsy Smurf, take a picture with him, upload to Facebook and share your Smurf experience with your friends. The ...

app Palm Reading for Lover logo

Palm Reading for Lover


Palmistry is one of the oldest of the occult arts. People have been fascinated with hands since time began. At some stage people realized that every hand is different, and from this discovery palmistr...

app Palmeiras SporTV logo

Palmeiras SporTV


Tudo, absolutamente tudo, que você queria sobre o Palmeiras, agora na palma da sua mão! Acompanhe, 24h por dia, a cobertura do SporTV do clube do seu coração.No app do Palmeiras do Canal Campeão,...

app Palm Reading for Lover Lite logo

Palm Reading for Lover Lite


Palmistry is one of the oldest of the occult arts. People have been fascinated with hands since time began. At some stage people realized that every hand is different, and from this discovery palmistr...

app Applause, clap your hand logo

Applause, clap your hand


You can use applause app in any events, conference, concerts, comedy shops and even movies.Applause is primarily the expression of approval by the act of clapping, or striking the palms of the hands t...

app Palm Scanner logo

Palm Scanner


FORETELL THE FUTURE with your ANDROID PHONE!!!Take photo of your hand to see the future!This application uses camera device to take photo of your hand and to predict the future based on your palm.Impr...

app Palmetto General Hospital logo

Palmetto General Hospital


The official Android app of Palmetto General Hospital! Patients and prospective customers use this app as a handy tool for information about Palmetto General Hospital such as Emergency Room waiting ti...

app NetworkSpeeds+ @Hand logo

NetworkSpeeds+ @Hand


A must have for any IT professional who wants to reference Network, Storage, Peripherals, Memory or Bus speeds. With Network entries from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS or ITU V.21) to OC-3072, St...

app Love in Palmistry ,Chirology logo

Love in Palmistry ,Chirolog...


Palmistry, hand analysis. Find your actual and potential character with this easy to use app. It will guide you step by step to put in the different features of your hand and then give you an analysis...

app BSA Scout Handbook logo

BSA Scout Handbook


Scout Handbook is a reference guide on requirements for all badges related to Scouting. Hurry and get this before Summer Camp when the prices will go up.Track Boy Scout advancement including Merit Bad...

app HandNote logo



"HandNote" is simplest finger painting application.Smartphone substitutes for your palm.Keep your hand clean.Even if it forgets and the hand is washed, it is no problem.Shake Smartphone, era...

app Hand Reading Pro (demo) logo

Hand Reading Pro (demo)


-- This is a demo of the actual App --CLICK HERE to find the full version.This hand-reading software will guide you towards self-understanding with simple and entertaining image tests. This is a profe...

app How to Palm Read logo

How to Palm Read


Ever wondered how to read your palm? Or perhaps the palm of a loved one or friend? Here's a quick guide to what palm reading (palmistry) is all about. Included in this free app are;1) Time to unlock p...

app PalmReader4Droid logo



Turn your Android into a palm reader. PalmReader4Droid uses the built-in camera to graphically scan the palm of your hand, then "analyzes" that image to provide a palm reading. As simple as ...

app Palm Reader logo

Palm Reader


After months of training with Tibetan monks in the jungles of Brazil, we have brought back the secrets of the ages. Learn your future, find your true love, see your fate. Answer 8 questions for a palm...


Adobe Flash for Android OS and webOS Delayed Again – Brighthand

Sunderland AFCAdobe Flash for Android OS and webOS Delayed AgainBrighthandThe CEO of Adobe says that the promised Flash Player for Google Android OS and Palm webOS won't be released until the second half of this year. ...Flash to hit Android, WebOS and BlackBerry in 2H 2010ithinkdifferent (blog)Adobe to Release Flash for Android in Second Half,...

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Google Shopping adds local inventory search to your mobile – Boy Genius Report (blog)

Mobiletor.comGoogle Shopping adds local inventory search to your mobileBoy Genius Report (blog)Have an Android, iPhone, or webOS smartphone? Find yourself shopping at Best Buy, Sears, Williams-Sonoma, ...Google Local Product Search to find out items in your local grocery storeinfoceraGoogle Product Search Prepares For Mobile Shopping BoomeWeekGoogl...

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Male Android Cheapskates To Dominate Mobile Market –

UberGizmo (blog)Male Android Cheapskates To Dominate Mobile MarketPhandroid.comAnd this is exactly what Android's detractors would say – Android is for geeky guys and penny pinchers. ...Android This Week: Devour Launches, Slacker Caches, Alex Gets DelayedGigaOm (blog)The Android revolutionAndroidSPIN (blog)Motorola Devour Is Hard to StomachWi...

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LCG Trader Review

LCG Trader Review There are thousands of Android finance apps available to download that cover all sorts of different areas. From apps designed to track your spending to those that keep you up to date with the latest finance news or allow you to trade across the financial markets, whatever financial needs you have there will be an app to suit them. For Android us...

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OMG. I Can Meditate! Android App Review

OMG. I Can Meditate! Android App Review OMG. I Can Meditate! is an Android app which aims at bringing mindfulness to you and/or your family, in just 10 minutes on the clock! How about that folks? It sounds incredible, I know, I mean, sometimes my mind feels like it's flooded with thoughts every second, I have lots of things to do, never enough time, everything feels like an emoti...

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Types of Free Reading Apps from Nook

ereader-369011_1920For a while, the only way you could enjoy e-books from Barnes and Noble, one of the largest book chains in America, was to purchase and use a NOOK e-reading tablet. That has recently changed, however. The company now offers a variety of free reading apps including the native Nook that can be used with a variety of mobile devices. The new applicatio...

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