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AT&T Bundles the Pantech Element Tablet and Pantech Burst Smartphone for $250

If you're looking for an interesting bundle deal on a smartphone and tablet, then you may want to pay close attention to what AT&T is offering. The recently announced Pantech Element Android tablet and the Pantech Burst Android smartphone are officially available through AT&T starting today.  Individually, the Element commands a $300 pr...

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AT&T Opens Up Pre-Orders for the Waterpoof Pantech Element Android Tablet

Just a few days ago, information leaked about AT&T's upcoming 4G LTE tablet known as the Pantech Element.  One of the more interesting aspects of the Element tablet is the fact that it boasts waterproof capability.  Essentially, it can handle a few splashes to the screen, but I would not suggest submerging the tablet underwater deeper than ...

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"Gate to the another world"AR ZombieGate is a 3D concept Game that opens up a new world through AR technology.- Defend zombies trying to get out from the world beyond the marker. - When a us...