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app Penny Arcade Comic Search logo

Penny Arcade Comic Search


Quickly search for your favorite Penny Arcade comics.Powered by the highly-acclaimed, fan-run Pipe Four search engine, you can instantly find any Penny Arcade comic based on the vaguest of details. S...

app Coin Game ~ Penny Pusher logo

Coin Game ~ Penny Pusher


Dozer? No. Pirates? No. Zombies? Nope.This is Coin Game: Cops and Robbers! The bank heist is on and you must move gold coins into the getaway van as quickly as you can. Tap the back wall to drop a coi...


A Review of Penny Parlor for Android

A Review of Penny Parlor for Android Overview Growing up I remember going to the Arcade at the mall and dropping tons of tokens into Area 51, Killer Instinct, and Tekken of course. Before those modern arcade games were popular there were some games dubbed “Penny Arcade Games” and developers GamesLab Apps have brought a few to Android with Penny Parlor. Penny Parlor gives you ...

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app Web Comic Reader logo

Web Comic Reader


An intuitive and fast reader for your favorite web comics!Comics:Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC)XKCDCyanide and HappinessPHD ComicsButtersafeCtrl Alt DeletePenny ArcadeAbstruse GooseManly Guy...

app Snuggle Truck logo

Snuggle Truck


? Unlock the Brony Mode in-app purchase FREE today only with AppGratis! ?** Now with over 30,000 free community levels and level editor! **The premiere snuggling game, now available on Android. Featur...

app Steampunk Calculator logo

Steampunk Calculator


Steampunk Calculator if the perfect calculator for your steampunk themed phone. See the calculator gears spin and steam vents blast as you use this calculator. Nothing is missing on this calculator. E...

app Smuggle Truck logo

Smuggle Truck


** Now all premium content included for one low price! **** Now with over 20,000 free community levels and level editor! **The premiere smuggling game, now available on Android. Featured by PC World, ...

app Red Eye Magic 8 Ball logo

Red Eye Magic 8 Ball


This magic 8 ball will answer all your questions. This simple magic 8 ball game will give you a fun and sometimes unexpected response.Red Eye magic 8 ball can be your fortune teller, your crystal ball...

app Las Vegas Adventures logo

Las Vegas Adventures


Have Las Vegas in the palm of your hand.With the Las Vegas Activity Guide you can: 1) Locate the hottest club or best restaurant in Las Vegas instantly.2) Make reservations online or call directly fro...

app Kids Touch Screen Explosions!! logo

Kids Touch Screen Explosion...


When you are trying to talk to a friend or family member and your preschooler just won't leave you alone... Get this app!!! Save your nerves. Give this game to your child and relax.Use this kids game ...

app One Minute Vactions logo

One Minute Vactions


This deep meditation tool is the perfect accessory for the person on the go with a busy and stressful lifestyle. Use it as a deep meditation and self-hypnosis aid. Use it to meditate immediately and m...

app Buttoneering! logo



This is the companion app for the website, the official tracker for Buttoneering at the Penny Arcade Expo. You probably don't want this application if you don't know what PAX Buttonee...

app Lovematic Free logo

Lovematic Free


Lovematic Free will let you test your love rating just like those old penny arcade machines of old! Just shake the phone to initiate the tester and our complex calculations to determine your love rati...

app Steambirds DEMO logo

Steambirds DEMO


"...Steambirds lies in wait to rob you of your Monday morning." --Penny ArcadeThe addictive, turn-based gameplay of Flash hit "Steambirds" has arrived! Use bombs, missiles and pois...

app Steambirds logo



"...Steambirds lies in wait to rob you of your Monday morning." --Penny ArcadeUse bombs, missiles and poison gas to defeat enemy planes in this unique turn-based game! This version features ...

app Galcon logo



33% OFF SALE!! GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!!"Galcon is a must. It's what you might call 'Space Risk In Real-Time.'" - Penny ArcadeGalcon is an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-stra...

app Katawa! logo



Katawa delivers you the latest issue of your favourite webcomic series!This version includes 25 of the most popular titles such as xkcd, Penny Arcade, Ctrl-Alt-Del and others!We're happy to hear your ...


Little Nick: The Great Escape Review

little.nick.escape-android We’ve seen a lot of movie tie-in games lately, and quite a few of them have been endless runners. Little Nick: The Great Escape is another new running game, but it’s a bit different than the rest as it’s based off of a popular children’s television book series. Little Nick: The Great Escape comes from Le petit Nicolas, a popular series o...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – February 25, 2013

The Mobile World Congress may be in full swing, but we’re still here to bring you the Top New Android Games from the past week. This week’s list is full of awesome games from retro platformers to colorful sheep that spit light at wolves. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks this week… 1. MANOS: T...

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app Lawnmower Challenge Lite logo

Lawnmower Challenge Lite


Selected for the Penny-Arcade Boston Indie Showcase 2012!Plan your way through complex puzzles, a dozen different obstacles, and earn as many stars as you can! Collect keys to unlock gates, plant seed...

app Lawnmower Challenge logo

Lawnmower Challenge


Selected for the Penny-Arcade Boston Indie Showcase 2012!Plan your way through complex puzzles, a dozen different obstacles, and earn as many stars as you can! Collect keys to unlock gates, plant seed...

app Coin Dozer logo

Coin Dozer


Step right up, ladies and gents, for the virtual version of the addictive arcade penny pusher you...