Sony Togari: Slimmest phablet in the world?

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The trend is clear: smartphone are getting bigger and no manufacturer (asides from Apple) seems to be able to resist the temptation to believe that bigger is better. With the Togari, Sony is [...]

Pantech Vega No. 6… a 5.9” phablet

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The phablet is heating gradually and every manufacturer is looking to dominate it. The phablet era started with the advent of the Galaxy Note series and has been a critical hit. Pantech Vega No. [...]

Say Hello to HTC One Max

Almost a month ago there were rumors about a bigger version of the Taiwanese flagship HTC One, called HTC One Max. Max stands for supersize, because it was said to feature a huge six inches wide [...]

Multiling O keyboard (beta)


Super lightweight (~MB) yet flexible and powerful. Plus an English plugin still less than 1MB. (Swype ~15MB)- All in one, multilingual ( >130 languages)- Accurate gesture input (swipe) – [...]

Sony Xperia ZU Pictures Leaked, Looks Huge

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Once again I write about the latest phablet  Sony is expected to launch any time soon, I am talking about the Sony Xperia ZU. Some of us are looking forward to see it in action, for others maybe [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note III Photo Leaks Again

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Yeah, the Samsung Galaxy Note III seems to be playing with our nerves. Today a new photo of the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note III leaked on the internet, but this is not the first time  at all, [...]

Photos of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Surfaced

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Another phablet in the Galaxy Tab line was leaked on the internet today, let’s take a look at the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. Initially we knew about the existence of a new Galaxy Tab [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note III Appears on Picasa

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Hold your horses, it’s not the smart phone itself, just a photo sample which looks like it was made with a Samsung Galaxy Note III. If we take a look at the photo’s specs,the 13 [...]

Sketches of HTC T6 revealed

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While it may be as good as some leaked photos of the device, some blueprints of the HTC T6 have surfaced over on and showcase the unannounced phablet. Coming with a 5.9 inch screen [...]

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