The Philippine Star Phone App


*Optimized for mobile phones with a maximum screen size of 5 Inches.Get up-to-date news and information from The Philippine Star featuring daily articles from the top source of Philippine news [...]

Phone Number Avoidance (PNA)


Hello Ladies & Gents!Ever wished you could avoid all those "Unwanted Calls", like Old Boyfriends or Girlfriends who just don’t get the Hint? Better yet the dreaded creditors [...]

Android online Casinos

Now that you have decided to try your luck at some cool online casino games on your Android devices, it is obvious that your mind will be flooded with questions. You will be curious to know about [...]

Evolution Mobile Live Gaming

Evolution has covered all aspects of gaming with their gaming solutions and players not only have the ability to enjoy live casino games at online casinos, but can also access these live games [...]

2 Player Reactor Deluxe Game Review


If you're looking for massive fun and you're running on Android, the world's preferred platform, well, 2 Player Reactor Deluxe is the name of the game. I am serious, stick around for a little [...]

AcuraLink Streams


Acura owners in the US and Canada can now reach a whole new world of information, audio content, and customer services while on the go with the free AcuraLink® Streams app featuring Aha™. The [...]

Women’s Lingerie Shop Plus


Plus Version Includes: Search, Pinch-To-Zoom, Less Ads. Everybody is looking to spice it up. Don’t you think it’s time to select more interesting bras and panties? Or why not get a thong? It [...]

My Sweet Bodyguard


One day, you suddenly learn that your life is in danger… and you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard! While he protects you from danger, your relationship with the [...]

Flowers HD wallpapers


Flowers HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality images of flowers.Features:- Only HD- Only the choicest and bright images  Wallpapers high definition wallpapers for your Android device [...]

Restaurants & Nutrition LITE


TRIAL for number 1 eating out app Restaurants & NutritionONLY FIRST 10 RESTAURANTS working in the trial version.It is designed for you to see how the full version is all about.App provides [...]

GA5:Catacombs of the Undercity


Gamebook Adventures returns for its fifth title! Please note that you do not need to have read any of the previous gamebooks in order to read and play this. The critically acclaimed series of [...]

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