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Sony DNA releases Picture Rater for Android

Overview Sony DNA has put out some handy Android Apps over the past year, and they are starting off 2012 with a new app called Picture Rater that works alongside their Picture Manager app. The apps tagline is “Don’t Think, Just Pick” and you’ll do just that as you flip through your pics and rate them in a fun way. The way Picture Rate...

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app picture manager logo

picture manager


Have you ever considered organizing all the photo and video files you have stored in your smartphone, and given that up? Well, here is an app that can help you manage all those pictures much easier t...

app AachenMünchener Service logo

AachenMünchener Service


Unterstützte Geräte:  • Samsung Galaxy S  • Samsung Galaxy S2  • Samsung Galaxy Note  • Samsung Google Nexus S  • HTC Desire  • HTC Desire HD  • HTC Desire S  • HTC E...

app Alien Face logo

Alien Face


Determine the possibility that the subject in the photo is an alien!Take a picture and see the result!Since the late 1970s, extraterrestrials from other habitable planets or parallel dimensions (such ...

app TSF Music Widget logo

TSF Music Widget


TSF Music Widget is a 3D widgets of TSF Shell charateristics. By the mere touch of the player you will be able to unfold/fold the 3D album pictures. Meanwhile, you can chose your song only by changing...


Powellware releases Mars Images for Android

Overview People have wondered about the possibility of life on other planets for ages, and Mars has always been a popular subject for extraterrestrial life. NASA has a rover called the Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover on Mars now snapping pictures of everything it comes across. It’s taken some very cool pictures, and thanks to an Android App c...

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app Epic Vibrate logo

Epic Vibrate


This is a simple vibrate app I made for fun. The only real function is to activate the vibrator of your phone. Also, the screen has a sort-of strobe like effect that changes colors depending on how fa...

app THE Volcano logo

THE Volcano


An eruption of smoke shooting high and wide into the sky like a peculiar rock formation; the eeriness of the magma spurting out like blood down the surface of the mountain; the igneous rocks formed by...

app Mars Map logo

Mars Map


Mars Map is an interactive 2D atlas for Mars imagery. Browse and zoom the Mars Digital Image Model (MDIM 2.1) and search in a database for Mars features.To find landing area of NASA rover CURIOSITY us...

app Moon! logo



Moon! displays a slideshow of the most stunning and beautiful images of the Moon available. Among the well known photographers that worked to bring you these images are Paul Sapiano, Thomas Bresson, a...

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Free Great Photos & Wal...


Get over 100 awesome wallpapers and images for free!High quality images which you can save and use as background.??? Pictures of: ??? Grand CanyonMonument ValleyRocksTreesIndian paintingsComet craterS...