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Robin Rath of Pixel Press speaks to Android Authority about, well, Pixel Press!

Pixel PressAfter a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Pixel Press team is hard at work, building out their new baby. Such a radically new concept begs a lot of focus from Robin Rath and his team at Pixel Press, but the upside is huge. We balk at calling it a game, because it’s so much more than that.For the uninitiated, Pixel Press allows us to tak...

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The Moto X’ Clear Pixel camera could feature a RGBW sensor

Moto X ad According to Taylor Wimberley, the founder of Android and Me and a person that leaked stuff from Google’s kitchen before, the upcoming Moto X will feature a Clear Pixel camera. Wimberley revealed the info on Google Plus, and, when asked what Clear Pixel actually is, he said “It means ‘dark, blurry pics and lack of details’ will be things o...

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Rumor: Moto X phone to offer “pure Android” experience, “fast” upgrades and Clear Pixel camera

Motorola X Phone Ad A new set of Moto X phone rumors seems to reveal more information about the upcoming flagship Motorola smartphone, this time detailing Android updates and main camera. Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly is the person behind the new rumors, the same source that has offered various details about the Moto X so far, many of them accurate. Wimberly too...

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Slice and Dice Pixely Monsters in Attack of the Spooklings

attack spooklingsWe’ve seen Android Games that have you slice fruit and other various objects, but I bet you’ve never sliced a Spookling. No worries, you’ll get to slice up thousands of them in Picaro Games Attack of the Spooklings. Attack of the Spooklings is a slice ‘em up game that puts your fingers to work defending a pixelated fort from hordes of litt...

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Rumor: Moto X specs include dual-core processor, 10-megapixel camera, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

X Phone conceptX Phone conceptA new tweet posted by a Twitter account known to leak information about upcoming mobile devices before their launch reveals certain specs of the already confirmed Moto X phone.The handset was the star of a variety of rumors that hit the web before and after Google I/O. However, Motorola only acknowledged its existence a few weeks ago...

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Urara-Works releases Pixel Rooms for Android

pixel.rooms-androidEscape The Room style games have been extremely popular over the past couple of years, and Pixel Rooms is the latest Android game to take a crack at the room escape genre. It’s Pixely, and it’s from the folks at Skipmore & Urara-Works, so there’s bound to be some quirk thrown in for good measure. Pixel Rooms lets you step into the shoes ...

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HTC One mini? Mysterious 4.3-inch HD phone with UltraPixel camera surfaces

HTC One mini 1 Heard enough about the rumored HTC One mini? Well, guess what? Now you won’t merely have to read about it, but you will also get a chance to actually look at it, too. Thanks to information and a bunch of live photos posted on a site named, we can now get a grasp of what exactly the HTC One mini — or whatever it is really suppo...

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HTC Butterfly and One mini will have Ultrapixel cameras!

HTC One and One miniDo you love Ultrapixels? HTC thinks you do, and they’re giving you more of it.The upcoming Butterfly and One mini are both set to have Ultrapixel cameras. That’s about where the similarities, end, so we’ll start with the One mini.The mini, which is clearly a Galaxy S4 competitor, has a 4.3” screen displaying in 720p, but keep many of the sa...

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Orange Pixel releases Free jumping game Sketchbook Squad

sketchbook squad Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and if you’re one of those folks Orange Pixel has just the thing for you. Yesterday they released their free summer game, and it goes by the name of Sketchbook Squad. Sketchbook Squad is an endless jumping game in the vein of Doodle Jump, but with Orange Pixel’s quirky retro style. The goal of th...

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app Pixeline – Star Hotel logo

Pixeline – Star Hotel


Award winning game. Number 1 in Denmark, Norway and Sweden!Build your own Star Hotel - build fabulous rooms, a disco or a restaurant.Build pet floors with lots of different animals (even pandas and un...


Nimble Quest Review – Playing Snake with Pixel People

Nimble Quest Review – Playing Snake with Pixel People Nimble Quest is the newest Android Game from the fine folks at Nimblebit, makers of awesomeness like Pocket Planes and Tiny Tower. Nimble Quest has the cool pixelated vibe of their previous games, but with a large dose of Snake thrown in for good measure. It's a game a lot of folks have been waiting for, and after spending several days with the gam...

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The Sandbox Review: Play with Pixels until you Pop

The Sandbox Review: Play with Pixels until you Pop Last week we talked about an awesome new Android game called The Sandbox by Pixowl, and as promised we’re back with a full review. The game’s had quite a ride on Android since its release with gripes about the IAP setup and differences from the iOS version (there aren’t any), but I’m happy to report that playing God in a pixelated world is ...

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app Pixel Artist – Camera Effects logo

Pixel Artist – Camera...


We would like to present you Pixel Artist ...


Orange Pixel releases Gunslugs for Android

Orange Pixel has put out some great retro Android games over the years, and the hits just keep coming. Their latest effort goes by the name of Gunslugs, and if 2D platformers are your thing it’s a game you’ll want to check out. Gunslugs is a retro platform game that puts you up against the evil Black Duck Army. While we don’t know what they...

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Android App Review: Can I Stream It? from Urban Pixels

Android App Review: Can I Stream It? from Urban Pixels The ability to stream media is one of the big advantages of having an Android tablet or phone, but finding what you want to watch isn’t all that easy. Today we’re going to take a look at an Android app called Can I Stream It? from Urban Pixels as its sole purpose is to make finding streaming media a little bit easier. Can I Stream It? works ...

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Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time

Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time Last week we had a game called Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes listed in our Top Games of the Week list and this week we’re back with a full review of this finger busting little game from Blizny Studios. Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes is a game all about Orcs and your job is to kill every one you see in order to save your Kingdom. Sounds like a simple ...

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app Pixel Perfect logo

Pixel Perfect


A handy tool for Android developers. This app allows you to quickly and easily find out the specifications of devices with regards to the Android Framework. Find out the screen density, display-indepe...

app Photo Pixel Pro Live Wallpaper logo

Photo Pixel Pro Live Wallpa...


Photo Pixel live wallpaper, it creates and animates pixelated image from your photo.Features- Beautiful pixelated images- Custom up to 3 images- 7 built-in images- 4 pixel motion modes- 3 pixel effect...

app Pixel Cloud logo

Pixel Cloud


Relax with this retro-style pixel art live wallpaper. Let the clouds moving on the summer sea keep you company and calm you down.Background image from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire....

app PixelWave logo



PixelWave is an experimental synth with old school pixel interface.Key features: ...

app Digital Pixel Live Wallpaper logo

Digital Pixel Live Wallpape...


Digital Pixel live wallpaper, beautiful abstract interactive digital pixels.Also great for new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich themes and Jelly Bean devices.If you like this wallpaper, please support u...

app McPixel logo



Saving the day the McPixel way!McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion.The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing u...

app McPixel Lite logo

McPixel Lite


McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion.The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools!You hav...


Name that SuperHero in Pixel Perfect for Android

Some folks like their Android Apps & Games with stunning 3D graphics while other prefer a Pixelly approach as they consider Pixels perfect. Square-One’s Pixel Perfect will show you the perfection behind the pixel as you’ll try to guess Pixelated SuperHero’s  as they pop up on the screen. Pixel Pefect is a guessing game where you’re ...

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Adobe update Photoshop Touch app, now supports 12 megapixel images

Adobe have updated their Photoshop Touch app which is available for Android tablets running Android 3.1 and above. In the latest version of the portable touch version of Photoshop, the app now supports images up to 12 megapixels in size and up to 16 layers. Although the default resolution is set at 1600 x 1600 pixels so to make use of the new fea...

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app Pixel Defense logo

Pixel Defense


Pixel Defense is a next gen action tower defense in which you have to control the turrets' bullets yourself. touch/move over enemys to attack them. Use multi touch to attack up to 3 enemys at the same...

app Pixel Magnifier logo

Pixel Magnifier


Pixel Magnifier is a tool that magnifies images in SD and shows pixels in detail....

app Pixel Paint FREE logo

Pixel Paint FREE


THE PAY VERSION OF THIS APP IS NO LONGER BEING OFFERED AS OF 12/2012Paint and draw cool art and share it with your friends. The most complete and professional app for creating pixel art.FEATURES:* A s...

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