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Pixel Perfect


A handy tool for Android developers. This app allows you to quickly and easily find out the specifications of devices with regards to the Android Framework. Find out the screen density, display-indepe...


Name that SuperHero in Pixel Perfect for Android

Some folks like their Android Apps & Games with stunning 3D graphics while other prefer a Pixelly approach as they consider Pixels perfect. Square-One’s Pixel Perfect will show you the perfection behind the pixel as you’ll try to guess Pixelated SuperHero’s  as they pop up on the screen. Pixel Pefect is a guessing game where you’re ...

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app Color Splash FX logo

Color Splash FX


Create stunning artwork with your photos by removing or changing colors!??? Selected in Staff Picks on Google Play ???-- Over 6 million downloads!! --- Gray out everything in your photo except your fa...

app ADW Theme: Cracking Caribou! logo

ADW Theme: Cracking Caribou...


*** Must have ADW.Launcher or ADW.Launcher EX installed ***---If you like it, please rate it!---ADW Theme Based on with an amazing glossy icon pack and a wallpaper picker with 10 wallpapers. Really c...

app ADW Theme: Ginger Ale logo

ADW Theme: Ginger Ale


*** Must have ADW.Launcher or ADW.Launcher EX installed ***---If you like it, please rate it!---ADW Theme Based on Gingerbread design with an amazing glossy icon pack and a wallpaper picker with 10 wa...

app Screen Resolution logo

Screen Resolution


This application displays your screen resolution in Device Independent Pixels. Useful for developers who want to create pixel perfect user interfaces that work across various Android devices. Reacts...


Android Apps and Sites: Different Strokes for Different Folks

android apps"This is how I feel right now..." (CC BY 2.0) by jnyemb In the mobile arena, the battle between apps and sites is one that seems as if it will never end. On one side of the divide, some developers believe the best way to exploit the features mobile devices is to have a native app. While on the other side of the argument, some contend that the f...

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Motorola Moto X Finally Here, Made In The USA

motorola moto x   Born in the USA I was, screams Motorola Moto X. Finally, the love child of Google and Motorola was officially launched. This is the first smartphone built by Motorola under close supervision by Google, since the two companies merged. Actually, Google bought Motorola but "merged" sounds more like a love story. Anyway, the Motorola M...

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Sony sends out invites to its press conference at IFA 2013. Is Sony bringing the Honami with it?

Sony logo aa (1) - 600pxSony has been very busy this year in both the smartphone and tablet markets, hoping to recapture its former glory. Now Sony is starting to send out invitations for its press event at IFA 2013 on September 4 (2 days before the official event begins).Remember how Sony had an event in Paris earlier in the month, and we were all adamant that the Honami...

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Samsung ATIV Q RULES, Scores 54,861 Points in Antutu Benchmark

Samsung ATIV Q If you never heard about the Samsung ATIV Q, now it's the perfect moment. Why, you may ask? Because, today we have an Antutu benchmark in which the Samsung ATIV Q scored like a beast. With almost 55 000 points, this is the king of all Android running devices, at least until now. And, another reason for loving it, is because the Ativ Q is the best...

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HTC Desire 200 budget Android handset made official by the company

HTC Desire 200The HTC Desire 200 is most certainly a device for those of us that are more budget-conscious, and perfectly willing to make some serious compromises in terms of features.You may remember that the device’s specs, as well as a video hands-on of it, have made their way online yesterday, with the device being spotted in the wild a month ago. If y...

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HTC One Mini headed for T-Mobile, says developer

HTC One mini 1 An Android-powered smartphone previously known as the M4 is now said to be on its way to T-Mobile USA. It’s none other than the HTC One Mini, which we first covered in earlier reports from the start of this month. An HTC developer that goes by the Twitter handle LlabTooFer confirms that the HTC M4 and the HTC One Mini are indeed one and the ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note III Appears on Picasa

Samsung Galaxy Note III Hold your horses, it's not the smart phone itself, just a photo sample which looks like it was made with a Samsung Galaxy Note III. If we take a look at the photo's specs,the 13 Megapixels camera sensor  that was rumored appears to be there. The Samsung Galaxy Note III was announced for September 2013 and as the date of its release comes closer...

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Huawei Ascend P6 Photos and Full Specs Leaked via Insider

Huawei Ascend P6 What do we really know about Huawei Ascend P6 ? Well, almost everything, it's like it's here, between us, there were rumors, speculation, pictures, everything but the smart phone itself. Even if Huawei didn't made it t available on the store shelves yet, we feel like it's already here. There were tech specs leaked in the press, last month we had ...

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app Quadropus Rampage logo

Quadropus Rampage


"A shining example of what a free game can be." - PixelFreak - 91/100"From probably the best IAP system in mobile gaming, to some incredibly fun gameplay, this is a title that you serio...


Little Luca brings Physics-based Fun to Android

little.luca-androidLittle Luca is a new physics-based puzzle game from Glowingpine Studios. It’s the tale of Luca, a boy who’s trying to collect stars to bring back the night sky, and it’s one of the coolest puzzlers we’ve played in quite some time.Each level presents you with a ball in a bubble, and when you tap the screen the bubble bursts and the ball drop...

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Sony Xperia M announced: a sleek mid-ranger with a dual-SIM version

Sony Xperia M The new Sony Xperia M may not be fabulous in terms of specifications, but it may prove a great option for those looking for an affordable device.Rumored to be working on the high-end Togari and making plans to sell the Xperia Z with a carrier in the U.S., Sony hasn’t forgot about the low and mid-end segments of the market.The Sony Xperia M fa...

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Acer announces 5.7-inch Liquid S1 with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Acer Liquid S1 Acer is venturing into new device territory with the announcement of its latest Android-powered smartphone called the Liquid S1. It’s the Taiwan-based company’s first proper “phablet” in that it features a 5.7-inch 720p HD touchscreen display. Between that and its attractive exterior, it’s sure to get a lot of attenti...

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app Lavender Macro Live Wallpaper logo

Lavender Macro Live Wallpap...


Free application for android Lavender Macro Live Wallpaper insanely beautiful and details of abstraction. Looking at the live wallpaper Lavender Macro Live Wallpaper, you will enjoy the depth of color...

app Htc First Space Dance LWP logo

Htc First Space Dance LWP


Live Wallpaper Htc First Space Dance LWP stylish implementation and details of Space.Two components Htc First Space Dance LWP in perfect harmony with each other: Dancing Stones and the Asteroids Belt....

app Simple Cells Galaxy S4 LWP logo

Simple Cells Galaxy S4 LWP


Appendix Simple Cells Galaxy S4 LWP Mobile beautifully reveals the theme of abstraction. At the heart of this program go perfectly in harmony with each other two themes: Simple Cells and the Pixel Dro...

app Xperia ZL Pop Wallpaper logo

Xperia ZL Pop Wallpaper


Our team has designed Xperia ZL Pop Wallpaper with colourful 3D-objects. You can admire the beautiful image in 3D both on cellphones with low resolution screens and on tablet computers with HD resolut...

app HD Panorama+ logo

HD Panorama+


High definition and fast panoramic camera:- Highest resolution- Fast and smooth panorama stitching- Easy to use- Augmented reality helps to get perfect panorama- Up to 360 degree panorama (only limite...

app HD Panorama logo

HD Panorama


High definition and fast panoramic camera:- Free (no ads)- Highest resolution- Fast and smooth panorama stitching- Easy to use- Augmented reality helps to get perfect panorama- Up to 360 degree panora...


Make Photos Fun with Face Off for Android

When I hear the words Face Off I instantly think of the awesome movie with Nick Cage and Travolta, but now I also associate it with a new Android app of the same name by Tonuzaba Entertainment. Does their Face Off app let you dodge bullets in slow-mo like you’re in a John Woo flick? Nope, but it will let you see what you look like as Mona Lis...

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Top 5 New Platform Games for Android

Platform games have been around forever, and the genre is a personal favorite of mine. There are scores of new platform games released every month, but some are better than others. With that in mind we came up with a list of 5 new platform games you should be playing... 1. Gunman Clive  There aren't many western themed android games out t...

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app Fwarp logo



Welcome to the new level of face warping fun!To start with, we have added 6 model portraits for you to fwarp but don't stick just to these, use your family, friends or pets :)Features:- Advertising fr...

app ScreenTester logo



ScreenTester is a must have tool for anyone who is going to check a phone's screen. If you are buying phone or want to be sure that your phone's screen is perfect, check device with this app.6 classic...

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