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Skyhook Wireless Announces First Platform Integration Of Location System On … – MarketWatch (press release)

Mobile Marketing Watch (blog)Skyhook Wireless Announces First Platform Integration Of Location System On ...MarketWatch (press release)"By extending the vast capabilities of the Android platform, we enable developers and consumers to capitalize on a broader array of applications and ...Motorola to Put Skyhook's Location Technology into And...

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app 9D TV 5.1 高清 互聯網 電視台 Smart TV logo

9D TV 5.1 高清 互聯網 ...


9D Player, as a HD 5.1 multimedia player for android phone, with the download function and stylish interface, you can enjoy our wonderful program anytime, anywhere.9DTV, a new media services platform,...

app 无线苏州 logo





An Android That Doesn't Follow the Pack – New York Times (blog)

Mobiletor.comAn Android That Doesn't Follow the PackNew York Times (blog)As Android phones begin to resemble one another as closely as the Fembots of an Austin Powers movie, Motorola is making a move to set its ...Motorola to Ditch Google Maps, Use Skyhook on Android PhonesOverclockers ClubSkyhook Wireless Announces First Platform Integration O...

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Google Android Group Shows Cracks as Partners Seek Alternatives – BusinessWeek

Mobiletor.comGoogle Android Group Shows Cracks as Partners Seek AlternativesBusinessWeekThe company worked with partners three years ago to create Android, an operating system that the industry could share. Recent setbacks may hamper Google's ...Skyhook Hooks Moto's Androids for Location Location Location ServicesWireless and Mobile News (b...

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Skyhook Hooks Moto's Androids for Location Location Location Services – Wireless and Mobile News (blog)

Mobiletor.comSkyhook Hooks Moto's Androids for Location Location Location ServicesWireless and Mobile News (blog)Skyhook location based technology will be deployed on Motorola Android smartphones, pushing out Google. Motorola will integrate Skyhook's Core Location ...Skyhook Wireless Announces First Platform Integration Of Location System O...

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The growth of mobile trading

project araCountless traders now trade in binary options, foreign exchanges and stocks via mobile applications. Mobile apps may not be as comprehensive as desktop apps, but what they lack in complexity they make up for in convenience. As with many other internet-based activities, it's important that traders keep up-to-date and adapt themselves to modern tech...

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WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts

WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts The WeatherBug App is arguably one of the oldest, best known and prominent weather applications out there, as it's been with us for quite a while. I even remember the good old days when I was using the WeatherBug App on my Windows desktop and I am well aware of the OS X dashboard widget and/or menu-bar app from the same period. Time passed by a...

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The 1st SWIFT Compliant Ad Network – StartApp

Swift Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference unveiled a new C-based programming language known as Swift. This application will be able to restructure the Mac OS and iOS app development process. Swift takes high level coding language, combines it with C and provides the flexibility of Python and Node.js to create a world of applications to the developer...

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The Chargeall Kiosk Lets You Charge Your Devices While You’re on the Go

chargeall kioskCharging your smartphone, tablet or gadget is a daily occurrence for most of us, and depending on where you live you may have already witnessed the wonders of a charging station. The ChargeAll kiosk looks to be the crème del a crème of charging setups, and the futuristic setup is looking to set up shop on a campus, store or business near you. ...

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app Jump Mia, Jump! (Lite) logo

Jump Mia, Jump! (Lite)


Mia is a girl who does not like a lot of sports ... but she is determined to change that, and it will need your help!Help her run and jump various obstacles as they come up while she runs faster and f...

app Jump Mia, Jump! logo

Jump Mia, Jump!


Mia is a girl who does not like a lot of sports ... but she is determined to change that, and it will need your help!Help her run and jump various obstacles as they come up while she runs faster and f...

app Instagram Dollar logo

Instagram Dollar


Instagram DollarWith the integration and growing importance of social signals to Google algorithm, more and more are encouraged to use social media platforms to skyrocket their advertising efforts. On...


BlueStack Android App player hits 10 million downloads

Bluestack A company by the name of BlueStacks has a popular application on their hands. Today the BlueStack Android player was revealed to have reached the download marker of 10 million. The BlueStack site launched back in March and they have reported that the first 4 million of theses downloads came within the first quarter of the year. These numbers show...

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app Mr White Blood Cell logo

Mr White Blood Cell


Show your skill, strategy and skill helping a white blood cell to eliminate as many potential virus.Fight as long as possible against several viruses showing that you are the best in the world white b...


The Best New Android Apps of the Week – April 14, 2013

Best New Android Apps It’s Sunday which means we’re back with another edition of the Best New Android Apps of the Week. From Facebook Home to a new photo sharing app by the name of Rango, there are several slick new apps to choose from this week. 1. Serious Paint Free If you enjoy creating on your favorite Android device you may want to check out Creative S...

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app Travis-CI Mobile logo

Travis-CI Mobile


As you already know, Travis-CI is an amazing continuous integration service available for many languages/platforms, which is completely free for any open source project hosted on another amazing servi...

app KT Buy "Self Checkout" POC logo

KT Buy "Self Checkout&...


A Mobile with personal shopping with assistant with ability to communicate with NFC enabled printers, scan QR/Bar codes, and make personal shopping list. Problem in existing system - -----------------...

app CommunicAsia logo



CommunicAsia 2012 will feature a comprehensive myriad of key and emerging technologies from backhaul network, systems integration to software and applications to the end users. Highlighting the newest...

app Chrono&Cash logo



"You’ll constantly be trying a new challenge and will even get your friends involved, just to beat their high scores." 8.5/10 - Paranerds"The tightness of the design of Chrono & ...


Google releases Update for the Chrome Android App

One of the more popular and user friendly internet browsing apps, namely Chrome for Android, has just received an update. This update will be bringing the Chrome app up to version 18.1 on the Android platform and promises extra support for users of third party keyboard applications, a better control system for YouTube viewing, better location ...

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app Wizzpers Pro QA logo

Wizzpers Pro QA


Product OverviewWizzpers is a web and mobile collaboration platform to build active user communities. Wizzpers Pro helps drive results by:· Training groups and group’s leaders on the go· Deliver c...

app Asteroid Inferno logo

Asteroid Inferno


Asteroid Inferno is a survival game where you pilot a spaceship and have to survive as long as possible in anasteroid belt!Test your skill and coolness with this addictive game!The simplicity and flas...

app MicroStrategy Mobile logo

MicroStrategy Mobile


"Quickly Build and Deploy Information-Driven Apps | MicroStrategy Mobile App PlatformMicroStrategy Mobile enables organizations to build a wide variety of essential business apps that deliver tra...

app MTel Map logo

MTel Map


Use MTel Map to find the address of your Contacts, save the map in the selected format and use it when you need it even without internet connection. Works on any Android platform as standalone applica...

app Video Chat Demo logo

Video Chat Demo


Here you can find a web version of this application: This application is aimed exclusively at demonstrating Fora Soft LLC capabilities in the Android video chat de...

app Visual Spreads Trading Demo logo

Visual Spreads Trading Demo


This is a demo of our white-label trading solution.VisualSpreads by AT Platforms white-label app that we customise for your brand and integrate into your back-end trading systems. We've created a plug...

app Going Digital (Free e-mag) logo

Going Digital (Free e-mag)


Designed for any screen size, the FREE Going Digital app takes a look at the digital content and publishing industries in an e-zine format powered by Uberflip's cloud-based software. Each issue includ...

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