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PlayStation App Coming Soon to Android Phones

Are you a Playstation gamer? Do you participate at the PlayStation Network - checking up your game tropies, keeping up to date with your friends' games and online status? If yes, then you'd be glad to know that pretty soon, the official PlayStation Android app will be released enabling you to do those things using your Android phone. The European ...

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app PlayStation Official App logo

PlayStation Official App


Take the incredible world of PlayStation everywhere you go. The PlayStation Official app is your one-stop source to keep you ahead of the game, no matter where you are. Sign in with your PlayStation N...


You Should Avoid the Fake Grand Theft Auto 5 Android App as It May Contain Malware

grand theft auto 5 If you're an Android user, fair warning : you should avoid downloading and installing the Grand Theft Auto 5 app as it may be very dangerous for your device. That, of course, if you're not 100% absolutely sure that this is the "real thing", so pay extra attention folks. You must be aware that there may be thousands of Rockstar's iFruit app i...

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Galaxy S4 Active root app available from famous iPhone jailbreak hacker Geohot

Galaxy S4 Active Famous iPhone (and Sony PlayStation) jailbreaker Geohot has already rooted the recently released Galaxy S4 Active rugged phone. Moreover, he provided an app which any Galaxy S4 Active owner can use to root his or her device without hassle. Naturally, we’ll remind you that we don’t advise you to root your devices, and that anything that happens...

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app Appy Gamer logo

Appy Gamer


Follow all the announcements from E3 as they happen with the Appy Gamer E3 2013 Special Edition!Appy Gamer delivers all the games news you will ever need in a sleek and fully customizable app. Never b...

app Gamers App logo

Gamers App


This app allows you and other gamers, like you, to network with other people who have the same games you do. We created this app to cover all your gaming systems, including the 3DS, NDS, DSi, DSL, PSP...

app Playstation 1 Cheat Codes logo

Playstation 1 Cheat Codes


The ultimate app for the ultimate gamer! At your fingertips access to over 50,000 cheat codes, game hints, unlockables, achievements, and secrets to your favorite Playstation 1You will receive updates...

app Zappix logo



Zappix supports many major companies, government agencies and nonprofits, and It’s completely free.Skip those frustrating automated voice menus and connect to customer service by phone or web. Simp...

app Playstation 3 Cheat Codes logo

Playstation 3 Cheat Codes


The ultimate app for the ultimate gamer! At your fingertips access to over 25,000 cheat codes, game hints, unlockables, achievements, and secrets to your favorite Playstation 3 games!You will receive ...

app AlphaZone4 – PlayStation Home logo

AlphaZone4 – PlayStat...


[[BETA]]The official AlphaZone4 Android app from, your home away from PlayStation Home.Please leave feedback at or on our blog at http://blog.alphazone4.comFeature...

app Digitalworldz Mobile App logo

Digitalworldz Mobile App


With DW Mobile, you can access forums directly from your Android device.- Send and receive PM's- Access and post to the most recent discussions- Read and post to vBulletin blogs an...


Sony is Bringing the Playstation World Closer to Android Phones

Sony Japan has just announced their latest endeavor which is aimed at bringing the world of Playstation Portable gaming to Android devices. Dubbed - Playstation Suite, this new initiative will deliver the Playstation experience to Android-based portable devices. In other words, with Playstation Suite, Android 2.3 devices will enjoy Playstation co...

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app New App GamerSN logo

New App GamerSN


GamerSN is a social network for gamers. This application is the #1 social network built for gamers! To get all features just visit on a computer. You can post gaming forum to...


PS4 to get cozy with Android

Yesterday was a bid day for gamers everywhere, casuals or pros all were at least intrigued of what Sony might actual bring to the table. Sony technically did reveal its latest and greatest gaming console, but without disclosing any solid details or showing the console itself. Yeah Sony did just announced a console without letting people see what it...

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XBox One vs. PS4: Who Won Black Friday?

black friday Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles are already traditional enemies, even if Microsoft is relatively new in this business, when compared to the Japanese giant.  Sony was the king of home entertainment since like forever and PlayStation achieved an iconic status among gaming enthusiasts. Just to make a point, Sony reveal...

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app TES V: Skyrim Cheats FREE logo

TES V: Skyrim Cheats FREE


The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim cheats! All the cheats ever released for Skyrim for EVERY platform now on your favorite smartphone! Find out how to use the Skyrim console in your PC for unlimited coints an...


How did NVIDIA get Project Shield noticed at E3?

Project Shield at E3Since Project Shield was unveiled at CES this January, the Android gaming world has been eagerly anticipating its arrival. A handheld gaming platform, with enough power to run a PlayStation 3 game, is perfect for mobile game fans. The dedicated gaming device also has a physical controller, which solves another little issue we have with mobile gamin...

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Mad Catz Reveals the M.O.J.O. Android Micro Console at E3

M.O.J.O. Mad Catz just announced at the E3 gaming event in Los Angeles their new Android micro-console named M.O.J.O. This new contender on the market will make Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 to tremble with excitement. Not. Or at least, I'm not sure. Yet. Actually, the M.O.J.O.will be competing with other Android consoles, like the Ouya a...

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NVIDIA showcases pure Android experience on SHIELD

nvidia shield jelly beanWith the public release of NVIDIA’s SHIELD just around the corner the company has added a new video to its YouTube channel showcasing the Android side of the gaming console. In case you have been living on Mars for the last few weeks and don’t know about SHIELD, it is NVIDIA’s Android based portable gaming device powered by the TE...

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Xbox One Finally Revealed With Windows OS

Xbox Consle Sensr controller We finally got to see the next generation Xbox gaming console by Microsoft on May 21st. Here is our take on the brand new Xbox One and its new features which include a new built in kinect which now features voice commands and hand gestures, specs that match up with the new generation PlayStation 4 and a Windows kernel that runs Xbox applications ...

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Android Based Smartphones help Sony to report first profits in 5 years!

android based smartphones   The well known tech giant Sony just announced the first profits for the last 5 years of activity, courtesy of its very lucrative Sony Mobile division, which manufactures Android based smartphones. This happened after the joint venture with Ericsson was dropped and Sony Mobile was folded entirely into the company. The fiscal report fo...

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app Audi HD wallpapers logo

Audi HD wallpapers


Audi HD wallpapersA collection of high quality images of Audi.Features:- Only HD- Only the best, bright images  High Resolution Wallpapers for desktop of your Android device, whichapplication makes ...

app UFC Undisputed 2010 Wallpapers logo

UFC Undisputed 2010 Wallpap...


UFC Undisputed 2010 Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationUFC Undisputed 2010 is a mixed martial arts video game featuring Ultimate Fighting Championship properties and fighters developed by Yuke's and publ...

app SSX Wallpapers logo

SSX Wallpapers


SSX Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationSSX (short for Snowboard Supercross) is the first in the SSX series of snowboarding video games. It was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts unde...

app Skullgirls Wallpapers logo

Skullgirls Wallpapers


Skullgirls Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationSkullgirls is a downloadable 2D fighting video game developed by Reverge Labs, and published by Autumn Games and Konami. It was released on PlayStation Netwo...

app One Piece Pirate Warrior Theme logo

One Piece Pirate Warrior Th...


One Piece: Pirate Warriors Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationOne Piece: Pirate Warriors, known in Japan as One Piece: Kaizoku Musou, is an action video game developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Namc...

app Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Theme logo

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 The...


Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationMedal of Honor: Heroes 2 is a first-person shooter game for the Wii and the PlayStation Portable. It is the 12th installment in the long-runnin...

app God of War Ascension LWP Free logo

God of War Ascension LWP Fr...


Get the best God of War Ascension wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!God of War: Ascension is an upc...

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