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Quick Picks – Politician: The Game from Oristats

Politician: The Game is a quirky new quick-play game from the folks at Oristats that involves getting rich, but not in the way you would think. The tagline reads “Get Rich, avoid Explosives” and as you’d imagine one of those things is much easier said than done… Politician: The Game is a game all about money as you take control of a mone...

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app Pound A Politician(Free) logo

Pound A Politician(Free)


Fed up & angry with those politicians not listening?Just want to pound them?Then this is the game for you.Choose 6 politicians at a time from the options menuand get pounding.Ad versionAvailable p...


Top 10 Gameloft Android Games

Everyone loves a good Top 10 list, and for awhile now we’ve been meaning to do a few lists for a few of the Top developers to highlight their best Android Games. Well, we’re going to start today and first up is the gaming giant known as Gameloft. In my time dealing with Android games I’ve watched Gameloft grow from a knock-off dev that p...

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app Attack of Zombie Politicians logo

Attack of Zombie Politician...


This is a post election stress relieving game; beware your fingers get a work out.Zombies have taken over the nation's capital and they don't want your candidate to win the election. Protect your cand...

app GuessMate logo



Guess Who? What? Where? Play this best-selling social image guessing game and see for yourself if a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Guess various pictures sent to you by friends from just a ...

app 디시인사이드 브라우저앱 logo

디시인사이드 브라...


디시인사이드 모바일 웹페이지를 쉽게 접속할 수 있는 브라우저 앱입니다. 모바일 웹페이지를 편하게 이용 할 수 있도록 도와주는 앱 입니다.[주요기...

app Whack-A-Minister logo



Politicians not doing what you want them to? Or perhaps you just want to whack things?In this twist of the classic "whack-a-mole" you have to hit the sinister minister when he pops up. Just ...

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Take The Money Free


Find out why more than 10,000 players are addicted to this game! Download now.Who wants to be a millionaire is now asking to Take The Money and become a virtual offline/online multi-million winner. *O...

app Polda 2 logo

Polda 2


Jedna z nejpopulárnějších her vydaných v Čechách. S nezapomenutelným dabingem Luďka Soboty, Petra Nárožného, Jiřího Lábuse, Pavla Pípala, Valerie Zawadské, Petry Hanžlíkové, Václa...

app Arnold Schwarzenegger logo

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Are you a fan of The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then this is the quiz for you! Purple Quantum bring you fun, free quizzes in the palm of your hand! Don't be tied down, take the fun with you!&qu...

app BePolitik logo



In an alternate reality, in a world where anything goes, where corruption is the sword and where silence is the pen... be POLITIK!A satiric game where political events and characters come to life on y...

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Funny Kids Wallpaper


* Photo gallery of high quality "Funny Kids" images .* Play "Funny Kids" free Puzzles Game.* Set "Funny Kids" Live Wallpaper.Eighty Funny Kids Wallpaper: Grimace Kids , D...

app gCity Meri Sarkar logo

gCity Meri Sarkar


We often feel tempted to the power and fame that politicians have, but helpless when it comes to defining rules for our own lives and the world around. This game allows us to build our own political ...

app Snowjob Full Version logo

Snowjob Full Version


Inspired by the February 2010 blizzard that closed the government. Use a snow cannon and fire hose to stop the politicians from making it to the Capitol. If one gets there, he'll issue an inspiring so...