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Postagram App Hits the Android Market

Previously available for iOS devices, Postagram is a pretty nice app that lets you order printed copies of photos you've captured using your phone. For iOS devices it was meant to be used for Instagram photos. But since Instagram is not yet available for Android, Postagram for Android makes use of the photos in your Android phone's photo library. T...

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Postagram Postcards


Postagram makes it easy to send a printed photo in the mail to yourself, friends or family anywhere in the world. Take a shot with the app or use photos from your photo library or Facebook.????? FEATU...

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진짜 타로카페 어플입니다.22장의 카드 중 3장의 카드를 선택하여 오늘의 운세를 무료로 제공합니다.전국에서 최고 유명 타로 전문 점술가 분들과 1:1전...

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무료게임의 최강자 오야붕섯다!유료화 상품이 전혀 없어 게임 하실때 다운받고 게임만즐겨주시면됩니다! 2012 업데이트 전 버전을 이용하시는 고객님(...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 10, 2011

1. Read it Later Free Read it Later Free is a great program that will let you save webpages, and read them later. Whenever you come across a web page or article online that you want to read, just save it to your Read It Later list! This program is a whole lot easier to use than those countless bookmarks, or an inbox full of links. It’s a gre...

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토킹 안드로보이


**토킹 안드로보이는 480*800의 해상도에 최적화 되어 있습니다 ***볼륨 소리가 작을 경우*안드로보이가 말하는 소리가 너무 작아서 들리지 않으신다구요...

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Postcards, Mugs, Calendars&...


Exclusive credit bundles for USA recipients - Very cheap!What is Postdroid?Choose any photo from your phone and send it as real physical product to anyone, anywhere in the world.Your photo will be on ...