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New Kindle Fire line will bring better resolutions, “chiseled” design, at the same price tag

Amazon Kindle Fire HD There’s nothing particularly exciting in this leak from BGR, but it’s still nice to get some confirmation on our educated guesses. Here’s the run down – the folks at BGR claim that Amazon will launch its newest generation of Kindle Fires sometimes in autumn, probably in September, the same time of the year when the 2012 launched. The base ...

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HTC Butterfly S will have 16GB of memory only and $670 price tag, report says

HTC Butterfly SThe HTC Butterfly S is close to being launched, and now more details seem to have emerged about the device, if we are to believe a recent report.According to Focus Taiwan, quoting company sources, the device, which will be shown to the world at a June 19 press event taking place in Taiwan, will only come with 16GB of internal memory.Hopefully, rumo...

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Alcatel One Touch Idol coming to U.S. with $299 price tag

alcatel one touch idolAlcatel may not be the brand that you'd seriously consider when purchasing an Android phone but the price of its One Touch Idol may entice you to buy it. The Alcatel One Touch Idol is now up for pre-order from the Alcatel website for $299. Cheap, right? But don't even think that this smartphone is underpowered. On the contrary, it packs some prett...

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Leaked Costco Internal Screenshot Reveals $289 Price Tag For 32GB VZW Galaxy Nexus

We still do not know the exact release date or pricing of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but thanks to various leaks and rumors, we now have a clearer idea how much the first Ice Cream Sandwich device will cost and when it will launch.  According to a leaked internal screenshot from Costco, the 32GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Veriz...

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Droid Does Page Reveals $299 Price Tag For Droid Bionic

According to a leaked screenshot of the purported Droid Does page for the upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic, the price on a two year contract for the Android superphone will be $299.  Unless the screenshot was somehow Photoshopped to reflect a different price point, I’m confident that this is the real deal.  Verizon Wireless already priced the Sa...

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Staples Ad Reveals March 27 Availability Date for WiFi Only Xoom, $599 Price Tag

While the 3G and soon to be 4G version of the Motorola Xoom is currently available through Verizon Wireless, many are still holding out for the cheaper, non-3G Motorola Xoom, which is expected to launch shortly. However, like most Android smartphones and tablets, release dates are hardly announced more than a week in advance, thus placing rumors...

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Tag Heur Android Wear Smartwatch

android wearIf you're an Android fan and a watch aficionado, the Tag Heur Android Wear Smartwatch is a match made in heaven for you. If you don't know what I am talking about, well, the well known Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heur decided to build a smartwatch running on Android OS, thus slapping Apple's watch and turning the Android crowd cheering for bloo...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has U.K. price, can be pre-ordered

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomThe Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, the smartphone with one of the best cameras on the market (or the camera that includes a smartphone, whichever way you want to put it), now has a price tag attached to it, for the U.K., at least.The device, which was officially announced only a few days ago, is now listed for pre-order by U.K. retailer Handtec, at a pr...

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The Google Glass Prices Should Be Much Lower

Google Glass As you may already know, Google released a developer version of its much praised high tech gizmo, the Google Glass, at a hefty price tag of almost $1500. This sounds like a lot of money, don't you think? It IS a lot of money, but developers are not your regular consumers, for the average Joe, I expect a price tag of up to $350, tops! Let's take ...

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The consumer version of Google Glass should be priced lower, much lower

Google Glass VisionIf you were planning to buy a pair of Google Glass, but the $1,500 price tag was just too much for you to swallow, fear not, because it looks as if Google Glass will be released to consumers at a much lower price.After the guys and gals at Catwig performed a teardown of Google Glass, we began to realize that Glass wasn’t stuffed with little magic...

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T-Mobile drops the Galaxy S4′s price to $99.99 on a two-year deal

t-mobile samsung galaxy s4 The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 had its price slashed, the Uncarrier announced in a recent press release.You can now purchase T-Mobile’s Galaxy S4 by paying $99.99 down and then $20 a month for two years. It’s also possible, of course, to pay for the device upfront, but then you’ll have to shell out $579.99.You may remember that th...

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Sprint Vital is official, has release date and price

Sprint VitalThe Sprint Vital, a device that surfaced a few days ago, has been made official by the carrier.Pictures and information about the Sprint Vital were published a few days ago, and it’s good to see the device, which is manufactured by ZTE, getting officially confirmed. While you already knew some things about it, what you didn’t know is th...

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Are smartphone component shortages here to stay?

broadcomm chips modems smartphone components [aa]  (2)We already know that the reason behind the Snapdragon 600 and Exynos Octa split in the Galaxy S4 came down to production issues, and how can anyone forget the HTC One’s component shortages. It’s obvious that there’s a growing trend with production difficulties in the smartphone market, and it seems that other component manufacturers are a...

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Microsoft, Samsung keen on doing glasses, prices to range from $200 to $500

Google Glass VisionWatch out, Google. Even with a headstart in developing wearable computing devices through Glass, there are two major competitors possibly on the horizon, waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.Reports indicate that Microsoft and Samsung are both keenly interested in competing against Google in its Glass efforts. Even as Google is already testi...

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Huawei Ascend Mate, Big size small price

The Huawei Ascend Mate has made some heads turn when its huge size was made public. The Chinese manufacturer has thinned the line between tablets and smartphones with the unveiling of the 6.1 inched Huawei Ascend Mate. Naturally we were inclined to think that the bug smartphone will also cost big bucks. But today the first indication of the Huawei ...

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app Vintage Barometer (Network) logo

Vintage Barometer (Network)


The barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology for more than three centuries to measure atmospheric pressure. By tracking changes in pressure it is possible to predict the weather with s...

app Amaxingo (bar code to price) logo

Amaxingo (bar code to price...


In the end you will buy it on Amazon anyway? Then Amaxingo is the ultimate tool for you! You are in a local store wondering what "this product" might cost on Amazon? Simply scan as many bar ...

app Diablo 3 Price Check inoff. logo

Diablo 3 Price Check inoff.


The #1 app in the Android Play store! Best new selling app in category entertainment!This app helps you to determine the price of an item in Diablo 3 in Gold and in US Dollar based on an objective for...

app NFC ReTAG PRO logo



Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc...You can use this app to associate multiple functions (e.g. Wlan OFF, Bluetooth O...

app Diamond Price Tool logo

Diamond Price Tool


Wifi/3G Network is not needed when you check the prices~~ Only Need when you getting new ref prices!!Diamond Price Tools is a software for jewelers, diamond manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers foc...

app NFC ReTAG FREE logo



Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc...You can use this app to associate multiple functions (e.g. Wlan OFF, Bluetooth O...

app Commodity Prices logo

Commodity Prices


Live Commodity Prices straight to your Android device.Instant commodity quotes and trades right at your finger tips. What's included?Energy - Crude Oil Prices - Heating Oil Prices - Natural Gas Prices...

app UK Postage Calculator logo

UK Postage Calculator


UK Royal Mail Postage FREE is just one of the FREE bundled applications that is designed to work with our Android weighing scale ( app allows users to view mailing ra...

app Sale Price Calculator logo

Sale Price Calculator


This is a sale price calculator. It will calculate either percentage off, or dollar off. You can also check an additional percent or dollar off for clearance and special sales.A handy shopping tool...

app Spritpreis, fuel price Austria logo

Spritpreis, fuel price Aust...


The five cheapest petrol stations in Austria for Diesel or Super95 are shown next to the current location. Those are chosen from the nearest (air-line distance) ten.The data displayed is coming from s...

app Quick Percentage Calculator logo

Quick Percentage Calculator


The easiest to use and most capable percentage calculator on the market.Quickly navigate between Six modes:? Percentage Off - Calculate the sales/discounted price? Percent Increase - Calculate the new...

app Lista de Preço ou L-Price logo

Lista de Preço ou L-...


L-Price ou Lista de Preço, é um excelente aplicativo que tem como objetivo ajudá-lo a economizar e organizar suas compras de supermercado.O L-Price vem com diversas funcionalidade...

app Lista de Preço ou L-Price logo

Lista de Preço ou L-Price


L-Price ou Lista de Preço, é um excelente aplicativo que tem como objetivo ajudá-lo a economizar e organizar suas compras de supermercado.O L-Price vem com diversas funcionalidades faceis e prátic...

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