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Three UK releases first promotional video for the Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 miniEarlier today we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was finally official, after months of speculation and rumors. Now we get a look at the very first promotional video for the upcoming handset from UK-based carrier, Three.The video starts by showing off what the 4.3-inch S4 Mini looks like, and then compares it (size-wise) to the “rest of th...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom shown off in official lifestyle demo video

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomThe new Galaxy S4 Zoom is showcased in a recent “lifestyle video ” that Samsung posted online.Samsung has been using videos a lot in promotional campaigns for recent devices, whether they were videos showing how to use features, TV ads or even music videos. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, a very interesting device by most...

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Can you stare at the Galaxy S4 for an hour? (video)

Samsung Galaxy S4 competitionSamsung and Swiss carrier Swisscom came up with a competition that’s very different from what we’re used to: believe it or not, you have to stare at the Galaxy S4 for 60 minutes straight in order to win it.The video below was shot in Zurich’s Main Station. In addition to the pressure of dozens of people watching the competitors, t...

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app Hardcore Workout Videos logo

Hardcore Workout Videos


NOTE: This is an unofficial app. This app is an easy way to watch six pack workout and other workout videos fromYouTube. Simply select the channel required and you will bepresented with a list of the ...

app Funny Baby Videos logo

Funny Baby Videos


This application is for entertainment only. Easy to use and more compilation of funny baby videos in Youtube.See tiny fingers and tiny toes,Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;Hear baby gurgles and baby ...

app Baby Cute Videos logo

Baby Cute Videos


This application is for entertainment only. Easy to use and more compilation of cute baby videos in Youtube.See tiny fingers and tiny toes,Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;Hear baby gurgles and baby s...


Sony Xperia Z – Leaded video caps shows off more

The Sony Xperia Z is kind of like Lindsey Lohan in her prime time, everyone wanted to see what she had to show and boy show she did. The Sony Xperia Z has been doing the same, popping up here and there after a while, catching our attention and making us drool (well me at least). Once again thanks to a Weibo user, a guy named Alfred (yeah batman...

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app Gruv19 Promotional App logo

Gruv19 Promotional App


This App was designed to promote some of the services offered by Gruv19 Promotions,LLC. Our graphic and video designs are a sure way to get people looking at what you have to offer. we specialize in o...

app Trippy Videos logo

Trippy Videos


Psychedelic videos sure to expand your mind!Features========¤ Updated live off the web with content in real time.¤ Watch YouTube videos directly from feedsTags====entheogen, trip, trippy...

app Nature Videos logo

Nature Videos


This app brings an always-updating gallery of nature videos to your phone.Features========¤ Updated live off the web with content in real time.¤ Watch YouTube videos directly from feedsH...

app Internet Video Tools+ Nanacast logo

Internet Video Tools+ Nanac...


If you are an internet marketer and use video as a promotional tool or would like to then Josh has the ultimate solution.Josh Anderson is a "video scientist" who shows you step by step how t...

app Video Nasty (Lite) logo

Video Nasty (Lite)


In the early 1980s the UK went into a state of panic. It was the age of the video nasty! Films were prosecuted, taken to court and in some cases found guilty of obscenity. Owning or distributing th...


Verizon Shows Off Droid 2 Promo Video, Available for Pre-Order

On the day of the official pre-order for the Motorola Droid 2, Verizon Wireless also posted a promotional video for the Droid 2 shown below. The video highlights some of the Droid 2's key features such as 3G Mobile hotspot, Android 2.2, Adobe Flash 10.1, and the ability to speak, type, or Swype text. The video does a good job of showing off the...

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The Nexus 5 Spotted in a Bar, Launching Date Rumored to be October 14

nexus A few days ago, in a bar, an employee from Google left unattended a device which hasn’t been announced yet and appears to be the heir to the Nexus throne, the 5th one from the series, to be more precise. A barkeeper took advantage of those moments and, besides taking a peek, he took some pictures and recorded a few clips of it, revealing that...

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Grab the Magna Carta App to get Jay-Z’s Upcoming New Album for Free

magna.carta.appCelebrity endorsements are a powerful thing. HTC recently signed Robert Downey Jr. to promote their products, and we all heard about Samsung wooing Jay-Z. Well, the Jay-Z deal is the first to bear fruit as the Magna Carta App has just arrived on Google Play. In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t dig rap, Samsung inked a deal to brin...

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Nvidia Shield Showcase: Cribs Edition

Nvidia Shield Closeup 1600 aaThere’s plenty of gaming news coming out today thanks to E3, but rather than big fancy presentations, Nvidia has taken a slightly more laid back approach to advertising its new gaming platform with its latest promotional video.This latest Nvidia Shield ad, if you can call it that, comes in the form of a “Cribs Edition” show, featuring a behin...

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Smart clothes that speak to your mobile devices? No it’s not Sci-Fi, OMsignal makes it possible

omsignal-clothesLadies and gentleman, the era of wearable technology is here, ready or not! While currently in its infancy, wearable technology already exist in various forms from wristbands, to watches or even tattoos. Then of course there is Google’s own highly ambitious Glass headware.So what’s next for wearable tech? Imagine bio-sensing, smart clothes...

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In what world is the Lumia 521 comparable to the Galaxy S4? In Microsoft’s world, of course!

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 drop test aa (18)You think your new Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty hot stuff, right? After all, it has mind-blowing processing power, plenty of great Samsung customizations, an amazing 1080p display and Google’s latest and greatest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.My friend, Samsung and Google are fooling you! You’re being double-Scroogled! Instead, you should ditch...

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Amazon announces its new “Login with Amazon” service for Android

login with AmazonTired of remembering dozens of usernames and passwords for each e-commerce website and gaming service? I know that I certainly am, and so does Amazon, as the company has just announced its all new “Login with Amazon” service. The new functionality will be making its way to Android, iOS, and other websites as soon as developers can implement it....

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app ☆★Best the LM.C★☆ logo

☆★Best the LM.C★☆


Best the LM.CThe best album of LM.C. is now on sale by mobile application.You can enjoy lots of contets, just not only its sound butmusic video and photos, too !●In addition a special goodies avai...

app Patagonia Lander Free logo

Patagonia Lander Free


This is the first version of the space game that will test your skills with the touch screen!Mission: To prevent the alien invaders take over the resources of Patagonia and then the rest of the world,...

app ECSMail logo



Want to keep your mail secure? Prevent mail providers (such as Google, Microsoft and others) from reading your mail? Protect yourself and your friends from spoofing and phishing? Change your e-mail af...

app 마인크래프트 서버공유 logo

마인크래프트 서버...


[필수 입력 사항]1.이앱은 서버 공유앱이 며 서버 공유 할때 아주좋은 어플입니다~!또 덧글로 서버 아이피 를 공유 하여 즐길수잇고 서버홍보 동영상을 ...

app beeZee | Auto Reply SMS logo

beeZee | Auto Reply SMS


beeZee is the WINNER of #1 TOP FAVORITE APP for the month of August 2012, featured on FreeApps365, MakeUseOf, Mako and others. beeZee is the most feature-packed and easy to use automatic text message ...

app WowTube K-Pop logo

WowTube K-Pop


WowTube K-Pop is designed to search and gather YouTube links of music and promotional videos uploaded by popular Korean Pop Music singers or groups, or by their representatives. When a video source op...

app GOWidget Gray ICS Light Paid logo

GOWidget Gray ICS Light Pai...


=== GoWidget Theme ====== by TeamCarbon ===** This is the paid/donate version of our steeblue theme ** ** please consider buying and downloading to support us ***YOU MUST HAVE GOLAUNCHER + GO WIDGETS ...

app GOWidget Blue ICS Light Free logo

GOWidget Blue ICS Light Fre...



app Dolch Sight words read write 1 logo

Dolch Sight words read writ...


This app is the first of the four app series (Learn Dolch sight words reading and writing) which gradually introduces kids to increasingly difficult words (preschool, KG1, KG2 and Grade 1).To the best...

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