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Make good decisions with the Pros and Cons app - regardless of how serious or silly the subject. Easily weigh out the positives and negatives of all your important questions, dilemmas and topics with...


Pros and Cons of Various Android Operating System Handsets – TopNews United States

Top Tech ReviewsPros and Cons of Various Android Operating System HandsetsTopNews United StatesIt's been nearly two years since the Google Android operating system made its first appearance, and many mobile phone makers and carriers have joined the ...Tech Test Drive: Android OS phonesSan Jose Mercury NewsGoogle Nexus One falls flat in spite of...

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Tech Analysis: Pros/Cons of Adding Android Support to Mobile Lineup – Channel Insider

CNETTech Analysis: Pros/Cons of Adding Android Support to Mobile LineupChannel InsiderWant to add Android support to your mobile portfolio? Not such a bad idea. When it comes to mobile business applications, many enterprises are backing away ...What WinPho7 Won't HaveTechNewsWorldMeet Tim Bray, New Face of the Google-Apple RivalryPC WorldOpen S...

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Understanding the Basics of Application Performance Management

Maintaining and improving the performance of applications is crucial for any developer, but it is a complex and time-consuming process. Because of this, an entire industry of application performance management has developed over the last few years, and this plays a vital role in nearly every modern advancement. While the overall goal and function o...

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app Activating Prosperity Hypnosis logo

Activating Prosperity Hypno...


Activating Prosperity - Attracting Wealth and Abundance Into Your Life Hypnosis and Audio Entrainment Program - Brought to you by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Entrainment Specialist Leig...


Colorful Moto X custom backplate covers leaked, including purple, teal and red

Motorola X Phone While the Moto X phone sign-up page is already live on Motorola’s official website, the Google-owned company is still unwilling to divulge more information about the anticipated smartphone. However, thanks to eager sources of leaks regarding the device, we now have a clearer glimpse of what the device’s back side would look like. They&...

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The consumer version of Google Glass should be priced lower, much lower

Google Glass VisionIf you were planning to buy a pair of Google Glass, but the $1,500 price tag was just too much for you to swallow, fear not, because it looks as if Google Glass will be released to consumers at a much lower price.After the guys and gals at Catwig performed a teardown of Google Glass, we began to realize that Glass wasn’t stuffed with little magic...

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Mad Catz Reveals the M.O.J.O. Android Micro Console at E3

M.O.J.O. Mad Catz just announced at the E3 gaming event in Los Angeles their new Android micro-console named M.O.J.O. This new contender on the market will make Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 to tremble with excitement. Not. Or at least, I'm not sure. Yet. Actually, the M.O.J.O.will be competing with other Android consoles, like the Ouya a...

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Contacts Plus Android App Review

Contacts Plus Android App Review There are lots of apps out there that have made your contacts appear no big deal any longer. However, most of them do nothing more than just keeping all the contacts in the same way as the regular system works on your cell phone. Contacts+ is different in combining all your contacts together and giving you the power to call, send text messages or e...

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Songza Android App Review

Songza Android App Review Songza is a free music recommendation and streaming service. The playlists of the service are developed by music experts and it recommends different playlists that vary on the basis of the time, activity or mood. It offers playlists for different activities like walking, workouts, entertainment, sleeping and commuting among others. How it works? ...

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Ibotta Android App Review

Ibotta Android App Review Did you ever think that someone would pay you for buying your favorite products? Ibotta is an app that offers an easier and fun-filled method of earning money for buying products. How does this app make this possible? How it works? Before you start shopping, it would be required to select offers and complete a few tasks. The amount of money y...

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Aquarium Tips and Tricks


Learn the tips and tricks to starting an aquarium. Watching an aquarium with bright colorful fish and peaceful water bubbling is a peaceful and relaxing experience. Set your aquarium up correctly and ...

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Android Games And App Marke...


FREE DOWNLOAD GAMES AND APPS WITH CUGGA ANDROID APP MARKET! MORE THAN 300.000 FREE ANDROID GAMES AND FREE ANDROID APPS.Cugga Android App Market is a unique application with its own browsing options an...


PS4 to get cozy with Android

Yesterday was a bid day for gamers everywhere, casuals or pros all were at least intrigued of what Sony might actual bring to the table. Sony technically did reveal its latest and greatest gaming console, but without disclosing any solid details or showing the console itself. Yeah Sony did just announced a console without letting people see what it...

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app Wprost Kiosk logo

Wprost Kiosk


Wprost, FILM, Do Rzeczy weekly and Historia Do Rzeczy are now available in one app WPROST KIOSK integrates all titles published by Platforma Mediowa Point Group into one app. Apart from the WPROST wee...

app Sprośne dowcipy logo

Sprośne dowcipy


Nici z seksu dzisiaj? No trudno, zdarza się. Na pocieszenie możemy Ci zaoferować najlepsze sprośne żarty na Androida!W tej aplikacji umieściliśmy najlepsze erotyczne i seksowne dowcipy, sex zar...


YoYo Games drops Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search for Android

YoYo Games has cranked out some killer Android games over the past year, and they just dropped 2 new ones form their “simply” line called Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search. Both games are considered classics, but YoYo has put their own spin on them and made them refreshing for the gamers of today. Word Search We’ll kick things off...

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Pros & Cons (Free)


Should I resign?Should I propose to her?Go to Japan or Thailand this summer vacation?This app can help you list the pros and cons to find out what what you really wantSupported languages??: English, T...

app Datafield, Forms and Surveys logo

Datafield, Forms and Survey...


Datafield enables you to shift from paper-based forms to digital (mobile) forms. Create forms and surveys in seconds and have respondents instantly and remotely reply and fill-in the requested informa...

app CarBuzz – Car news and reviews logo

CarBuzz – Car news an...


What is CarBuzz?CarBuzz is a new and exciting cars application that provides car enthusiasts with all of the latest news and information from the automotive industry. Featuring all cars, reviews, rumo...


Charityware Lands on Android

Charityware Lands on Android Mobile phones have become a Mecca for charitable efforts. They’re It's easy to reach people on because they’re carrying them constantly, and they’re also a way to give something in exchange for a donation. Since developers don’t have to create more than one program, they’re assured they can only pay a set cost to meet any demand. On th...

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app Mandolin Study logo

Mandolin Study


Become a music reader, not just a music player! A user-friendly app that has great depth and can bring anyone up to speed on the valuable skill of music reading for the mandolin. Being able to read mu...

app AndStreetVideo recorder logo

AndStreetVideo recorder


AndStreetVideo Recorder - Registra video clip georiferiti per Android. Questa app consente di catturare i video clip in un formato appropriato e di caricarli su un server StreetVideo.StreetVideo è un...

app NJ Constitution logo

NJ Constitution


This is a simple reference app which displays the text of the New Jersey Constitution, as obtained from the NJ Legislature web site.This app is for police officers, lawyers, and NJ residents who want ...




It's the summer of 1978, it's the middle of the disco era, and dancing is one of the hottest, sexiest trends. But eighteen year old Junior has never seen the inside of a gay bar or danced with another...


Top 5 Android Racing Games

Racing games have always been popular, and there are quite a few good ones out for Android. Whether your racing cars, trucks, motorcycles or even boats, there is a game for you. For this list we picked 5 games we thought stood out from the rest. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Android Racing games… 1. Reckless Racing Lite Reckless Racing ...

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app Prosperous P714 [SQTheme] ADW logo

Prosperous P714 [SQTheme] A...


Find your own style! The prettiest, the coolest, the funniest, the best - all in SQTheme! SQTheme provides attractive, unique and cool themes for your smart phone. Search "SQTheme" to get mo...

app The Prospective Mother logo

The Prospective Mother


This book, written for women who have no special knowledge of medicine, aims to answer the questions which occur to them in the course of pregnancy. Directions for safeguarding their health have been ...

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